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Hyperia - New for 2024

Mysterio Ka

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Well that ride is 400m too long. It's height is 2m to tall so not a major problem there. Although the island is no where near that size and it leaves the development boarder. The scale is off by the looks of things. And it is near impossible for Thorpe park to dig down.

Apart from that it is a very nicley themed. Seeing as after WC16 the next investment would be around 2019 onwards (depending on the hotel) it is way too early to start discussing what it may be.

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The MTDP which runs to 2016 stated that neither of the two coasters could exceed 850 metres with one being under 40 metres tall and the other 50 metres. If it's on the MTDP they can put plans in as reserved matters like the Dodgems for example as it was on one of the proposed flat ride sites. WC16 had to be a full application though as it wasn't ever mentioned in any form that a building would be placed in The Arena (although it was earmarked for a refurb on the MTDP).


Next year they'll probably put in an application for the next MTDP stating the terms they want, what coaster lengths they would like, possible flat ride places and anything else they might have in the pipeline like extensions to restaurants etc. The MTDP doesn't have to be met, nor does it have to be completed as we know the 2015 coaster on there was instantly pushed to 2016 at the earliest and now isn't happening for a good few years.


They could try and push the limit to having coasters of over 1000metre and stupid height but it still has to be approved by the council. The MTDP is a rough guide on what they are thinking as possibilities for the 5/6 years. It isn't written in stone because if it was we'd have are second drop tower, a roller coaster this year and other stuff.

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Thing is, Rita is the same type of coaster as Stealth, so would they really need another one (even though it would be a different route)? And I suppose that if you can't put a 'world's first' on it any more, it's not worth making (although 'world's first rollercoaster that goes round an island full of other rollercoasters by a lake by a motorway that is surrounded by chavs' sounds good enough to Thorpe)

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Thanks, it's a shame they can't or won't run a Rita type coaster around the perimeter of the park, that would be amazing.

Rita is best ride. The only thing you can call a pile of junk is a pile of junk, Rita is a glorious coaster.


Seriously thorpe does not need another launched coaster, especially one like Rita because they have a much better one by the same company.

However something like Helix or Blue Fire would be a possible exception.

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Awe spoil my fun why don't you, I was thinking, Indy 500 the ride, 0-220mph in a shade over 8 seconds, 2.5 mile track done in a around 40 seconds, do 4 laps like the real qualifying run.... now that's something to put hairs on your chest, or kill you.

Now I'll go Google helix and blue fire, because the only helix I know of is the syfy show...

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You say that Thorpe doesn't need another launched coaster as it has Stealth, but look at the very park you're taking inspiration from: Cedar Point... That has Top Thrill AND Maverick - which is almost the exact same combination of coasters that you're ruling out for Thorpe.. Granted, we are dealing with a very different size of park comparison, but one that is possible none the less.


As for that video, she's an absolute beaut and the creator has done an amazing job of it... I've always had money on it being a woodie hybrid to follow Swarm, as that seems to be a coaster type that's missing... BUT...


Seeing the quality of Oblivion: Black Hole over at Gardaland, or Baron, I wouldn't be surprised to see a New-Gen Dive Machine installed to compliment Swarm...


Never say never... They said that about the proposed Woodie at Alton and now look what seems to be happening..

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After WC16, I know we would all like to see a topspin. Yes, you are all thinking it really... ;)

I think this particular model is ideal, it should be implemented on the EXACT same cycle and the squeaky noises should not tried to be covered up in any way possible.

It should also be placed next to Storm Surge, as this would allow the noises to blend in.


(For anyone out there who doesn't have a sense of humour, this post is taking the mick ^_^)

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