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Themeparks & attractions I've always wanted to visit

Matt Creek

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As a themepark enthusiast, I thoroughly enjoy visiting themepark and attractions and trying out new rides and experiences. However there are many themeparks and attractions out there that I dream of visiting and have yet to visit.

So the question is, which ten themeparks and/or attractions in the world would you like to visit that you haven't seen yet and why?

For me, the list has to be

10/ Gardaland, Merlin international sister park which has the exciting looking Raptor

9/ Heide Park, I like the look of all those rides plus Kraken too

8/ Disney Land Paris, looks amazing and magical with exciting rides plus the nearest big park to uk

7/ Knotts Berry Farm, lots of roller coasters and a big sized park

6/ Sea World, amazing area with a great sea theme

5/ Phantasialand, Black Mamba looks amazing

4/Universal islands of adventures, one word, Harry Potter world

3/ Walt Disney World, amazing giant scale rides there

2/ Port Aventura, Shambhala looks mind blowing

1/ Europa Park, just watching videos of the place has made me fall in love with the park it looks wonderful.

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Actually done all of them listed... Though I've not done PotterWorld or Shambles (yet) and haven't been to WDW since 2001...

For me, it's two words, Tokyo Disneysea... That is literally the only park in the entire world that I want to visit desperately...

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I can echo Benins wish of Tokyo Disney being miles ahead of anything else on my list.

More realistically the rest would be

2 - Europa

3 - Phantasialand

4 - Efteling

5 - Dollywood

6 - Cedar Point

7 - Oakwood

Would also love to return to Port Aventura as I last went just before Baco opened, and Florida which has changed a load in the 7 years since I last went.

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My list isn't in any order but

Busch Gardens Tampa

Tokyo Disneyland Resort

Sea World Orlando


Cedar Point



Drayton Manor



Also keen to revisit Busch Williamsberg, Europa, and the Gold Coast theme parks.

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The parks I would love to go to are:

1. Europa Park (will be going soon :D)

2. Phantasialand

3. Fuji-Q Highland

4. Cedar Point

5. Six Flags Magic Mountain

6. Six Flags Great Adventure

7. Port Aventura

8. Heide Park

9. Miribilandia

10. DreamWorld Australia

11. Liseberg

12. Tokyo Disneysea

if I do these parks in my life I will be happy :D

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No order as I get round to the parks as and when I have funds and sometimes language barrier will play a part. So erm..

Disneyland and California Adventure (2014 hopefully)

Disneyland Tokyo and Disneysea

Cedar Point


Liseberg (2014 hopefully)

Six Flags Great America

Heide Park


Kings Dominion

Hershey Park

That turned out to be more American based then I thought it would. :mellow:

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I don't have a particular order, but here's some of my top ones...

-Europa Park. Does this need explaining?

-Phantasialand. Black Mamba, Winjas, Colorado Adventure and the park in general just look top quality!

-Fuji-Q Highland. Takabisha, Eejenkia and Dodonpa are 3 coasters high up on my 'list to do'.

-Efteling. Love the concept of the park.

-Mirabilandia. 'Cause the reports on here have been glowing.

-Dollywood. Dolly Parton; must be good.

-Heide Park. Looks like a good, fun park.

-Islands of Adventure. Two words - Harry Potter.

-Cedar Point. It's big and stuff.

-Six Flags Magic Mountain. See above reason.

Distinct lack of Disney parks here. Whilst I'd never, ever, turn an opportunity down to go to any of them, I dunno, I just don't have them as high as other parks - which confuses me as well..

These parks are more 'big trips' for me, there are other parks closer to home (Oakwood, Flamingo Land and Drayton Manor for example, the last of which I was meant to visit on Friday, but instead will visit October-time) as well, and there are other parks I'd love to visit - Parc Asterix, Holiday Park, Port Aventura, Hershey Park, Gardaland spring to mind.

I'm hopeful that 2016 may be 'the year' where a few of European parks are ticked off, though a German trip before then could be a possibility...

