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  1. MattyMoo

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    Seems very counter productive to me too. Don't get it. Looks unprofessional. But hey ho...
  2. MattyMoo

    Logger's Leap

    This. It'll still be there for another couple of years for sure. Just like Slammer. Because cost cutting. Pains me seeing Slammer SBNO
  3. MattyMoo

    Logger's Leap

    E X P E R I E N C E S
  4. MattyMoo

    Logger's Leap

    What an absolute surprise, I thought it was splashing back soon? 😂
  5. MattyMoo

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    That's no way to talk about Shawn Sanbrooke 😘
  6. MattyMoo

    2019 Season

    Same old same old with the Merlin PR machine, @pluk.
  7. MattyMoo

    2019 Season

    Looking forward to JackSilkstone's Closed Season Update video with a thumbnail that says "NEW HYPERCOASTER CONFIRMED?!?!?!?" or similar 😍
  8. MattyMoo

    2019 Season

    Good detective work @EpicSmatty Can't say this has got my "HYPD".
  9. MattyMoo

    2019 Season

    That's a massive tie in if true, HYPD have an incredible 3000 subscribers on YouTube 😮 Actually to be fair they have a decentish amount of "likes" on Facebook and Twitch but yeah.... meh. Love all the people thinking it's going to be a Hyper coaster announcement, wouldn't put it past Merlin doing that on purpose after recent tormenting of the enthusiast "community" 😂 Unlike Paulton's who sound like they are getting a Mack after hinting it...
  10. MattyMoo

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    C'mon guys, Blackpool being open is better than nothing.
  11. MattyMoo

    Paultons Park

    Just been looking at all the other social media accounts to do with Tornado Springs - Thorpe could learn a thing or too with promotion from Paulton's I think. Intrigued as to what's going to be announced!
  12. MattyMoo

    2019 Season

    Yet 🙃
  13. MattyMoo

    2019 Season

    Agree, it's not offensive. It's just absolutely pathetic and childish, and does nothing positive in terms of public perception, either of MAP holders or Thorpe Park as a whole. Slow clap time. It's lazy, heavy handed, utter nonsense and ill thought out, which is true of many of Thorpe's decisions and PR. Post now, think later. But hey, that's the world of social media and iNflUenCinG guys. Maybe 2019 will see that mobile phone charging service open on The Walking Dead The Ride and that B.O. ban will finally be enforced on Stealth.
  14. MattyMoo

    2019 Season

    My favourite comment on that FB post of Thorpe's was "10 minutes on the MAP group suggests this is very wrong 😂" I'm saying nothing... Oh and also someone has commented this, bravo:
  15. MattyMoo

    2019 Season

    That last post from Thorpe has killed me. No words. Again.