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Well I've been in need of a channel trailer altogether so I decided to make one! I hope you enioy it but it's nowhere near as good as yours CoasterDude!

Like a movie trailer! I like it! :) I purely made mine for the sake of introduction and it took no longer than 10 minutes to make. How long did this take you?


Who are we kidding, James? Yours is WAAAAAY better than mine. :P

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I've made a video montage of my trip to Europa Park whilst they were celebrating their birthday week. Full onrides of the following attractions are available to view on my channel as well(Ridelover123):

-Silver Star

-Blue Fire



-Euro Mir


-Schweizer Bob-Bahn

-Fluch Der Kassandra


A potential PTR/Blog may be uploaded to be forums depending on whether I have the time to construct one. Hope you enjoy guys! :D

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So I'm sure most of you know by now I have a YouTube channel (because I go around with. A video camera for no reason ;) ).


My channel is a mixture of ride videos, vlogs and other things that don't make that much sense. Quite a lot of my vlogs even feature many TPM members too. Below is a compilation of some of my many videos you can find on my channel.

Oh by the way, I'm nearly at 50 subscribers (and would like to hit 100 eventually too), so please subscribe (if you have t already) as it would be very appreciated.

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Your hand always seems to buckle whilst holding the camera James. you should get a stabilizer!!

Thanks for the advice, I unfortunately have a naturally shaky hand which results in my offride clips becoming extremely wobbly. I will look into getting a stabiliser. Luckily however, I have a gopro now to deal with onride videos, meaning they come out a lot smoother! :)

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Looks like I have a lot of subscribing to do, this is a jackpot for a fellow YouTube theme park vlogger like you! I might as well share my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/SteveMingoOnTheWeb << there it is!

I just started out a little while back and currently as I type this am editing a vlog for Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Alton Towers and Thorpe Park. Later in the year I'm covering PortAdventura and early next year most of Florida! I just do travel vlogs really, experiencing parks and attractions and trying to slip a little comedy in there too. Here's my bio: 

Hi, I'm Cptn Mingo. I'm a 20 something adventurer, goblin slayer, galaxy explorer, video gamer, dice roller and proud nerd. Welcome to my channel. I upload videos once a week, usually on a Sunday.

I make travel vlogs from my adventures around the world which aim to entertain, inform and maybe even bring a laugh or two. I create videos mainly as a hobby but also as a way to keep my family and friends (both present and future) updated with what I've been up to. I will also be uploading  gaming related fails, glitches and funny moments videos. I've had a youtube channel since 2008 but it's only in 2016 that I've really stepped into the world of vlogging.

Come on in, let's be friends? Relax, enjoy and share the love, likes and comments with a fellow a youtube community member :)

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cptnmingo
Find me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cptnmingo/

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If you enjoy watching On-Ride & Off-Ride videos, check out our YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVPTqAS9c95pMzXnOMDPbXQ 


There won't be just POV's, they'll be some different videos coming to the channel over the coming months and it won't always be theme parks but water parks and other adrenaline activities will be included!


If you fancy following us, hit the subscribe button! 



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Subscribed to the above :)

I also have a new video I wish to share, our day out at Alton Towers checking out Galactica to start with followed by Nemesis, The Smiler and generally everything else... [emoji14]
Please consider subscribing if you enjoy my adventures as PortAventura video coming soon

Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk

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So I'm finally getitng round to sorting through the many, many videos I've taken at meets etc! ^_^ 


Here's my video from the Blackpool meet in September. The song "Sunshine" was used both because it was sunny on the second day, and also in a jokey way as the first day was awful, constant rain :lol: (Hence I couldn't get a great variety of ride footage, but overall I'm quite pleased with it!) Oh and there's a cheeky bit of ballroom/dancing fun towards the end too!


Warning: contains Marc and Mr Fish riding a giant pussy whilst wearing sexy ponchos. Contain yourselves ;) 



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Theme Park Worldwide have been getting a lot of attention in the last couple of days after accusations of sexual harassment was aimed at the channel. They are now getting investigated by the police.
Honestly, I've been on different coaster forums since I was 16, and I would not be at all surprised if far more came out from many different enthusiast groups. I was warned to stay away from quite a few people on my first forum because they were known creeps.

The accusations are disgusting, and I hope any guilty parties are dealt with in the most appropriate manner.

Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk

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