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  2. I get the feeling should this be in a different park you'd be defending it for that reason. Not just you, same with everyone else.
  3. Jose Ignacio Peleteiro Ramallo, I bloody love you, you are Europe's greatest footballer please stay at Brentford next season.
  4. <3 <3 <3 (Taken a few minutes ago)
  5. Advice for any other parks? Basically, I'm pretty sure I've left the school I was going to PA with. So I won't be going. Inferno, or Swarm? Maybe I should go on something at Towers instead?
  6. Sorry for the double post but that's what really annoys me on Vampire.
  7. I'm not a massive fan of the Disney parks. I think quite a lot of the theming is pretty similar and the parks too. I prefer the UK way of doing themed areas but obviously the Disney theming is better.
  8. Thought so Ride close has apparently been extended to 7pm.
  9. Slammer, DBGTROTD (although that has since reopened) and another flat that I can't remember.
  10. Major rollercoasters. Even more of the major rides are closed.
  11. Apparently they've not hit capacity. Some have said alot of staff have called in sick, the rest are saying they're ridiculous. Merlin pass holders aren't being let in and most of the rides are closed. Whatever is going on Chessington are about to have a massive spike in visitors. EDIT And now a SAW ride op has told someone Stealth and Colossus haven't even had their opening checks done. The guest services queue is down by the beach. On the bright side, Swarm has now opened.
  12. Wish Id gone to Towers now... EDIT But at least I don't support Reading hey @Ryan?
  13. Thank you!
  14. On Monday, in the RAP queue for Gruffleworks, I have never heard or seen fastrack misused so much. First, two women and their children, in front of us, didn't actually know what fastrack was and thought it was just some kind of way to skip the queue. Then a man, who had already queued 60 minutes, happily presented his premium Merlin pass to the ride host and said "This means I get fastrack, right?" Then a family pushed through the queue trying to buy fastrack at the photo point. God I don't envy ride hosts sometimes.
  15. I do speak to my parents about it (don't have to most of the time). I'm pretty sure it's insomnia as a symptom more than anything else.