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  1. The other day it was playing the old station music, and it definitely wasn't before that.
  2. We went on a third time, and, well. It was definitely the most bizzare experience I've ever had at a theme park. The gondola began to tilt forward during the announcements, before correcting itself abruptly with a bump right as the show started. We then sat still for a bit while the show continued, meaning by the end the ride was so out of sync the finale happened under our feet, and we swang about complete darkness for a while. Everyone who had been on before was confused, everyone who hadn't even more so. Staff didn't even acknowledge it. "Whoops... if we pretend it didn't happen nobody will notice"
  3. I dont really have much to add, other than the fact I just did Hex for the first time and... oh my god. Its incredible. The theming in there is unlike anything Ive ever seen, I dont know where to start. We even went on a second time, in which the whole group on our side walked straight through the vault and didnt experience the madhouse itself. One of the funniest things Ive ever seen at a theme park.
  4. https://twitter.com/Cooper_Storms/status/1159851410952982528?s=19 TRACK!
  5. Rameses Revenge and Spinball Whizzer moving to Thorpe to stand next to the repainted RMC Colossus confirmed
  6. Was waiting for my friend on Stealth, and heard some kids debating whether or not to go on it. One kid's reasoning for not doing it was: "Some of this stuff hasn't been updated since the 80s, like why would they still have all that stuff?" while pointing at the theming.
  7. Heard the old end of day music at the end of day today (funny that), the one that everyone likes. Not sure how long they've been playing it, never heard it before at the park but I can see why. Not sure if it only played in the dome or if it played everywhere, and it didn't play until like 5.30pm, but it was still good to hear.
  8. Feedback =/= Asking people for ideas
  9. When did they ask anyone for ideas? They asked a question on Facebook... they do it all the time...
  10. It's not like they chose a bouncy castle over some flat rides or something - "oh we have the budget for a flat ride this year - let's put in a bouncy castle instead!" Thorpe had one of the biggest investments in Merlin history (if not the biggest - I can't remember) three years ago. They then had to revamp that the year after, and they rethemed one of their coasters last year. Is there any surprise they're not doing that much this year?
  11. Not exactly the same as putting a bouncy castle next to Colossus is it?
  12. Oh no, how dare they make a theme park fun? Theme parks aren't for fun, what kind of nonsense is that? I can't believe this is phrased as a complaint.
  13. What a comment. At least now I know there's at least three of us who miss the best flat ride in the country.
  14. I've probably posted in this topic more than any other on the forum, this time though not about my own fear but about my sister's. I finally got her on Swarm and Inferno after months of convincing! She's still a bit cautious with going on new rides (as am I tbf, still not done Saw or Stealth yet), she refused Colossus because in her words "10 loops is a bit extreme for my first time going on big rides" (I did 14 on my very first but ?‍♂️) , but hey at least I got her on one finally, five years younger than I did too I was actually very impressed, she cried on her first time on Galactica until we left the lift hill but this time she told me she was going to do it as we got there, walked straight in the queue and didn't even give it a thought. She even refused my hand even though she said she wouldn't go on it unless she held my hand, and was absolutely hilarious the whole way round. Can't wait until my next Towers trip now, she says she's most excited for Nemesis.
  15. I went on my own for the first time not long ago and I plan to again on Thursday. If you manage to go on a weekday the park is almost always dead (apart from if they run Swarm on one train and you end up queueing 45 minutes from just next to the baggage collection) and most rides are walk on, meaning you can get alot of rides done quickly.
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