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Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion


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1 hour ago, Glitch said:

Also, remember it's your choice to go on the busiest Saturday of the year. Why not choose the first Thursday for example where the park is empty and mazes are walk on with small groups.

The issue isn't that the park is busy, it's that (by the sounds of it) they cannot cope with it.  The attitude of "it's your fault because you visited on a busy day" stinks when operations are so poor.

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It’s a fact, negative reviews and experiences will spread 4/5 times faster than good ones.


Yes sure people complain more than compliment (especially nowadays) but delivering a bad experience through bad planning and a lack of customer service/care should be a no-go.


Sometimes through good customer service after a bad experience, the wounds can be healed up. However judging from some of those responses on their social media, I expect that never happens. ‘One size fits all’ should never be the answer or solution in customer service. Ever.



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1 hour ago, Benin said:


Presumably it's Half Term? So hell on Earth is a likely answer...



2 hours ago, Belle_101 said:

On a slightly related note, how’s Halloween night looking at Thorpe? Will it be busy or not to much since it’s the middle of the week? 

Half term was last week (it's this week up north) . Tickets for Halloween are currently going for £44 and it changes from £33 to £55 depending on how many tickets have been sold. I would imagine it could still potentially get quite busy with many visiting after school and into the evening. 

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On 10/29/2018 at 9:18 PM, MattyMoo said:

Looks like a similar situation tonight. Currently only Coasters and Thrills rides open are Stealth, TWD, Flying Fish, Detty, DBGTROTD and Vortex.

If you even call DBGTROTD a good thrill ride anymore.... heyooo!


Seriously though, get your act together Thorpe/Merlin 

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