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  1. ChessingtonSam

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    There's a few reasons why that won't happen, the main one being it's going to be Room on the Broom. Also, why do a lot of your ideas revolve around pretty obscure IPs?
  2. ChessingtonSam

    Chessington Howl'o'ween

    Just got home from ithe first day and honestly today was one of the best days I've ever had at Chessie, and as you all know I have had many. Didn't go in Creepy Caves or Curse today (Curse was actually closed for a large portion of it) but the atmosphere around the park is pretty great and Trick or Treat Wood was actually surprisingly good. Music could have been turned up a bit in some areas though, still using the music I linked above if you scroll up in most areas however around the Gruffalo Arena they're playing the IMAScore soundtrack from a few years ago, one of my favourite theme park soundtracks out there. As I said, TOTW was surprisingly decent, my sister got a few genuine scares on the way round and the actor playing Xander was brilliant. All the actors knew exactly who to target, not the tiny little kids but mostly kids younger than me. Throughputs were pretty horrendous though. Speaking of throughputs, operations were up and down. At times on Dragon's Fury cars were leaving the station every few seconds, but then there's Tiger Rock. They were letting a certain amount of people into the station then not letting anyone in at all until nearly everyone had boarded, then when the ride had a delay there was no announcement, instead we had two guests go around the queue telling everyone. Then there's leaving the park. We had an interesting experience. Basically, the park was put on lockdown because a child with severe autism ran away and went missing, from what we hear. I've made no secret of my (pretty mild) autism on here and I've had to remove myself from certain situations at parks before so I completely understand, I also understand why they put the park on lockdown. That's not the problem. The problem is, why, oh why have roaming scare actors scaring kids who are waiting to leave? I wasn't around when it was going on but from the descriptions I've heard it was pretty chaotic. We had tears from my 10 year old sister as one (dressed in a black robe that completely obscured their face) stood in front of her before suddenly jumping out. There were children as young as babies crying scared. Eventually the actors were asked to leave, but it begs the question, why have scare actors scaring little kids in a kids park, especially when there's already a kid missing because he had to remove himself from an overwhelming situation? We saw more than one kid run off away from the actors. I'm sure it's great entertainment for adults and teenagers at parks like Thorpe where they're expecting it. Not little kids at Chessington. Apart from that though, as I said it was great, and I highly recommend Howloween this year.
  3. ChessingtonSam

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    I was expecting Room on the Broom, doesn't mean to say I wanted it though. I'm pretty sure most of us who are disappointed just didn't want an IP.
  4. ChessingtonSam

    Hocus Pocus Hall

  5. ChessingtonSam

    Rumba Rapids

    Hey, Rumba is worth it's existence. One ride a season at least.
  6. ChessingtonSam

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    Well let's use me as an example, the only halloween attraction I've been in is Trick or Treat Wood and I have no intention of changing that at the minute, but I do want to go on the coasters, especially in the dark. While I still love Dragon's Fury and (when it's not breaking my back) Vampire, I don't want to go a month where those, Rattlesnake and The Dragon are the only coasters I can go on without being chased by a group of clowns haha. I might end up going to Fright Nights anyway for the coasters but it does put me off a bit, I'd love if there was a wristband or badge or something that tells the actors to leave you alone.
  7. ChessingtonSam

    Park Operations

    I've seen this a few times, for example Kevin Chapman, his son struggles with queueing but they A. Weren't allowed a RAP for some reason and B. They use it as social training sort of thing. It does vary between people. This is especially true at Thorpe and Alton, a lot of the time they sign it but either put too short a time or sometimes even put a time that has already passed. Whereas at Chessington you get staff members who will add time onto your card when you get to that next ride, because it "says 1:60pm and that isn't a time (It didn't) so I'll write over it with 2:10pm (?)" The only thing with that, though, is what about families with one member who can't queue? Maybe they could make it so that on the bigger rides, coasters and the like, it's one helper only but family rides it's still three?
  8. ChessingtonSam

    Park Operations

    I did notice the queue for RAP had gone up massively over my last two visits. Just gives me another excuse to never touch Colossus, ever, once I get on Stealth and Saw. Jesus Christ... This is new, usually it's only two and they only use three if one group has three people. I've never seen any of this even as a RAP user. Yeah no. As far as I know, you don't decide who does and who doesn't have a disability or how 'genuine' their disability may be. Someone with, say, autism may look 'fine' to you at that point, but you don't see what goes on at every other point in their life. Not every disability is visible, there's signs at the park that'll tell you that. Let's focus on these people: rather than people that, in your eyes, don't look like they have a disability, who most likely genuinely do.
  9. ChessingtonSam

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    About those pictures, unfortunately I can't post them now but I'm sure some better ones will be out today.
  10. ChessingtonSam

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    I will in a bit, they weren't taken on my phone As in the maze, it looked pretty incomplete and then we saw people walking in with tools and put up some temporary construction fences, then heard them drilling etc. EDIT It's also the only maze without it's queue up, although the restriction board was by Vortex so my suspicion is it will take up most of that path. DOUBLE EDIT I also forgot to mention most of the parkwide theming is up, which we realised when we saw a decaying body chained to a tree with two halves of a skull hanging from the one next to it. Can't imagine that'd be too great for families walking over the bridge and seeing a tent with a very violently squashed dead body hanging out of it (although interestingly we saw two members of staff go down and pick up everything around it)
  11. ChessingtonSam

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    Blair Witch was testing as I came off Inferno earlier, heard some audio and acting and the lights were on. All the entrances and queues are up, aside from Do or Die, which was still being put together as we were there, and Amity High, which there is no sign of at the moment although there was one temporary fence up in the entrance to what I think is the Sunken Gardens behind Stealth. Not sure how long ago they were put up (or how many of you would've seen them) but I have pictures if you'd like?
  12. ChessingtonSam

    Park Music

    Oh I know, I was just thinking in general.
  13. ChessingtonSam

    Park Music

    I did think of this in the Rumba Rapids queue today. "Make it, like, jungley with drums"
  14. ChessingtonSam


    Well, about to leave for Arsenal. Bit nervous not going to lie, but if Brentford (H) turns up instead of Brentford (A) I'm actually pretty confident if Asrenal play their reserves! As for the league, well, at home we're basically Barcelona, away we're more like Barnet only lost 2 though, and I still think we have a chance of going up automatically. Leeds looking like they're going to walk the league though.
  15. ChessingtonSam

    Strong wind

    On this note - how will the winds affect CWOA? Me and my friend are deciding between Thorpe and Chessie tomorrow, however if the winds are going to affect Chessie less we'll go there.