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  1. When did you do Grade 8?
  2. When I rode PMBO back in 2012, I waited about 2 hours because it was on 1 train. That was a long 2 hours... But I loved the ride (probably cause I was so overwhelmed by the first drop in the back row that I forgot about the rest of the ride).
  3. I can say this because my opinion on Shambhala is actually a secure one... Shambhala will rival Helix, in your top 10 I guarantee it will either be 1st or 2nd. Pretty much everyone including me on this forum who has ridden it has it as their number 1 coaster (apart from about 3 or 4 people), and that's saying something
  4. It did
  5. Having ridden 4 B&M hypers (3 of which I remember riding vividly), airtime isn't the only thing I look for in them I enjoy the feeling of constantly falling after each hill that was what scared the life out of me on Silver Star back in 2011. I also enjoy being high up in and going very far away from the station which gives a sense of exploration. I think if I were to ride Silver Star again, I'm not sure I'd love it as much as I claimed I did. But knowing me, I will enjoy Silver Star and I guarantee it would make my top 15 because surely everyone has realised by now that I'm (a little) obsessed with B&M hypers
  6. I just noticed that on that Kerkrade concert band tour I mentioned in the first post, we're actually spending about 4 days in Bad Honnef (I don't know what we're doing there) which is about 40 mins from Phantasialand. They did go to Gardaland last year (before I was in the band) so I know they're open to theme parks and hopefully, we end up going to Phantasialand *crossed fingers*
  7. Something I found which was rather interesting:
  8. I've been thinking about this for a long time, but I've come to the conclusion that Silver Star cannot be on my list. I'm not kicking it off because I think it's a bad ride, but because my opinion is very insecure. I rode it in 2011, before I was an enthusiast. It was my first ride I can remember riding to feature a drop so instead of really enjoying it, I was screaming the entire time. My opinion became based off POVs I had seen and as I had never really heard a real review of the ride, I assumed it would be one of my favourites. The Big One isn't on my list for a very similar reason which I cannot be botherered to explain. This has altered my top 15, and I have decided that Nemesis will take the number 15 spot. The hype from Nemesis doesn't last long on me, but I do remember preferring it to every other ride at AT and the more I think about it, the more I remember how much actually liked the ride. My slightly altered top 15: 1. Shambhala 2. Kingda Ka 3. El Toro 4. Nitro 5. Manta 6. Mako 7. Cheetah Hunt 8. Sheikra 9. Space Mountain: Mission 2 10. Rock 'N' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith 11. Montu 12. OzIris 13. Stealth 14. Kraken 15. Nemesis
  9. (Double post apology) I've just been looking at the site and have noticed that there doesn't seem to be an express pass for Ferrari Land. Is this something they will add later in the park's life? Or have I just missed it somewhere on the site?
  10. I heard a rumour about a possible clone of Impulse. Honestly, I would prefer a family launch coaster or just a launch coaster in general.
  11. Why? Just why?
  12. To be honest, with ROTD I completely forgot about Derren Brown.
  13. I thought that too quite a while back, but someone did remind me that it won't affect the ride experience but in fact this new track type will make it smoother. That point has made me get used to seeing this coaster with that track.
  14. I'm currently stuck in Bromley, but give it a year and half and I will be in uni away from Bromley
  15. I'm now more excited for this than I am complaining. I will admit I did give some stupid complaints about the ride towards the beginning but honestly, it actually looks pretty fun. The drop is going to be absolutely brilliant, no doubt. And the lap bars... glad to see Intamin going back to the early 2000s.