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    pluk got a reaction from Ivsetti in Alton Towers News   
    Oktoberfest means good beer. If they have good beer then excellent, but they won't, will they?
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    pluk got a reaction from MattyMoo in Alton Towers News   
    I'm hearing Omnipollo soft serves in steins.
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    pluk got a reaction from MattyMoo in Alton Towers News   
    Oktoberfest means good beer. If they have good beer then excellent, but they won't, will they?
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    pluk got a reaction from RobF in Alton Towers News   
    Oktoberfest means good beer. If they have good beer then excellent, but they won't, will they?
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    pluk reacted to Glitch in The Next Big Thing   
    Personally I don't think pestering Thorpe park with private messages is the best way to try and get them to reveal their secretes. 
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    pluk reacted to StevenVig in Thorpe Park 2020   
    Do not get your hopes up
    It's probably Game FX 2, with it's slogan "It's not what you wanted, but it's what you got"
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    pluk reacted to MattyMoo in 2020 Season   
    My niece is only 7, don't bring her into it m8, she's not even tall enough to ride Vampire.
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    pluk reacted to Ivsetti in 2020 Season   
    Thorpe Park Mania be like:
    5:11 - 5:18
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    pluk reacted to Glitch in 2020 Season   
    Why does everything Merlin do have to appeal to specific just you. The beach is a key driver of families to the park during the summer.
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    pluk reacted to Kerfuffle in On Ride Photos   
    Re-surfacing this thread as I'm now happily in a position where I can reveal my handsome mug on this site (damn those social media policies!)
    Pity back row on Shambhala is undoubtedly the only good thing at PortAventura these days...

    Funny thing here is not only are the majority of the people behind me under the height restriction for The Walking Dead (seriously)...but one of them has just had their entire photo ruined by my arm. Sorry Swedish kid.

    Nothing much to say about this one...Valkyria is a VERY good dive coaster.

    Taking one for the team on Chiapas. Front row is undoubtedly the firing line for wetness but fortunately Germany were also in a heatwave at the time!

    ...and finally, more or less as a plot twist (but a very fitting one) but this is me on Bob at Efteling (for the last time ever - even if I'd only ridden it twice in its lifetime) along with several of the Planet Coaster community during a meetup back in July.
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    pluk got a reaction from RobF in Merlin Entertainments   
    Thorpe's food offering died they day Roast and Relish closed.
    Genuinely some of the best themepark food out there, actual quality, not fried crap, decent value.
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    pluk got a reaction from JoshC. in Merlin Entertainments   
    Thorpe's food offering died they day Roast and Relish closed.
    Genuinely some of the best themepark food out there, actual quality, not fried crap, decent value.
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    pluk reacted to JoshC. in News Desk   
    You "win" a day if you receive more positive reacts over any other single person. Positive reacts are the 'Like' (heart), 'Thanks' (trophy) and 'Haha' (laughing face) symbols.
    The other two possible reacts, Confused (confused face) and Sad (crying face), are neutral reactions and do not increase your Reputation Score. This is because these reactions are usually only used when someone makes a confusing post (ie - one which shouldn't positively contribute to a member's reputation) or breaks sad news (say about a ride closing, or Thorpe's continuing painful existence with little signs of improvement...), and again isn't something which needs to positively contribute to a member's reputation.
    In other words, it's a silly system, and as such is one that should definitely be in the header of your LinkedIn profile, CV and any other formal thing where you just chuck is loads of superlatives to make yourself sound amazing and #sick  
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    pluk got a reaction from TPJames in Blackpool Pleasure Beach   
    As much as I hate Merlin's marketing led approach to any investment, this just goes to show that marketing at least needs to be considered and attempted alongside building something decent. If I weren't active around these places I'd have had no idea Icon existed, that's just not good enough for such a major new coaster.
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    pluk reacted to MattyMoo in Closed Season   
    Me either. Fond memories of sitting down with the missus each week last closed season to watch the updates, our floating DBGT train carriage in the background, wearing our Smiler onesies, drinking from our oversized Colossus cups and tucking into our back up closed-season stock of non-branded overpriced pick and mix from The Dome, our necks laden down by our MAP lanyard encrusted in numerous pop badges we stole from small children and staff members.
    Still haven't opened the Stealth condoms though.
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    pluk reacted to Ivsetti in Control Panels   
    Well I've found quite a few control panels over the internet. Just didn't know TPM had a thread for this! Hopefully some new ones for those of you interested in this stuff. There's mainly Thorpe Park stuff but also ones from fairground equivalents and also some that aren't from Thorpe Park.
    Detonator (Bomb's Away) Control Panel:

