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Project WC16 - New for 2016

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Youtube video from Thorpe confirming Derren Brown


Can't find it on my desktop but watched it on my phone; no more information has seemingly been released




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Regarding the next clue, this has appeared in the website's code.




The lines have been commented out so they're not active yet for some reason?


Once you're able to put in the code you'll be given the following message:




You’ve found our secret Derren Brown gallery

and you’re now one step closer to riding

THORPE PARK Resort’s newest attraction.

Keep a look out for the remaining clues in the coming months..."


No idea when it will be updated but that's what we've got to look forward to next.

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Half of that article reads like they're recycling stuff from Thirteen and Smiler PR... Psychological ride to mess with your mind etc... Also you've got the WORLD'S FIRST angle with CUTTING EDGE technology... I hate Merlin's marketing speak being everywhere...


So based upon all this stuff, there's BOUND to be a simulator as part of this, and probably some form of interactive walkthrough prior (probably using aspects from Oblivio's queueline or a mirror maze), in order to make it last 13 minutes (assuming that's accurate)...


I've no interest in Derren Brown either, gotta love their lack of confidence in not being able to market a ride for being well, a ride...

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