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  1. Couldn't find a better place to put this seeing as he is on nemmy, if there is a better place please move it :Phttp://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2883313/Daredevil-is-a-real-coaster-buff.html
  2. Looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the whole place finished
  3. Todge


    Might be, looks a tad small for a coaster to be honest.
  4. I heard that's the third person that whale has killed, if that's true why the hell do they still have it?
  5. Woah, does the stealth area really play "always look on the bright side of life" Never heard it before.
  6. Try flushing your dns, maybe the website hasn't updated for you yet.
  7. They had videos before, but the off ride videos looks nicer
  8. I had a nice conversation with two staff members standing outside of slammer, chatting about alton towers' new coaster and the reliability of slammer. This was at the end of last season.
  9. Todge


    and a short but mouth watering videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMwjR7-v2QMcredit to towerstimes
  10. Seeing as there was a new sonic game announced a few days ago I guess 'sega' are using this to advertise the game?
  11. Todge


    Rita: Queen of the trees ?maybe.. you just never know. I was also looking at the towertimes forum and they were discussing the countdown audio, one of the ideas gave me a right chuckle, it was something like "3..2.. those tree branches are getting nearer.. GO GO GO!"
  12. Todge


    It's kind of upsetting really
  13. Todge


    So it's this then?
  14. Todge

    Video Games.

    I completed Assassins creed 2 the other day and I am now ranking up on Modern warfare 2
  15. Todge


    Does anyone have a drawing of where area F is?
  16. ooooh, the day of my birthday. Maybe I'll be tempted
  17. I'm on the PS3 of course wastes my days away
  18. It's 'Liam Togher'I might have spelled it wrong in the PM
  19. Looks like nemesis needs a good clean
  20. Todge

    News Desk

    Yeh it seems a great deal faster than before, good work chaps!
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