    The Swarm control panel:

    Swarm's CCTV cameras views for the operator:

    Interesting stuff about the operation of The Swarm including that if someone let's go of one of the buttons the trains stops! :
    Olympia Looping Control Panel:

    Mondial Top Scan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwoRM3tdVWg (like Samurai)
    Still image of panel: 

    KMG Afterburner:  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/94/KMG_Afterburner_Control_Panel.JPG   (like Vortex, sry it's in European)

    Rush's Control Panel (unobstructed shot without the sound panel unlike the one previously posted here - also taken in 2016 so many years after the previous image on here):

    Source: https://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=71751&start=20
    Also interesting to note that this review also says on their BTS tour that the reason The Swarm backwards was removed was that in a potential crash this would have unthinkable consequences for the park so they removed it (which does make sense that it was removed for the season after The Smiler occured).
    Remnants of The Swarm backwards rows:

    Huss Enterprise (taken from a sim as I couldn't find a real one online annoyingly) - This is similar to Zodiac: 

    A Dodgems Control Panel (looks similar to the one at Thorpe Park iirc from my brief glimpse through the control box window - this is NOT the one at TP sadly):

    Nemesis Inferno (source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PNzPJU7LAY) :
    Also potentially of interest is how the glow is made on Nemesis Inferno in the tunnel - it uses way more lights than I thought it did: 

    Source: https://www.southparks.co.uk/features/behind-the-scenes-thorpe-park/)
    Rage Control Panel (a Gerstlauer Eurofighter which is the same model as Saw:TR):

    "Tidal Wave" at Adventure Island (I'm guessing has a similar control panel to Depth Charge at Thorpe Park seeing as they're both raft slide rides):

    Source for above 2 pictures were from this thread but unviewable. Luckily the "Wayback" machine somehow retrieved them: https://web.archive.org/web/20200116233837/https://forum.maniahub.com/topic/6156-control-panels/page/1
    Flying Fish Control Panel:


