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Just thought that this site was missing a place for us piano lovers to show, what music we like on piano and composers, what our favorite piece is, feel free to upload vids and sound clips of yourself playing or link to stuff that you like. Here is one of my favorite pieces to play on piano.

It is I Giorni-Ludovico Einaudi.

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Well I have an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, an irish tin whistle, a large recorder, 2 chinese bamboo flutes, an electric violin and a keyboard - can I play them?  Not really (although I can belt out a mean tune through my nostril on the irish tin whistle!)


Would love to be able to play piano - I can just about do the Eastenders theme tune

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I have a cornet (trumpet for little people) and a banjolele and a ukulele, and a grand piano.


I like to think I am not too bad at playing banjo but I have caused peoples ears to detach from their heads and walk off, and also bleed during my performances. I guess they just can't take my bliss professionalism. 


The piano I fiddle about on every now and again, but I sort of got put off when I asked my mum what the keys were made of and she said they were made of bones (which is apparently true, and similar to alot of cutlery people have and I had no idea about)

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I play current/pop songs on saxophone, and today I recorded one to see if anyone other than me likes it.


I just covered P!nk's Just Give Me A Reason:



That's one of 40 P!nk songs I can play atm, other artists I like to cover include Rihanna, Beyonce, Britney, Miley, Gaga, Fall Out Boy, Evanescence etc. If anyone likes it I shall upload another one, I'll take any requests. Now there's a threat haha

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