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    I am aware there not the most reliable source, hence why I said I got it from there.
  2. I don't see the life of slammer being to long and I would say a maximum of 5 years. By 2025 all of the coaster space will be gone so large rides will start leaving around then. Vortex needs some work as that is coming to the end of its life. But I doubt we will say many rides leave before 2018.
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    Apparently slammer is ready to open. Only problem is that there is no evac producers so there reluctant to open it. (according to towertimes anyway)
  4. Project LC


    Another point is I'm quite sure there is already a ride in Japan which does almost exactly what you have described.
  5. Why not make it out of steel. Track is steel, most of the supports are steel. I hardly see how this is a hybrid when most of it is not wood. But to call it a wooden coaster is just dam right lying.
  6. The advert as a whole is much more cleaner and well rounded compared to their previous ones and its also nice to see that they have extended stealth to 500ft in the last week.
  7. Not at all, I dont get the point in them either. There just a steel coaster with some wood around the supports.
  8. That is by far the worst looking ride I have ever laid my eyes on.
  9. I think that you may have misunderstood my argument. What I'm trying to say is that everyone should be treated the same. Some people would have got in for free and others paying full price but none the less the ride is still closed because of some want to be celebrities want to record on it. As a consequence of this some people will be going away with a less of an experience to what a ticket for the same price on another day would hold. Yes you can say that there is many other rides on offer but if you were going and looking forward to stealth then you have been denied access to it because of some stupid TV show.
  10. I guess they are all pretty slow. I would say there boring, but they aren't the best.
  11. Even if it is in the terms and conditions closing it for a tv show shouldn't be done. They can film before the park opens or after it closes. Some people in that park would have paid full price and be their only visit of the year. I have an annual pass but I still have to spend an hour and a half getting there and if I were to find stealth closed I would be very annoyed if the reason was some wanna be celebrities. I don't mind if its closed because of a fault but for some tv show is not morally right at all when there effectively mugging people to get in and forcing people to buy fast tracks because they sell close to 4 million a day.
  12. That must have been a strong wind. I cant think where it goes slow enough it could valley.
  13. It is highly likely it will be the site for the next coaster. At a school thing there they did show us some plans for that island but they were old for a concept of the swarm. I have a feeling that's what toofpikk is on about.
  14. I do believe that, that is taken care of in the programming so that the spinning motor aligns the arms in the correct place. The sensors are to tell the gap between the floor.
  15. There is some sensors on the hub of the arms which detect how close to the ground they are.
  16. Many things could cause the power imbalance. Likely cause is that the pressure tank isn't reaching the correct pressure. The smoke would be a pressure release as the pressure tanks will contain cold air. As that isn't needed to be done regularly it would happen on rare occasion.
  17. If they get too out of sync the ride stops and one of the arms goes out of action, seems to be the general procedure.
  18. Vortex yesterday was bad in the morning but after a bit of downtime the ride was fantastic. I cant remember having it run so smoothly or for so long.
  19. Swing B never exceeded 90 degrees and felt very down on power while swing A seemed to operate with out problem. I went on swing B 3 times yesterday and my total airtime was none as it never had enough power or reached the correct height. Unfortunately we never got on Swing A but from the ground you could definitely see that it was reaching a higher height.
  20. I know that the person in console teaching a new ride op was called Steve.
  21. Yesterday Swing A seemed to be working to almost full swing however swing B was terrible. It wasn't even reaching 90. Also the vast amount of staff on it was very odd, There were 3 people in the console room, 2 filling the bays, 1 by the exit and 1 for fast track. The queue never exceeded 30 mins but the cycle through the whole day was very short.
  22. Project LC


    I was told a fair few years ago that Saw the ride was going where depth charge is. I wonder what happened to that idea.
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