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  1. Colossus is rough, but hadn't been unbearable until this season. Even then, it may have only seemed rougher because I had a new piercing and every time the train shook, the restraint would rub against it, which is very painful! Moral of the story: take earrings out on Colossus!
  2. Obviously a foolish thing to do- but that must have taken some guts! I presume they will now be facing a ban from the park or something similar.
  3. The new Star Wars Trailer cleared my acne and added ten years to my life
  4. Wow that's some really passive aggressive stuff from Thorpe there; it's got the smiley face and everything :)))
  5. Colossus has been opened. Waited forty minutes in the disabled queue and the ride was on one train, which is rather appalling. As well as this, my brother, who cannot queue, thus had to technically queue for this time and behaved badly. Oh, and as I type, Samurai has closed. Great job, Thorpe.
  6. Christ, Today's been a Rocky Express-wreck a of a day, it seems. Feel sorry for both the guests and staff. I'm having my first day there this season tomorrow as it's my birthday; I'm crossing my fingers and praying that they'll get most of this mess sorted.
  7. Whatever


    More accommodation...
  8. That is just truly awful. What on earth were they thinking?
  9. Give them an hour and my crappy school's Design department could have made better gravestones than that. Christ, those wooden crosses are the epitome of awful theming.
  10. Lego Batman movie was as good as the Lego Movie, if not better. One thing that confused me was that despite it being set in the same universe/timeline as the original, there were barely any references to it. And was a prequel or a sequel? Where was the kid and his Will Ferrel dad? I guess I'll never know.
  11. Honestly, those leaves on the sign made me think it was renamed 'Weed Woods' for a good couple of seconds there..
  12. After all the recent attacks there, I think you need to watch what you say about that city, even if it is a Disney reference!
  13. Isn't the film demonising people with Split Personality Disorder? I've seen a lot of people with the condition urging others not to watch the movie; it contributes stigma towards them.
  14. 'Meh' is not a word I'd use to describe it. I wish rides like WWH/Phantom Fantasia and others similar to it still existed; they really seemed to have a great atmosphere. So much detail and hard work must have gone into making it. Such a shame it was destroyed. I've always wondered how popular the ride was, as no one knows it really today, even people who were kids at the time. It's not had much of a legacy; only one of its vehicles was on the Carousel, and that was about it. Was it big news when it was burnt down?
  15. Banned for bringing up a dead topic.
  16. Really, really obsessed with Fallout (or once was)
  17. Rest in Peace, Carrie Fisher. Not only just iconic as Princess Leia, Carrie has always been brutally honest about her experiences with mental illness and drugs. A very inspiring woman; my thoughts are with her family and friends. Probably the only celebrity death I've cried over this year.
  18. Double post, but Rogue One has surpassed Fantastic Beasts as my favourite film of the year. It's not a simple plot by any means- I don't think it would be easy for little kids to watch; I don't think kids would be prepared for the high amount of deaths in the film either. All the characters were well rounded, though I didn't like Jyn that much at first. The second half of the film is definitely more moving and intense than the first, but I massively enjoyed it all. The trailers also did a good job of keeping some major parts a secret, just like no one really suspected Han Solo's death in ep VII.
  19. Whatever


    Have had my crazy cat Luna for a year today!
  20. Thorpe staff must be getting really bored this closed season.... (from their official snapchat)
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