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  1. The Nemesis monster is being finished As well as the Smiler track being cleaned and supports repainted And Golf is getting some TLC too I like to think this is serious whether it actually is or not
  2. Yes I want this done now EDIT: I assumed by redo you meant by the same tune and stuff. That's what I want done.
  3. I am a whole new level of injury prone. First football training session in one or two months due to a knee injury, and I pull my calf
  4. Yes it is, never noticed that.
  5. There's a new backdrop gone up (literally a clipart picture of the sun) so Id assume the show
  6. Hey, you should know I'm not the type to go quiet after a loss to another members team (That was after the 5-0 to Norwich) Only Brentford would manage to score 7 goals in 3 games and yet still concede more (10), we don't actually have a defence 😂
  7. Alot of things have changed/are changing at Chessie this year. Firstly the hydration station by Wild Asia has been moved to Skyway's old queue. Literally looks like its been picked up and plonked back down. In its old place is a Nitrogenie stand. Great, I always wanted loud pop music instead of the Wild Asia audio. Across from where the hydration station is now, where the shooting game was, has had some major work done. A shutter has been pulled over the front and it seems like part of a wall has been removed, inside it looked like some kind of photo opportunity. It seems as if all the coasters are having work done to them. There were some workmen on Dragon's Fury's MCBR after the second drop near Canopy, and some hammering going on. Some sounds could be heard from Rattlesnake too, and all of the cars are outside Dragon's Fury, which also seems to have had some new signage in the station. The shack outside Smokehouse is now doughnuts and hot dogs. It looked like Black Bucaneer was being painted or cleaned, the boat is out on the path just behind Sea Storm's queue and looked as if it was being sprayed by something. Speaking of painted, some of Griffin's Galleon's platform looked as if it has been repainted. Work was also being done on the penguin show stage.
  8. Imagine my shock when I walk past Transylvania and hear Vampire's lift hill and second drop. As you can tell its been testing this morning
  9. Fair enough @CharlieN, we're about as good without Hogan as Gullivers without Switchback
  10. Is this true?
  11. I gave the wrong kind of proof didn't I
  12. Honestly Jamie your posts have been spot on lately imo. They cant advertise March if they know it will be delayed can they? Surely that breaks some rules somewhere?
  13. I thought they might be able to open a ride on time for once, as this is nowhere near as big an investment as The Smiler or DBGT. I'm ready for DBGTROTD to "open" in June.
  14. Well then.
  15. My mum's friend used to live in Taunton and we would go there allllll the time. It was a massive house with a hot tub, a swimming pool in a conservatory, a trampoline, and a huge garden, but then she sold it and moved to Scotland and left everything there. I loved Taunton, still probably one of my favourite parts of the country.