    The rides at Thorpe which we don't have a picture of the control panel on this thread are therefore:
    Rocky Express
    Logger's Leap
    Timber Tug and Lumber Jump
    Rumba Rapids
    Mr Monkey Banana Boat
    A Bertazzon Dodgems control panel
    Tidal Wave
    Storm Surge
    I will edit this post/ make a new one as I find more rides. Hopefully @StevenVig can repost his old Saw photos so we can cross that one off the list.
    If you're interested in control panels and also programming and PLC logic I recommend checking out Irvine Ondrey Engineering: https://www.facebook.com/IrvineOndreyEngineering
    They have very informative posts about programming control panels and they're the ones who did The Swarm control panel amongst a huge range of other very popular and large rides.
    Many many American coaster control panels and assistance panels: https://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=61998&start=350
    You may also be interested in a glimpse of morning inspections on a Windseeker ride: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdZcGclDzts
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    pluk reacted to EpicSmatty in Whose Meme is it Anyway?   
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    pluk reacted to Martin Doyle in Walibi Holland   
    Having had 30 rides on Untamed, I can now safely say that in my opinion it is easily the best coaster in Europe and was it not for the excellence of Steel Vengeance then it would have been my number one all together.
    This coaster is seriously incredible from start to finish and I mean “from start to finish”. The ride does not relent from the second you come off that chain lift until the second you hit those breaks. The pacing this ride has is flawless. I am a huge fan of Wildfire, but one thing that bothers me with it is the fact that there are several moments on it where it loses its momentum massively. Those issues are not present with Untamed one single iota!! It is none stop action the whole way round. Like Wildfire, it DOES get better as the day goes on. Unlike Wildfire however which is underwhelming on its first couple of hours of opening until it becomes a beast in the afternoon after warming up, Untamed is STILL incredible regardless of what time you ride it. However whilst it is incredible when it opens, by the time I was getting my night rides on it the damn thing felt like it was trying to eject me from my seat in the back row and all the way into the heart of Amsterdam!. As a result, the night rides on offer from Untamed are simply unmissable.
    The elements on this ride are unworldly.  The first drop may not be particularly tall but man does it back a serious punch. The inversions on this ride are well taken and offer some pretty incredible hang time especially the first and last inversions. The airtime moments are aggressive and very much reminded me of being back on Steel Vengeance. For those who don’t have either the time or money to go to Cedar Point to ride Steel Vengeance, believe me when I say that this ride is the closest you will get to Steel Vengeance without actually flying across the Atlantic to experience Steel Vengeance and that is largely because of the relentless airtime on offer with Untamed. The finale of this ride is sensational. The airtime hills with all the headchoppers around followed by that barrel roll which gives incredible hangtime really do absolutely steal the show with this ride. In terms of the coaster layout, I can’t for the life of me find a single flaw.
    In terms of the whole “restraints” debate with Untamed and indeed RMC in general I will say this. Yes after 30 goes I myself was in some pain, but that pain was no different to other coasters with masses of airtime and I felt no pain on my shins at all. Obviously other body types will have that issue though whereas fortunately I do not. I do wish the shin guards was not present for the sake of other riders enjoyment but personally the shin guards cause me no comfort at all having now ridden 3 RMCs.
    For those of you still sceptical on how good these rides can be and want to know if the “hype” is real, seriously get yourself on a flight (or Eurostar!!) to Amsterdam and go and ride Untamed. The coaster layout is flawless and is just the most amount of fun you could have on any coaster on the continent. I mean it’s not like we are getting an RMC hybrid on these shores anytime soon!! 
    RMC have really worked their magic again in converting Robin Hood into Untamed. I know a lot of people are against what RMC do to wooden coasters so I’ll just voice what I personally think on the matter. RMC do NOT convert true classic wooden coasters. They convert relatively modern wooden coasters so I do think it’s a total myth that they “destroy classics!!”. If RMC did convert true heritage wooden coasters then I personally would be very against that. Hypothetically speaking if Blackpool announced they was changing Grand National or Big Dipper into an RMC then I would be the first to protest it as those rides are true classics with a long history and as such should be preserved. If RMC ever changed the likes of Wodan or Troy then I’d also be uncomfortable with that as those two are amazing modern day wooden coasters that deliver great experiences. IF however Portaventura announced Stampida was getting the conversion, I would be on the first flight out there when it opens. Because it’s a dire ride and does not have the same heritage as true classics. To those who think RMC are “killing wooden coasters” I ask you this. What exactly did the likes of Gwazi, Robin Hood and Mean Streak actually contribute to the industry? They did not have long histories, they was universally disliked in the community and generally was seen as awful rickety rides. So what did they have going for them that should have given them a stay of execution?. In short, rides like the Blackpool woodies should NEVER have the conversion because they are treasured heritage, rides like the modern good GCI and Intamin wooden coasters shouldn’t either because they are great whilst sticking to what made wooden coasters great to begin with. However, the likes of Gwazi,Robin Hood and Mean Streak are fair game as far as I’m concerned.
    Untamed - 10/10

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    pluk reacted to Benin in Walibi Holland   
    So, Untamed then.
    I've always been wary of the RMC hype train, but it's fair deserved. Can only imagine how ridiculous Steel Vengeance is if Untamed can feel like it's going to violently eject you out the front row at 11am. 
    At night after it rained a chunk it became obscenely ridiculous. Should be illegal really.
    Didn't mind the shin guards as much as I thought.
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    pluk got a reaction from Rach666 in Thorpe Park Withdrawal Symptoms   
    Looks like someone has done no growing up in the last 5 years.

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    pluk reacted to Ivsetti in Detonator: Bombs Away!   
    In the first 4 seasons of this ride running it had roughly 70,000 drops! That's up to 840,000 people.
    So much so that the manufacturer's guidelines on checking for wear and tear of the restraint system were inadequate as most of the teeth were severely worn down by the time they were inspected rendering the ratcheting system almost ineffective. This is why seat belts are there for a reason.
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    pluk got a reaction from MattyMoo in Thorpe Park Withdrawal Symptoms   
    Looks like someone has done no growing up in the last 5 years.

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    pluk got a reaction from Glitch in Thorpe Park Withdrawal Symptoms   
    Looks like someone has done no growing up in the last 5 years.

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    pluk got a reaction from EpicSmatty in Thorpe Park Withdrawal Symptoms   
    Looks like someone has done no growing up in the last 5 years.

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    pluk reacted to JoshC. in Thorpe Park Withdrawal Symptoms   
    It's only the first post of the decade but I reckon it'll be one of the best
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