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  1. Legoland

    I'll just be calling it Ghost - don't see why they didn't name it that instead of giving us an entire paragraph for the name...
  2. Football

    Sorry for the double post, but I've just remembered, @Benin you're Palace right? Couple of games ago against Sheffield United saw Roy Hodgson over to my right. Probably watching Chris Mepham as a few clubs have been after him, and he left with a smile on his face after Meps scored.
  3. General Discussion

    I know most here would be well aware of that, but thanks for saying it nonetheless. With ASD, most of the time you really can't tell from the outside and the amount of dirty looks I'll get sometimes are ridiculous. Couple of times people have said stuff, too, one guy at Chessington tried to get a refund for his fastrack because I got the RAP without paying money. You'd think grown adults would realise this but maybe not. Regarding changes to the RAP system, I don't really know what they could do. In fairness the waits have been alot shorter at Chessie lately, I haven't seen Vampire out in Trail for a while now, and Fury barely ever has a queue now.
  4. Football

    Oh for god sakes
  5. General Discussion

    @Whatever Interesting that your brother doesn't get the RAP when I do, and we have the same condition. They seem to be really inconsistent with their rules with RAP. This checks out quite alot actually, I don't think I've waited more than five minutes for Fury all season whereas last year it was awful.
  6. Football

  7. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Just remembered I never really shared my thoughts on Wicker Man, so here goes: As some of you will know I get R.A.P so I didnt get to experience the main queue. From the disabled access queue, though, the ride looks amazing, and very intimidating (I was absolutely bricking it looking at the second drop haha). The audio is absolutely fantastic here, I assume it was the third track throughout the queue I've been hearing about, and I wish it was on the Internet. The audio in the baggage hold area is great also however with my ASD I'm fairly sensitive to loud noises and I didnt appreciate the sudden loud music when the doors open, I guess it fulfilled its purpose though haha. Now, I wasn't going to experience the pre show anyway, but it's not like that mattered because someone with a small child who had already experienced it just walked right through and shoved open the doors to the station, so nobody got to see it anyway. I think they should put up some signage and such to prevent this from happening in the future. This also messed everything else up, there were 4 people on our train, and nobody waiting for the next train when ours dispatched (the pre show operator's reaction was priceless though haha). The station, while great, imo is too scary for younger kids. My nine year old sister was in tears just because of the audio (she didnt go on the ride). Now, the actual ride. Probably worth mentioning this was my first wooden coaster altogether. First time round, I was pretty scared and also pulled the restraint down far too tight, and I think I was sat wrong, so my, ahem, Illacus felt like it was being torn to absolute shreds on the ride (something which I think was actually caused on Dragon's Fury). The second time round though, I loved it, for pretty much the same reasons as everyone else. For those reasons, at least until I ride some other bigger coasters, Wicker Man sits at #1 for me, joint with Galactica. Also shoutout to the staff on the ride, they are absolutely brilliant, especially the one who went out of his way to take care of my little sister, even giving her earplugs and offering her water and the like. Another standout was the guy who took me and my dad out of the baggage hold and through a "restricted access" door straight on to the ride, so we could avoid the pre show. I realise this was a wall of text and I wish I had a whole load of nice photos to share - but, I don't. So here's a photo of the statue and also a game - spot me.
  8. Fear on a Ride

    Yeah that's my point, if only there was a clone of the Smiler with ten less inversions Yeah if all goes well Ill be getting to Thorpe with at least one friend pretty soon.
  9. Fear on a Ride

    I think the hardest part is finding the right ride - as people have said throw yourself in at the deep end but I dont really want to go on Smiler because if I go on and happen to hate inversions, I still have 13 more to do, its also a very intimidating ride. Ive also heard Nemesis is really really intense, how does that compare to Dragons Fury or Wicker Man?
  10. Fear on a Ride

    Back in this thread again haha - got on Wicker Man which I was absolutely terrified of in the disabled queue so thats a step. Also got back on Thirteen which I didnt go on all last year, and I am no longer scared of Galactica either. Doubt I will get on Smiler or anything else, mainly due to time constraints, but its progress.
  11. New for 2018 - Tiger Rock

    The rock is built and is being painted - I hope it isn't finished as the back is completely bare framework and it looks awful. The ride was actually testing aswell on Wednesday, couldn't take any photos or anything because my phone is broken and my replacement wasn't good enough.
  12. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    I'm not doubting that, it just sounds funny
  13. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    "The best part of the experience was the exit corridor"
  14. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    LOL those are the signs from X with some rust or something on top aren't they?
  15. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    https://twitter.com/THORPEPARK/status/978708239725551617 Decent advert, shame the investment is less than decent however.