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  1. Football

    The championship is upside dooownn we're going up with the Millwall the championship is upside dooownn 4-1 in your own back yard: Shepherd's Bush edition
  2. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    This might not be the entrance. If it is, I doubt that's it.
  3. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    You can sort of see it here. Yeah it's cheap, and quite easy, but it's better than this. I see no problem with it at all. EDIT Plus it looks like those trees have been trimmed, and isn't there a back of house area over there as well as the road? Maybe you could see through and they wanted to cover it up.
  4. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    I bet you also hate the castle thing at the side of Vampire's lift hill, something they didn't have to do and is alot better than just staring at a chain link fence, but "ugh cheap!"
  5. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    It's a little advertisement in a corner, which I walked past about three times and didn't notice. If the actual maze looked like that, then fair enough, but all it is is an advert. It's not like they're going to spend thousands on something as small as this, which will only be there for about two months max.
  6. Rant

    One of my clearest memories from Florida 6 years ago is the "2 hour" delay at Heathrow which then became a "2 1/2 hour delay" which then turned into a 4 hour delay which then became a 6 hour delay which then became a 9 hour delay. The most boring 9 hours of my life.
  7. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    Here's the website https://www.chessington.com/halloween/creepy-caves.aspx Judging from that, this door will be the entrance which would make sense as it leads straight into a staircase. The website includes an interesting sounding storyline, £6 sounds a hell of a lot though. New for 2017 and with a 'three bat rating’, Creepy Caves Unearthed is our scariest attraction yet. No one knows why the famous reptile and creepy crawly exhibit in the Zoo closed its doors at the end of 2016… until now.
  8. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    "Creepy Caves: Unearthed" So we can gather from the promo picture and the logo itll have some sort of zombie thing going on. EDIT This has also popped up by the old fire exit. All thats visible construction wise is the bridge by the crocodiles (?) deconstruted in the exit.
  9. Alton Towers General Discussion

    Like, 95% of people who wear their pass around their necks do it to show off. "Ooh, I've got a Merlin Pass, look at me, I got in for free! I get a discount! It's a premium pass, that costs money too!" Plus they want staff to treat them like kings and queens as they walk around. And trust me, every one of them has moaned about something insignificant on Facebook.
  10. Alton Towers General Discussion

    And the only evidence you need is that facebook group of theirs. My mum is a part of it and there isn't a day they're not moaning about either something perfectly normal, a rule they don't like or something out of the parks control.
  11. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    Don't you say that about everything Merlin do?
  12. Legoland

    An acrobat has been injured in the pirate show. http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/pirate-injured-and-taken-to-hospital-after-accident-at-legoland-1-8671026
  13. General Discussion

    Happened in June. Jesus.
  14. Next Roller Coaster

    THORPE PARK somethingsomethingsomething - Part of it appears to be blurred out which is interesting.
  15. 2017 Season General Discussion

    "Second only to Disney"