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  1. Spooky Island seemed like an incredible park that I wish was a reality!! Minus the creatures and demonic possession. And the Scooby Doo wildmouse in Warner Bros, Australia, (themed after Spooky Island) is a fun ride. So essentially, I would love this to happen. The park has a woodie from what I recall, and it would be an IP (Thorpe loves an IP) that suits families!! Tick tick tick.
  2. I am genuinely so upset about Loggers. It is part of my childhood. I remember first seeing that double drop from the top of it and being both terrified and amazed. Oh Thorpe...
  3. I don't know why, but I could imagine Thorpe building a spinner, and then when they run out of money, they can say it goes backwards the next year
  4. 1. Stealth - the feeling you get is just so unique and intense, you can't do anything to prepare for it 2. Nemesis - I always go on front row, it's just a fun ride, and Thorpe always go for crazy scary stuff so it's nice to go on something which has an edge but is still a laugh 3. Swarm - I could marry those seats, they are beautifully comfortable <3 the first drop is amazing but after that the thrill drops drastically, but the theming carries the experience after that first drop - I just love that they have a crashed plane and helicopter and fire engine, and a ruined church, such a brilliant project Thorpe!!! 4. Saw - Used to be near the top, but this ride was 3 times rougher than Colossus the last time I visited. my friend did NOT want to go back on it. That indoor section is so great though, I wish that was the entire ride, more compact drops and twists around traps in the dark. 5. Colossus - This is a classic ride, but the seats are tiny (I am not even fat, I'm quite toned actually), and it terrifies me in the wrong way - I'm scared the train will just fall off the track it's so rickety and looks dismal. I get flashbacks to the roller coaster scene in Final Destination 3 whenever I ride it 6. Flying Fish is cute for the kids 7. X - please do something else with this space, an indoor flat ride or something I dunno, still incorporating the strobe lighting because I like that idea, or heck, capitalise on the ghost train and make it part of that universe by adding VR. X is next to Ghost Train, just connect the two rides that would be epic
  5. Look to the past? I really do hope they reinstall loggers, but I know they won't I'm sad storm surge gets to stay and loggers has to be dismantled, such a good ride!
  6. After that long rant, that very last line made me choke on my food laughing. It has a long long way to go. From the sounds of it, my experience was one of the best, and that was still about 75% of what it should have been: only a 20 minute queue, audio outside was WAY too loud (I actually covered my ears, but it was a very empty day, crowd noise would help to cover it up usually), broke down as we were about to enter, quickly resolved, went in, everything worked except for the smoke bit which lasted 2 minutes (but it feels like 20). But that last VR bit, seriously, what kind of noughties arcade mess... I feel bad that they spent all of that money (I don't know how) and they ended up with that. I really hope they keep going until its perfect. What were Merlin thinking? They know that they're terrible at maintaining effects, why would they install something like this???
  7. Just make it cohesive...a ghost train on the London tube is genius if you think about it. But of course Merlin's like "OOH DERREN BROWN, EXPLOSIONS AND MONSTERS!" Nah mate, just ghosts please.
  8. chrisgeorgiou46


    They should give out VR headsets at the entrance so that Merlin don't actually have to theme anything or fix any effects; it can all be imaginary.
  9. My friend and I had a whale of a time on Colossus. It was great. Saw however was literally torture though. He did not want to go back on it. Well done Colossus, you've still got it!! Although the amount of rickety noise it makes and the bumpiness reminds me of the roller coaster crash from Final Destination 3
  10. I went on it today, we only waited 20 minutes. Actually 95% of queues were 0-5 minutes today, it was great! The most we had to wait was 25 minutes for front seat of Nemesis Inferno. My friend was initially not that interested but he enjoyed it, and people on the train seemed to enjoy it. There was a slight issue with the second train, when the bit where the creature's head pops through the mist kept looping, but it was very continuous and uninterrupted, so people on the train continued to be scared and shouting out. I think the movement on the trains was incredible, I'd like to know how that works. The opening with Derren was very cool, and the live action bit with the train invoked a great reaction. The crowd was all at the front and suddenly they parted like the red sea and someone even held his arm up to protect his girlfriend. I do agree that the second VR bit is a shame. People were scared/having fun, but it seems like something from a 4d theme park adventure from the 90s. The first VR bit properly scared me, the buildup was so good, it felt like that video game Outlast which is terrifying, the atmosphere was all there. Then it all drastically drops in quality. I think it would be easier for them to just redo it (I know they won't), maybe have infected people just flood onto the train carriage and sniff you out through the smoke and once they realise you're there it ends. I liked it, but some kid behind me on the bus was reading my mind and speaking all of my concerns. Why is derren brown there in the first place?? I'm willing to open my mind to digging poisoning people and creating infected. that is a cool idea. it extends to the train nearly crashing too. but the monsters coming out at the end...that is just out of nowhere. They look like the creatures from the Scooby Doo live action film at that fictional spooky island theme park resort island. lots of parallels lol. I feel like they found three completely different horror concepts and mashed them together: Derren Brown, Zombies and Monsters. I don't know how they managed to spend that amount of money on that ride. I felt really weird during the live action bits because I know lots of actors who are looking for work and I was thinking, "these poor guys, they want to be on Broadway, not Derren Brown's Ghost Train. Even Coronation Street would be less embarrassing." But obviously only someone like me would think that. If they wanted to incorporate VR into a dark ride, they could have reimagined X and have the loading station being a tube station and you go through it backwards being chased by creatures. Everytime it stops you're at another tube stop and they catch up but then you start moving again. The attraction could age well if they change that last bit which depreciates the quality a lot.
  11. That is so sweet! Well done Merlin <3
  12. Loggers Leap is miles ahead of Storm Surge! Now that it's gone I think it might be in my top three rides. So many of the rides at thorpe aim to be terrifying that there are so few rides left that are just meant for you to have a laugh, and loggers is one of them. Plus, the first time I did it, that double drop was the most amazing surprise ever. I did not know log flumes were capable of that. I'm surprised I haven't seen that kind of drop on other log flumes I've been on. Whilst I'd love for there to be an extreme coaster put there in its place, I feel like a thrilling family coaster wouldn't go amiss, or a thrill coaster that's just fun and not "OH MY GOD IT GOES UPSIDE DOWN 20 TIMES AND GOES BACKWARDS AND HAS A BEYOND 90 DEGREE DROP OMG." I prefer loggers to saw and tidal wave. I would have said Swarm too if it weren't for those amazing seats and restraints which make you feel like you're being cuddled by a big friendly bear.
  13. chrisgeorgiou46


    I would be more than happy with improvements to Ghost Train and nothing else. even that seems unlikely though lol Hopefully they're well into the planning stages for an immersively themed new section on the infilled new island, with a roller coaster, a flat and a new restaurant. I want at least one section of Thorpe to be as well themed as Phantasialand. It's not too hard guys. Just watch a Planet Coaster creation on youtube and rip off whatever they've done.
  14. Can they put a flat here instead? Is that doable?
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