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Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion


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NEW SCENES for The Walking Dead. 

Platform 15b.

Big Top IV.

Talk about Saw Alive sinking. 

New scenes in Containment would be nice too. ;)


I actually missed Blair Witch this year.  Seriously.  Bring it back, rethemed as a Headless Monk Hunt.  Please Thorpe.  If I say it every year, it'll happen eventually right...


But yeah, I don't see any maze being rethemed for next year and aside from Blair's pathway, there's little space for a maze elsewhere at the moment.  So it'll be interesting to see what Thorpe come up with!


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I hope to see Sanctum and Saw leave the lineup, and I hope to see Big Top, Platform, and Living Nightmare return as all three were decent this year IMO (a few extra scenes would be nice for Living Nightmare as its a tad short).


Other than that I think some changes in operations would be nice, and I would like to see some more measures against the crowds and maybe some more actors in the queue lines?


Roamers and atmosphere I think is the main flaw for the event at the moment as the roamers this year felt a tad non-existent..

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On 04/11/2017 at 10:15 PM, Stuntman707 said:

I’d like to see an Annual Pass preview event Thorpe actually give a **** about next year, that’s for sure. But too early yet. I’ll come back to this topic in about 300 days.

Two years in a row I’ve done pass night both awful no actors hardly at all for example after strobe section of big top only saw one actor and he was just point towards the exit, compare that to a POV from press night and the was at least 9 actors after strobe section jumping out and doing what you’d expect from a scare maze

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Big Top to return with more of its “crazed debauchery!!”


Platform 15 to return and hopefully have a decent ending put into place because the improvements made to it this year really made it a fantastic attraction up until the final tunnel. Sort that out and they are on to a winner in my opinion. This and Big Top in my honest opinion were the only two positives about fright nights this year so they should absolutely return next year.


I would say make some changes to Saw Alive but we are kind of flogging a dead horse with that one.


Bring back roaming actors as they can add to the atmosphere in general around the park (half of why I love shocktoberfest as much as I do is the roaming characters!!)


Oh and one last one...STOP OVERSELLING FASTRACK!!

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I agree pretty much completely with the post above me.

Big Top and Platform I think should both return as they are both really strong attractions IMO, though Platform does need perhaps a more urgent finale.


I think Saw Alive and Sanctum should be completely changed next year, as both kinda stood out as lacklustre and short IMO..

Though I don't see that happening as Saw Alive has sat stationary for like 7 years now and Sanctum is Walking Dead related so that will probably come back next year too..


Roamers is something I think Fright Nights is weak in, especially when I can walk down the road for Tulleys.

Oh and can we change Containment? It'd be nice to see some changes in there next year.

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IF this is to do with Fright Nights it does suggest a lot towards SAW.


Considering Jigsaw’s working title was SAW: Legacy and the usage of barbed wire, time etc etc. it is suggestive that SAW could be seeing an overhaul (or Alive at least) which would make sense with Jigsaw rebirthing the franchise, and Jigsaw 2 in the works.

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10 hours ago, FOOBAR RIGS said:

Has anyone else spotted this ad playing on youtube do you think it could have something to do that symbol that kept appearing over the last 2 years at fright night?  Just think its odd that it keeps popping up on theme worldwide videos?


I think personally this is to do with Saw Alive and I believe that it will be classic Saw Alive during summer and then it will be refurbished for this years fright nights, as you have said the barbed wire and the colours used in the video defiantly could represent Saw and plus the sign which was placed next to the big top said 'O?' 'Legacy 2018' which makes this Saw Alive an answer to this video, we will have to subscribe for more but this was mostly expected about Saw Alive either getting re furbished or removed at the end of this season but this video shows if it is related then Saw Alive will be re furbished for this years fright nights.

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This could very easily be a fake video, but if not then this could be the start of something exciting!
The whole vibe of the video is Saw. The barbed wire, the text... Saw Alive revamp? There was a sign outside The Big Top last year during construction with the words 'Legacy' '0?' and '2018'. It didn't make much sense at the time but this video could be another hint. The working title for Jigsaw was Saw Legacy so it's entirely possible Saw could be getting revamped. That would mean that the summer opening could be like a final sendoff for the maze, after 9 years of operation. Also, Wasn't there a 27 and a ? on the Blair Witch Shed during the 2016 construction?

Like I said, this could easily be fake, but from the looks of it, a lot of time and effort was put into it. I guess we'll have to wait and see. If it is real, it's exciting! I would have preferred the introduction of a new original concept maze but if Saw Alive does get changed, it'll be good to see: it's been the same for so long now.


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I adore the Saw franchise as a whole, so as much as I would love this to be a Saw Legacy revamp, bit odd to do so the year after "Jigsaw" came out...


In other news, and sorry if this has already been pointed out... looks like all AP tickets for Fright Nights 2018 are set to £10 currently... just bought two for Sat 27th (almost certain this was £15 or £20 last year) at £10 a piece? 

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Would they launch a marketing campaign about the last year of a maze?

Would they launch a marketing campaign about Saw during the year of the walking dead?

Combine the two... maybe it's the final goodbye for Saw: Alive before it comes another WD attraction? Remove the blood written words, take the dolls out, stick some walkers in there, sorted!

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