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Some of this post is dreadful...   I don't think there is any park in the entire world which had the budget Animal Kingdom had when built (it quite possibly still is the most expensive park

StevenVig being unnecessarily sarcastic about a justified comment? Shock horror

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Blimey It's Massive - I didn't think it was that big


Thats very small compare to others. But I agree, I didn't know it was going be that big. Maybe because of the height of the buildng was taller then expected (I thought more wider than taller). Looks good though. Does anyone know the opening dates (et) of the hotel.(PS: Thanks for the pictures)
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Went to Chessington Today. Great day apart from the weather, got purple paint on a WHITE! coat from vampire railings and rameses not being open. Cant be arsed to do the whole trip report thingy.Ride count:Vampire x2Bubbleworks x2Dragons Fury x1Tomb Blaster x1Runnaway Mine Train x1Sky Ride x1Black Buccaner x1Hocus Pocus Hall x1Would have been on a lot more things if it was warmer.

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I remember when I queued up 3 hours to get on Dragon's Fury. The queue was running along down towards Tomb Blaster. This is because it was a end of year school trip, where the park was packed out with schools, and Vampire was closed until 3pm, wherea I had to go by then.Ash

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