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  1. Like the Smiler, it's now been corrected 😂 Just call me MTYMOO83LEGEND.
  2. Credit where credit is due, Merlin are throwing a lot of cash at Thorpe this closed season. Hopefully this is the start of a turn around for the park...
  3. Love it, it's a real Hoot Hoot of a theme. Genuinely though, looks good, hope the concept art comes to fruition. Makes sense with the surrounding area too.
  4. Tegridy Farm will be the new land for 2024, confirmed by the manufacturers of the Tidal Wave new flame effect in leaked Whatsapp Message.
  5. Merlin doing Merlin things. I don't understand. Just like the partial support repaint on the paths, where you can literally see where they decide to stop on each support.
  6. Sorry for bringing the topic slightly off kilter... but still... Am all for "nods" to things that are easily noticable - e.g. the XNWO number plate on the crashed vehicles in TWDTR, but tiny details like mentioned above - which, literally does happen, as we all know from vlogs and such, just seem pointless and a back-scratching, THEME PARK FRIENDS! kinda exercise - that someone has actually spent time creating when you have to wonder, if that time could be better spent elsewhere...
  7. My favourite Easter Eggs are small text in horror mazes that literally no one is going to read or see, thus questioning the point of doing it in the first place.
  8. Has anyone created a coaster themed around literal Easter Eggs yet? Seems like a very Merlin idea since they love them so much.
  9. The only person who knows what the new logo looks like is @Parm Pap
  10. Fake as no broken/stuck pixels visible on screen.
  11. Yep, agreed - looks absolutely ridiculous the more angles and close ups we get. Wow.
  12. Archie has tweeted about it so no doubt he and the rest of the guys are involved in the retheme...
  13. Derren Brown Land confirmed.
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