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Black Mirror Labyrinth


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1 hour ago, tactic said:

Hopefully then they can use this time to take down slammer and put the place to good use before the 2025 season!

Slammer is confirmed by the parks social media team to be going at the end of this year. 




I say go ahead with that B&M hyper by putting the station there and change layout to send it round the outside of Hyperia and up monks walk to the old treasure island and back 😂

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Whilst the park have been pretty good at tarting up the park in recent years, I will hold my breath on Slammer's removal. They've said it before (internally, admittedly) and they've publicly said stuff that hasn't happened or been delayed (Tidal fire, Stealth SRQ, etc). 


Obviously it makes sense to remove it and put a ride in its place, given the proximity to Hyperia, but we shall see.


As for Labyrinth, obviously it's been a prime spot for Fright Nights mazes. And of course, it's good to have a permanently set up maze, rather than having to re-build a maze each year. At the same time, it's not the largest space, and with mazes being upcharge, I'm not sure they can create a standard maze which is worth the £10 charge..

So it might be a prime spot for a different type of experience. Whether it's an alone experience, a non-maze experience or something else, I think that's the direction the park should go with that space, if they choose to use it for FN. I'm also not sure 4 upcharge indoor mazes is the way the park needs to go.

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