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  1. My last ride on this was awful! I was in about the middle car and my head was just aching for ages afterwards. I just don't like Colossus, that scrap piece of metal must be demolished and replaced with an RMC!
  2. TRIGGERED Wait, wrong topic
  3. I find it odd how we're even talking about airtime on a tired family coaster like Th13teen
  4. I was bored, so I decided to rank all of the B&Ms I've ridden. Some of these opinions may be controversial... 1. Shambhala 2. Nitro 3. Manta 4. Mako 5. Sheikra 6. Montu 7. OzIris 8. Kraken 9. Nemesis 10. Bizarro 11. Dragon Khan 12. The Swarm 13. Chinese Fireball 14. Oblivion 15. Air (I've yet to ride Galactica, my last ride was when it was known as 'Air') 16. Nemesis Inferno 17. Green Lantern 18. Kumba 19. Hungarian Horntail - Silver Star (not on the list for reasons I explained in my last top 15)
  5. I've never had to queue for Oblivion, Am I just lucky or something? (I've only been to AT 3 times and one of those times I only used the SR line)
  6. If anyone is interested (I certainly was), Ferrari Land does have an Express Pass (details about prices,etc. are not given on the website). From what PA told me, there is one pass that lets you access each ride once (obviously through the express queue). The price is €30. Seeing as there are only about 6 rides, I'll probably just stick with not buying one (if I go this year).
  7. Wait till you ride Nemesis AT (have you ridden it yet?) or Manta, those are B&M's with force, which is why everyone loves them Speaking of Nemesis, I have yet to get a front and back row ride on it. Probably why I haven't put it too high up on my list.
  8. I think we should move this discussion into the "fear on a ride" topic or whatever it is called. Colossus is not at all worthy enough to be mentioned in a topic about B&M.
  9. I would say do Swarm first (my regular motto is Stealth first, but judging by your situation that seems unlikely). The Swarm is the definition of a ride that is not as scary than it looks. It's quite smooth, graceful, fun and you feel very secure due to the huge harness (it's the same vest restraint style used on Galactica). Plus, after riding Swarm, you'll naturally feel more confident with riding other major coasters at the park. I've known some people who were fine on Swarm but were freaked out by Dragon's Fury, most people on this forum will agree that Dragon's Fury is way more intense than the Swarm. With this ride, even if it is slightly nerve racking (that is understandable) you will love it and it won't be nearly as scary as you expected.
  10. That layout is probably the most creative layout a Dive Coaster could probably feature at this day and age. But about Kanonen, is it going to be Relocated or are they just scapping it? I really think that it would be a great fit for many other parks in Europe due to it's compact nature.
  11. Speak to someone about it I guess? Like a parent or friend. Or if it gets too serious to a point it's ruining your life, see a doctor. This sounds like insomnia to me.
  12. Sorry for the double post once again... But the new Ferrari Land is more or less open (I think there was some sort of press day today or something) with Red Force now operating. So the European height record can now be taken from Shambhala!
  13. With regards to cringing at an enthusiast: Whenever anyone uses the term "thrill seeker".
  14. Done and done! I think the amount of people that have probably cringed at me in some shape or form is alarming
  15. With that, it's one thing if it's a ride at your home park or at a park your spending more than 1 day at. You know you'll be able to ride it again so it's annoying but not too big a deal. But it is the ultimate trigger, if it is at a park that you'll probably visit about 2 or 3 times in your life. This happened to me when I waited 1hr for Superman The Ultimate Flight at SFGAdv which then closed because of a power outage. They had to manually get people out of their seats on the final brake run. That still annoys me to this day. That's ONE less cred!