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  1. ChessingtonSam

    Project Zero

    FAKE you say?
  2. ChessingtonSam

    Alton Towers Quick Questions

    Could anybody think of a way me and my friend(s), all 15, could easily get to Alton Towers without being driven? There's a variety of reasons why not, but the general gist is my dad doesn't want to drive 6-12 hours in one day depending on if my family stay up there with us (which causes other problems) and the hotel costs too much with an extra one or two people.
  3. ChessingtonSam

    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Having been at Alton two weeks ago, I'm kind of starting to see your point @BaronC. Not from the kid's point of view, as they don't really know what it's about, but from the parent's point of view. Quite a few times I saw kids asking to go on Wicker Man, and their parents have taken one look at the statue itself, and said no, to the kid's confusion. Even my dad, who still let my sister on the ride, intentionally gave her the wrong definition for words like ritual when the technical difficulty announcement played. She didn't get any of the theme at all, being 9. Got to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of some of it myself. Only because I'm worried I'll look like a bit of a weirdo with ram skull related stuff all over my room
  4. ChessingtonSam

    Logger's Leap

    I'm sure they said that at one point and switched back to the "redevelopment" spiel not long after. I wouldn't take anything the social media accounts say as fact, all of them seem to change their mind with every passing week. I don't think Loggers will reopen though.
  5. ChessingtonSam


    Only Brentford would do this... ...For an Icelandic sub keeper for our B Team. I really do hate my football club sometimes 😂
  6. ChessingtonSam

    Chessington Howl'o'ween

    I can't remember too well, but I remember it being more colourful the only other year I stayed for dark. Howloween gone by had alot more white floodlights and default setting colour changing lights everywhere. Speaking of lighting, as I'm sure some will have noticed, there's some nice lighting around some of the lakes in Land of the Tiger. I can't remember the exact colours and it obviously wasn't as vibrant in the day, but it looked nice.
  7. ChessingtonSam

    Fear on a Ride

    Right then - back at my computer for Why I Didn't Conquer My Fear of Roller Coasters Vol. 3450. The long and short of it is - the first day I felt a bit under the weather for most of the day. My dad was basically begging me to go on Rita last time, and there was no queue so I told him to go on his own if he so desperately liked to go on it. He did (despite later admitting he was bricking it and was only mocking me for trying to persuade my sister on Wicker Man haha), and told me all about it which reassured me. I came back later ready to go on it, and noticed the RAP queue leads to the back seat which put me off (I usually hate going on coasters on the most intense rows first time). Overnight and during the half hour journey to the park I was preparing to go on Rita, followed by either Nemesis or Oblivion, then followed by the other. I was fairly up for it, but sat in the test seat for Rita and found it incredibly uncomfortable at first which also put me off. We went about the day how we normally would doing all the rides we normally would, however one station was broke on Galactica meaning it took forever. By about 3:30pm we were exhausted from the two consecutive days on park, I was in a bit of a bad mood all day for no real reason, everyone was getting a bit sick of each other and so we just decided to call it a day after one more ride on Wicker Man. Another thing is - I give myself a big prep talk and get prepared for whatever ride I may be "going on", but then when I get near the ride I get pretty much frozen with fear. It's happened with Colossus, Smiler (both of which we were outside for an hour or so), Galactica, Oblivion, Swarm, even Vampire, and now Rita. The only ride I've ever walked up to and just got on (that I've been scared of) is pretty much Wicker Man. I still don't know what I can do about this. Maybe I just need to find a ride that's way less intimidating to look at.
  8. ChessingtonSam

    Fear on a Ride

    Not looking likely this trip either, for reasons Ill dicuss when I'm home and have access to an actual keyboard.
  9. ChessingtonSam

    Power cut at Chessington...

    And of course everyone on Twitter is blaming Chessie somehow...
  10. ChessingtonSam

    Fear on a Ride

    Right then - surprise Alton Towers trip this weekend. Let's see how this goes.
  11. ChessingtonSam

    General Discussion

    It basically doesn't, I haven't seen the gate open since it was put in
  12. ChessingtonSam

    General Discussion

    No, these post it notes are meant to stop single riders going in the disabled queue and vice versa. Despite the fact the gate is open anyway and you queue at the top of the stairs.
  13. ChessingtonSam

    General Discussion

    New TVs have been put in some of the queues, Ive seen Fury and Tiger Rock so far. Also, Signage 101 with Chessington
  14. ChessingtonSam

    Alton Towers News

    That's much better. Now it needs to stay this way.
  15. ChessingtonSam

    Scorpion Express

    Unfortunately not - my mum showed me them on her phone. I can ask her though.