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  1. Great! I first find out I'll be going to this place in July (hooray!) ... Then I find out it's one year too early, unfair I'm very good at missing out on new attractions
  2. I just found out on the list of Itinerary that we (as in, the band) will definitely be going to Phantasialand! Is it going to be that busy around mid/late July?
  3. #StealthStories
  4. SW8

    Even worse: "Europe's Tallest Wing Coaster" Even that record was lost two years later
  5. The mysterious pink track outside this park has finally been given some recognition. The new roller coaster will feature the name "DC Rivals Hypercoaster" which is a bit of a dull name but nevetheless, it still looks to be a great success with all the airtime and especially that bright colour.
  6. NOOOOO! I'm on a Concert Band tour so I cannot make this meet... This year has been way too busy for me to do anything tpm related
  7. That's more likely to happen at Thorpe
  8. Happy birthday to @Felicity, one of the most respected members of this forum!
  9. Let's just pretend that it was tan(c!)/sin(c!) all along I haven't even started C3 yet (only year 12), I only understand what sec(c!) is as for some reason we're doing M2 this year (which requires C3 knowledge).
  10. RMC Colossus anyone? 😆
  11. (This wasn't at a theme park, it occurred during a conversation about theme parks to a group of people) Person A: "At Busch Gardens there's that wooden ride, I loved it!" Me: "Yeah... That closed down..." Person A: "WHAT!" (Later in the conversation) Person B: "I remember at Alton Towers riding the Bestie, that was fun." Me: "That's long gone" Person B: "Oh"
  12. I feel very saddened after hearing that. Slammer was one heck of an experience, and the fact that it was the only operating one, it added a sort of "exclusive" feel to it. If they don't replace it with a more exhilarating ride, then I won't be happy at all.
  13. I can confirm I will be doing grade 8 on the trombone this term! Alongside 8 AS exams 😬 (1 has been completed already).
  14. My last ride on this was awful! I was in about the middle car and my head was just aching for ages afterwards. I just don't like Colossus, that scrap piece of metal must be demolished and replaced with an RMC!