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  1. Wish a Member a Happy Birthday!

    Thank you very much!
  2. Education (Exam Results)

    I found out today that I got 3 As at AS in maths, further maths and DT! Physics on the other hand is a reformed subject, so we did an internal exam which I did I no revision for (as I was revising for actual ASs) so I ended up with a C. But that was just an internal and I plan to drop DT so when it comes to the real physics a level, I'll have more time to revise for it.
  3. Cedar Point

    Wow, this ride just looks outstanding. It'll basically be like a regular hyper, but longer, more intense and the odd few inversions to make it diverse. It all adds up to a perfect coaster. I have no complaints, give it a year and everyone will forget MF exists.
  4. Wish a Member a Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday to @Cian The "oldest" member of TPM
  5. Heide Park

    I don't have anything against intamin prefabs as of now. El Toro and T Express (the two latest prefabs) are both great examples of wooden coasters and are generally very successful (I may need to hear an opinion of T Express from @Mega-Lite to verify the success of T Express). Having ridden El Toro, it blends in the wooden coaster element and the over engineered element very effectively. It's perfectly smooth on the airtime hills (which is essential on a coaster that intense) then it becomes quite bumpy on the twister section (like a wooden coaster should be). I don't know why they no longer appear to manufacture them, the latest versions surely would've encouraged more. I don't think Colossos should become defunct in this situation, surely they could make some repair... oh wait, it's Merlin. Ideally, I would hope for it to be repaired. Then again, there is the RMC option (On a coaster this size, it could be rather brilliant)
  6. Silver Dollar City

    That's highly likely, considering many people thought Lost Gravity would be a spinner until we saw the trains.
  7. Colossus

    I think Colossus is no longer redeeming in any way now. Last year it was only an unpleasant ride towards the back with it being slightly more bearable towards the front. However, my last ride which was near the front sealed it completely. Dreadful, painful, a long lasting headache, nothing good about it whatsoever. It had clearly got worse. I want it to go, no new trains, just go. That's a large plot of land which could actually be used for something enjoyable. But that won't happen as it seems to be the only ride getting a queue.
  8. Alton Towers General Discussion

    The following is quite a long story, but it gets to a point. Today when waiting for Galactica (I decided to ditch my parents), whilst in the line for station 2, a boy comes into the queue (who had also ditched his parents), noticed my hoodie and asked me if I was an enthusiast (based on the fact I was wearing an 'Amity Speedway' hoodie). We then got talking about coasters like any two enthusiasts would. Soon after, we got to the front of the queue and he requested that we both wait for front row, but the host declined the request and pointed us to row 2. However, in the front row there were two ladies who saw that this boy really wanted to go at the front and offered to swap with us (they weren't as fussed about it as he was). I could see the world light up in front of him when this happened. But get this, the host then came up to us and asked us to go back to our original airgates which really upset this boy. I honestly didn't think this was necessary, two ladies commiting a friendly gesture to a young boy for it to just be refused by a member of staff. I'm not sure she realised how much front row rides mean to young dedicated enthusiasts. I know a lot of this is related to park policy, but I feel like there should be some adjustments. I think assigned seating is fair, but only on the basis that there is a front row queue (I would also add back row queue, but that's really pushing it). My logic is that if one is willing to wait extra for front row, they deserve front row. I've never liked the fact that whether you get front row is up to chance, especially when you and another pair somewhere else in the queue have been waiting the same 2 hours yet they get the front and you end up on row 6 (just an example). I know this may sound like I'm making a fuss out of nothing, but it really does affect certain enthusiasts.
  9. Chunnel

    Based on your comment about Goudurix, it had retracking back in 2013. So most of the negative reviews were from before 2013 (when it was considered the worst roller coaster in the world). It does make me wonder why they can't do any work like this to Colossus (it's probably too late anyway).
  10. SAW: The Ride

    Is there some sort of sensor detecting when people walk past which is then connected to the time of the throughputs or something along the lines of that?
  11. Phantasialand July 2017

    With Winjas Fear and Force, did I make the right choice in going on Fear? (I only had 1 fast pass left so could only do 1).
  12. Phantasialand July 2017

    I've ridden Cheetah Hunt, and thought it was sensational! It was the only ride without much of a queue
  13. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Saw would be the best coaster if it wasn't so rough. The very few smooth rides I've had on it were the best in the park. Unfortunately that's like 10% of the time.
  14. Top 10's

    That is correct
  15. Top 10's

    All my updated lists: Top 10 Theme Parks: Six Flags Great Adventure PortAventura Europa Park Busch Gardens Tampa Phantasialand SeaWorld Orlando Disneyland Paris - Disneyland Park Alton Towers Parc Asterix Disney's Hollywood Studios Top 15 Roller Coasters: Shambhala Kingda Ka El Toro Nitro Manta Mako Cheetah Hunt Taron Sheikra Space Mountain: Mission 2 Rock 'N' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith Montu OzIris Stealth Kraken Top 20 B&Ms: Shambhala Nitro Manta Mako Sheikra Montu OzIris Kraken Nemesis Bizarro Black Mamba Dragon Khan The Swarm Chinese Fireball Oblivion Galactica Nemesis Inferno Green Lantern Kumba Hungarian Horntail