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  1. Christ, alot has happened since someone last touched this thread 😅 Brentford have won the Playoffs and broken all football curses by the looks of it, no matter what happens tomorrow this has been the best year of my life footballing wise haha.
  2. Went to Thorpe today and got to experience the new Swarm stuff in person. The area soundtrack is strange, the spoken parts are pretty bland, sometimes it overexplains stuff a bit, and again the whole thing is so unrealistic to the actual situation depicted in the ride. Which is fine, if the area is also themed in an unrealistic and outlandish way. This works for WWTP Radio, the hosts are constantly cracking jokes and it's all a bit nonchalant given the town is being hit by multiple tidal waves, but not only are there actual jokes in the WWTP Radio audio, but the area isn't exactly a serious ar
  3. This story is also sort of now laid out by the new audio, as seen here: Although I think this time the church is supposed to be in the 'village of Thorpe', so at least that's explained. And also the Swarm itself apparently came from a research facility. The audio is very, very strange. 'The world is literally ending around us, quick, organise an interview with the reverend of the church, and in the meantime, play You Me At Six!' At least the Swarm Invasion audio is back in parts.
  4. Was gonna post about this but I really don't think it's worth giving a person like her the time of day. In other news, The Swarm has a new soundtrack... and it's Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen... apparently?
  5. Teaching kids that the M25 moves at all is giving them false hope, surely?
  6. https://www.thorpepark.com/explore/theme-park/events/parkvibes/ Right.
  7. From the plans, it looks to be a full circuit, so I'm assuming track switches. There's also an inversion in there by the looks of it.
  8. In a truly shocking turn of events, Tomb Blaster is... exactly the same. https://twitter.com/ChessingtonBuzz/status/1394256497517993986?s=19
  9. I've been caught out. Do apologise everyone.
  10. Visited Thorpe twice this season. It's still very much possible to have a fun day at Thorpe (provided you visit on a quiet, off peak day) but wow some areas are just sad at the moment. Visiting Chessington and then this place one after the other is such a stark contrast, one looks better than it ever has in the fairly short time I've been going, whereas Thorpe is almost exactly the same as it was last season. The only real changes I noticed were the interesting Tidal Wave changes, which I'm honestly not sure if they're good or bad, and on the second visit some leaves had been cleared from a fe
  11. I visited on a random Friday a couple of weeks ago, and it was probably the best day I've ever had at Chessington. Pretty much all the rides we were interested in were walk on, and the only rides that got any queues whatsoever were the lower capacity children's rides, like Jungle Rangers and River Rafts, as you'd expect really. I loved Croc Drop, as others have pointed out the ride is nothing special, I still found it fairly fun but I also hate drop towers, so what's my opinion worth haha. The theming, though, is. Pretty much every angle looks good, and it's fairly imposing, especially when ap
  12. Went through Creepy Caves: Resurgence as my first indoor maze the other day. Wow! Will post a full review in a spoiler tag, but I thought it was excellent, very intense, very loud, and the ending is something I have never seen or heard of before in a maze.
  13. Video of Saw's new dispatch: https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1314884471645245440/pu/vid/640x360/NBH4kLaQHV4mdM14.mp4?tag=10 Credit to @_Olli_SM_ on Twitter Absolutely love this. Always wondered why they don't use Hello Zepp on Saw, really hope they keep it beyond Fright Nights.
  14. Just came back from my first Fright Nights, and in turn (and unexpectedly) my first scare maze. Come a long way from the boy that had to ask to be escorted out of I'm a Celeb one or two years ago 😂 I can't post any pictures but I'll do some reviews, please bear in mind, again, first Fright Nights. I'll probably enjoy these things a lot more than FN regulars will. The Fearstival Arena This was fun and creepy. Some of the costumes are terrifying, and the actors are very fun. Saw one chase a small child round a circular bench which was cute. Didn't get to see the actual s
  15. It looks very very long from Saw, looks like the shack from the ending is at the end of it too. Gonna be my first Fright Nights this year, not sure I'll be doing any mazes but excited and also very nervous for the atmosphere and everything.
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