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Official Alton Towers & Drayton Manor Meet 20-21/06/2015


What Weekend & Order should this meet take place  

26 members have voted

  1. 1. What date/s can you attend TPM in the North?

    • Saturday 13th - Sunday 14th June 2015
    • Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st June 2015
  2. 2. What Order should the parks be done?

    • Alton Towers on the Saturday with Drayton Manor on the Sunday
    • Drayton Manor on the Saturday with Alton Towers on the Sunday

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There is a possibility I may now be able to join you, but only up to the Saturday,

However this depends on:

1/ I can get a lift (at least on the way there), I can do early Friday (if you want) and would be willing to meet part of the way if you prefer (e.g M40 beacons field services)

2/ can crash in a travelodge

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Cannot wait for this. Also heard reports Alton was dead this past weekend due to what's happened maybe we'll not have many queues this weekend either. Not sure about Drayton as I've heard reports Flamingoland and other parks are suffering due to people doubting ride safety.

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If anyone wants a lift from Newcastle or Stoke Station to Towers, give me a pm. Unfortunately I wont be joining you all for Dreyton though, sorry.

Re: How Busy

Alton was walk-on for all rides this weekend (even Rita). (seemed about 5000 people on park). Because X sector was closed, anyone with an actual ticket was given a come back another day ticket to be used for the rest of the season. -EDIT- "Alton was walk on for all thrill rides, CBBies was stil queue-y"

Blackpool, the weekend before was about normally busy.

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Ok, the results of my planning are in and just like the original haunted house application, the plan has been refused

Unfortunately home authorities have stated my plans as impractical due to work Sunday and on top of the party on Saturday, there are further complications until now I wasn't aware of.

Enjoy oblivion guys :(

See you at MOS

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Hey Ian,

Will readily hold my hands up in that one, I should of PMd you my contact details but must admit, when I was running around last minute you slipped the radar this time round as I know you were with your family and would 'say hi if you spot us' so in my head everything was dealt with. Which wasn't as you would still need them just in case.

So please accept my apology on that one and hope they'll be another opportunity in the future.

(PM sent for future reference)

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Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Shame it's over now, but we should definitely do more weekenders away especially with a big group makes for an all round good weekend, Park Day 1, evening meal and drinks, then park Day 2. I'll look into if I can make Oakwood.

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