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  1. ChessingtonSam

    Video Game Music

    It's almost disturbing how much some of the For Honor soundtrack sounds like theme park music, especially Wicker Man
  2. ChessingtonSam

    Fear on a Ride

    Today was unsuccessful due to reasons that had nothing to do with the coasters at all. Something happened while at the park and I didn't feel like sticking around to go on anything. EDIT I've spoken with my friend and my parents and we all agree Thorpe maybe isn't the best place for me, both because of the rides and the people usually there, so we're looking to sort a trip to Alton Towers soon. Considering I was likely going on Inferno before the incident I mentioned above, it should be easier at Alton.
  3. ChessingtonSam

    Fear on a Ride

    The thing is the drop on Colossus looks a lot less steep and more akin to something I'd have been on before.
  4. ChessingtonSam

    Fear on a Ride

    I was in Southend last night but only for football and we didn't have time to go to Adventure Island. I'm going to Thorpe Park on Friday with a friend, probably going to go on Colossus first. Hopefully this visit is the one.
  5. ChessingtonSam


    Yeah that's the bit I was talking about where I broke everything - I've found it to be not as bad recently. Granted that's with sitting forward as far as possible and also far too many rides on the thing.
  6. I would imagine 2002, as that's when Air opened, but I couldn't tell you for sure.
  7. ChessingtonSam


    I jinxed it. It was horrendous today. Broke my back and concussed myself on one turn, but might have been because I was smack bang in the middle of the train instead of the back
  8. ChessingtonSam


    Ridiculous game today, was bricking it against Rotherham because these are usually the games where wed have 900 shots and lose 1-0, but today we were immense even if Rotherham are probably the worst team in the league judging by what I saw today.
  9. ChessingtonSam


    Ive found Vampire alot smoother as of late - I'm no expert but the wheels look newish to me. Does anybody know for sure?
  10. ChessingtonSam

    The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure

    Not for long. They were on on my last visit before I went to Wales, but off the other day. My best guess would be that its down to the water issues as theres still two or three places around Chessington itself where Thames Water have been doing works.
  11. ChessingtonSam

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    Just remember to keep your eyes open, or you'll miss out...
  12. ChessingtonSam

    Fantasy Football 2018/2019

    Joined, went for "Ollie Watkins FC" (I wanted "I Canos Beelieve It" but thought it was too similar to @ChiapasC. last season)
  13. ChessingtonSam

    Your OWN favourite park pictures!

    I've been getting into photography recently so obviously Ive taken loads of pictures of rides because I'm a geek.
  14. ChessingtonSam

    Fear on a Ride

    I did go on Megafobia (new favourite coaster from the one go I had), but not Speed. Mainly because it looked too intense for a first coaster and I was satisfied enough with my day to give it a miss. Literally that airtime hill looks so quick it could break my neck
  15. ChessingtonSam

    Fear on a Ride

    Right, leaving for Oakwood in five hours but I used up all my sleep for the week by having a perfect three nights at the start of the trip so I'm thinking about Speed. Can somebody describe how the drop feels?