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Hi all! This isn't so much a site advert but more of an advert to my youtube channel. I do not earn money or anything from it and I do it purely for fun and would appreciate if you could take a moment of your time to subscribe! I will also do updates of the new videos and will embed them into my posts when I upload a new video to my channel! Many thanks to all and I'll leave you with one of my videos of a wild mouse rollercoaster :)

I hope you enjoy it and please subscribe!

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It's not as such.. It was meant to be a topic for my youtube channel however people started advertising so hey. Why not?

Your channel is really cool TPF, I've subbed to it. Obviously you have only made one video so far but it's looking good and I look forward for what's to come! :)

As for my channel, I am at fright nights soon and then I am off to a fair soon. Whilst I cannot garuntee any footage from thorpe as I will be time limited, expect some more footage coming from the funfair in a week or so time :)

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