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  1. Future Of Chessington

    Yes that was always in the plans.
  2. SW8

    That's not what I'm saying - obviously Merlin are nowhere near perfect. But I would say there are one or two users on here who have a proper agenda against Merlin
  3. General Discussion

    Well I never used the 3D glasses anyway, so doesn't affect me Calm down you lot, we're about a month away from the end of the season, they'll be back by next year.
  4. SW8

    Really? Of all the people you can call out for having an agenda against Merlin you choose @Project LC?
  5. General Discussion

    Galleon and Rameses I'm pretty sure are closed on off-peak days.
  6. The Gruffalo - New for 2017

    I do think it's a good ride, much better than expected, and it's good that Merlin are keeping on top of it (for now). I also think they've improved it in terms of it being too scary for kids. I haven't, however, heard one non enthusiast say it's better than Bubbleworks. There was one little kid, in a Gruffalo shirt no less, under the Transylvania arch who got really excited, and yelled "Yay Bubbleworks!". His mum said "No, it's not Bubbleworks anymore, this is the Gruffalo ride!" And the kid got so sad they didn't end up going on.
  7. Fires at Thorpe Park?

    That makes much more sense haha
  8. General Discussion

    I'd say there's an incredibly strong chance Toadies will last until the end of the year. After that, who knows. I personally think it'll stay for next year too. EDIT Oh, and Peeking will probably be scrapped thank god.
  9. Fires at Thorpe Park?

    I searched it up and it was indeed Detonator that replaced it, and it happened in 2000. But Vortex? Isn't that the opposite side of the park to Detty? Was the Haunt building bigger than I thought?
  10. Fires at Thorpe Park?

    There was a fire in the early 2000s, might have been 2003 I think? Anyway, it destroyed an entire dark ride (Wicked Witches' Haunt) and a dark section of a ride next door. Ironically, I think it was replaced by Nemesis Inferno. Could be wrong on that though. Just a piece of advice for the future, it might have been a better idea to post this in the Quick Questions section of the forum.
  11. The future of Canada Creek?

    Isn't there something to do with the lake bed not being strong enough to support a coaster?
  12. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    The Creepy Caves entrance doesn't look anywhere near finished to me. Plus, from what's been released so far it fits the theme really well. Will it be as good as this? Probably not. But at least reserve your judgement until it's complete and open.
  13. Football

    I cba with football.
  14. Things You've Overheard at Parks

    I heard a family at Chessington looking for Derren Brown's Ghost Train. Well mate, you want to get in the car, head down the M25 a bit...
  15. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    Chessington have been slowly making improvements to what appears to be the entrance for Creepy Caves, and this is what it's currently looking like: I understand this doesn't look great, but there's a bit more theming behind that fence (some tanks and stuff), some lighting and behind the gate is some green lighting on what looks to be a big spider web. There's also some sound effects (zombie growls and something in a bush) and smoke!