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  1. Lets just hope nobody has their hands up at that point
  2. What is this sign called in game? I can't find it anywhere. I'm talking about the big board in the background.
  3. The Gruffalo is a book for five year olds and below. Why would you make it almost pitch black with massive props that are definetly going to scare the target market? Its a decent ride but for who its designed for its a literal nightmare.
  4. To be fair, they have made it brighter in the areas where it used to be very dark.
  5. Good point, we need more water rides. Would love a Tidal Wave and a Splash Battle! Meanwhile, I've started another new park and I think I'm finally on track (although I did say that for the first six...) My internet went down while I was writing this (as it often does) so this is about an hours progress I tried putting in as much attention to detail as possible. Its still a WIP at the minute, still need to do the station building, alot of theming around the main circuit of the coaster and all the planting too, also need to do the rockwork (possibly going to put it all up the mountain, either way still not done), the audio and maybe some more effects too. So this was one hour ago, the ride is called Dynamite Mine (as you can tell) and its a floorless coaster. Dark ride section What would Dynamite Mine be without some dynamite? There's some smoke to the right which is quite hard to see, to simulate a fire near you. Another effect you cant see too well is rocks falling under the minecart. Exit to the dark ride section, and some theming. Literally as I was typing this I realised I haven't recoloured the trains either. Thinking of adding some fire effects to this, or an explosion. One hour later, more rockwork has been put in place as well as some theming and plants over by the entrance (Left the scenery menu up, oops) Also built a waterfall, not too Western but I quite like it Some of the queueline theming Just a weird little glitch while I was in double speed Some theming I put in place just before this screenshot And thats it so far. Looking to post another update or two soon, I'm either going on to the station or the main circuit theming next.
  7. Weren't they originally for the valley between Forbidden Valley and Dark Forest? Or was that SW7?
  8. So it does. Didnt notice the "shark" in the logo because of the light, thought it was just meant to look like the actual Shark.
  9. Chessington have been putting alot of new merch out recently, so to go with the Thorpe Park one might as well start a topic! Alot of the new merch has also appeared at Alton and Thorpe, eg. Those weird ride face keyring things and loads of pin badges, however Chessie have put some good stuff out including a lovely magnet feat. Dragon's Fury, Vampire, Black Buccaneer, Kobra, Scorpion Express and Zufari, a new Vampire mug (which is nowhere near as good as the last one), a mug with that promotional image they always use at the start of the adverts and stuff, and alot of Adventure Tree merch. So things are going very well merch wise at Chessington.
  10. Really like that Stealth one and the X one. Interesting they called Thorpe Shark "Thorpe Hotel".
  11. Went on just now. Theres some new lights in the snake section - it's as dark as it was before with some twinkling lights in the grass. Meanwhile, surprise surprise, the mist screen still wasn't working. Neither was the Gruffalo's eyes in that scene or the audio.
  12. Although I cant say I want it, given previous investments I can see Weymouth's log flume replacing it. And for those unaware, this is Weymouth's log flume. Yes, the ride is about as tall as me
  13. Think I've mentioned it before but every time Ive been to AT in the last two years Ive heard people looking for the entrance for Air, I like to imagine them walking around FV until closing time Oh, and the small 7 or 8 year old boy trying to explain the rides to his mum and many siblings (I assume). "What's Nemesis?" "It's like a Haunted House with guns you shoot people with" "And what's Hex?" "Thats a Haunted House aswell"
  14. Very sudden, very sad. RIP Cheick, everyone will remember that goal against Arsenal.
  15. Terrorists bombed innocent people at a concert in our country, and our response is to hold an even bigger concert in the same city. This is the best country in the world. Also, say what you want about Ariana Grande's music but I have huge respect for her, and I'm not sure you'll come across someone who doesn't after all this.