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  1. Yup
  2. The ones in Azteca were fine in October. I imagine they'll be the same as that.
  3. Wake up to that? I'll pass thanks.
  4. Alot of IMAScore music is quite samey. Even their more unique pieces like The Smiler sound like Helix and Galactica. I think an IMAScore piece in the flat ride end of the Lost City could work very well but leave Colossus as it is thank you. My friend (a Thorpe fanboy though he's not an enthusiast), pays no attention to audio and said he'd prefer if they just replaced it with the radio, however knows the Colossus theme and can sing it too. It'd be stupid to replace it.
  5. Well done Legoland. Your new show geared at children makes children cry. Seriously though, all the jokes are reused, the best character is gone and all the stunts are gone. Bad with an added dash of awful.
  6. All IPs? Really? Do they not see the problem with this?
  7. How have they finished a dark ride before a carousel?
  8. A man has mowed down pedestrians and stabbed a police officer in Westminster before being shot.
  9. I said Id rather remove it than turn it into ROTB. Obviously Id want what you said more.
  10. Does anyone know what the bubbleworks Easter eggs mentioned in the live updates a few pages up were? Unless they're obvious on the ride, I haven't noticed them on videos.
  11. The theme of the area has changed and tbh while I loved Transylvania the way Vampire has been integrated into the area is alright. I think Vampire actually fits Wild Wood more than Room in the Broom, and Id much rather they'd just put her out of her misery than retheme it into that, and I adore the thing.
  12. He means youre comparing a broken ride that Merlin couldn't care less about to a brand new IP themed ride. Of course the latter is going to be better. That's ridiculous, how can they get away with some white walls with trees on and call it theming ffs. Hate the argument "What can you expect, it's a little kids ride" that I've seen alot, just because it's aimed at young children doesn't mean it can't be bad.
  13. In all seriousness that beats my expectations. Then again, an empty room would've beat my expectations. EDIT The queueline is awful though. And is that a cardboard cut out of the Gruffalo in the corner of the station? 😂
  14. Well the throughput clearly isn't very good.
  15. I love most of Legoland's music I'm talking about the generic music they used to play in the Duplo Buffet which I literally heard in Poundland yesterday.