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TPMs Resident DJ 2015/16


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WHATEVER WEDNESDAY - anything goes. Something special to you, for whatever reason you fancy.


This was a hard pick for today as there were so many songs that could go here and I was trying not to repeat myself from last year. So, the song I've picked for this years 'Whatever Wednesday' is...



There isn't really a sentimental message for this choice personally, but it is a song that I love partly because it truly contradicts its own existence. The music/melody is incredibly catchy and instigates this 'positive' outlook. But, as you listen to the lyrics the message completely juxtaposes this and denotes about the feeling of being alone on a dancefloor: watching and being cynical of everyone that is surrounding you; still feeling secluded and lonely; still dancing as if nothings wrong because that's all you know how to do.


I really recommend giving the album a listen if you like the song! Overall, a great pop song.

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SUPER SATURDAY - your hottest record in the world right now. Ending on a high, hopefully! 



Incredibly tacky and try hard lyrics sounding like they've been ripped from several Tumblrs, and yet... I can't help but listen to this over and over again. Not sure why I like this so much, but for the time being, it's my hottest record in the world right now! 

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ItsHurtingMeInside seemed to completely miss Secret Sunday, but no bother!

Hi, it's Tommy here and I will be your DJ this week


Mathew Jonson - The World Will Come Around

I have chosen this track as it is a find from the summer that always relaxes me. A little repetitive, but very chilled out

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Just in time!

For me anything by Thomas Newman is a great choice. This particular track was played around Transylvania in Chessington Halloween Hocus Pocus in 2012 (?), so there's a theme park tie in too!

Thomas Newman - Drive Away (End Title) from the Series of Unfortunate Events Soundtrack


See also Finding Nemo soundtrack, and I'm liking 'Foreign Contaminent' from the WALL.E soundtrack too :)

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