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-Cedar Point. It's big and stuff.

-Six Flags Magic Mountain. See above reason.


In addition to those two I'd love to do (in no particular order):

Europa Park


Gardaland (Ian wants to go back so I will EVENTUALLY be going fo'sure)

Disneyland and California Adventure


Six Flags Great Adventure

Hershey Park

Not sure about Japanese parks just yet, I think I'd like to do some more European ones and the big American ones before I try out the Japanese coasters. No particular reason why, I just would.

In September I'm going to PortAventura, and next year I'll be doing DisneyWorld, Universal, Seaworld and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, so I suppose they too could be added to the list but both are booked (PA is all paid for too), so they are definitely going to be done :D

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In September I'm going to PortAventura

Port Aventura is the new Disneyland Paris...

Also, lots of love for Dollywood, I approve of it... Although it's funny how Cedar Point and Europa are on everyone's lists, yet they're parks on the opposite end of the spectrum... Shows the difference between America and European park styles...

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I could put hours of thought into this, but roughly it would look something like:

1. Tokyo Disney - for DisneySea, which looks utterly stunning. Suppose the only worry would be the crowds, apparently Japanese think nothing of queuing for 4 hours or more!

2. PortAventura - seems like the European park that everyone must do. I think I will get there soon.

3. Disneyland/DCA - yeah, another Disney park. The fact it is the original means it potentially holds something pretty special. Plus, it has a load of stuff that I haven't done in either Paris or Orlando (Indiana Jones, Carsland, etc.)

4. Miribilandia - because of reports here

5. Efteling - looks like a lovely place to visit

6. Oakwood - Two coasters I really want to do

7. Lotte World - One that no one has mentioned. In South Korea, mostly indoors. It just looks like a really interesting park to visit.

8. Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Because the Tampa version is amazing.

I could easily fill out the list with some of the big US parks, but frankly I find it hard to distinguish between them all. So the last two would just be a couple of American coaster parks with the best offerings. Magic Mountain? Cedar Point? The one where Kingda Ka is?

Marc9, are you actually in the process of planning a California trip? If so, I'm jealous, amazed and looking forward to hearing about it! Is it going to be a full on park tour of the West Coast, or more of a holiday to that area that might allow a couple of days with Mickey & Co.?

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  • 8 months later...

Bit of an update on the list, as seeing/hearing of many great parks in pictures, videos,TRs and person, my preferences have changed slightly.


10/ Mirabilanda

9/ Efteling

8/ Gardaland

7/ Parc Asterix

6/ Heide Park

5/ Liseberg

4/ Phantasia Land

3/ Disney Land Paris

2/ Port Aventura

1/ Europa Park

Us and the rest

10/ Disney land Tokyo

9/ Kings Island

8/ Dollywood

7/ Disneyland

6/ Six Flags Magic Mountain

5/ Sea World Orlando

4/ Cedar Point

3/ Busch Gardens Tampa

2/ Walt Disney World

1/ Islands Of Adventure

Quite a long list, if I do two of these before 2016, I will consider myself exceedingly lucky.

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I'd love to visit

Fuji Q Highland - because of that AWESOME eurofighter and for the scary as hell haunted hosptial.

Lottle World - it has an awesome launched intamin water coaster :)

Oktoberfest - Power Tower 2, Olympia Looping, Skyfall and the largest travelling log flume and MANY MORE attends :D largest funfair ever!

ED-A theme park - they have a Booster Maxx and a Vekoma Big Air :)

Kirkcadly links market - Danter's Zierer Star Shape AIR debuted there in 2011 and it's a really good funfair

Tokyo Disneysea - the Hotel Hightower tower of terror looks amazing and a lot better than the usual tower of terrors :)

Tilberg Kermis - it is HUGE. They have tons of rides and AIR, Turbine, Booster Maxx, the normal Boosters, Self made top scan and starflyer and many many more :) its epic!

Gronalund - it's epic! The starflyer looks really nice and I'm a huge fan of the starflyers and its a really nice little park :)!

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  • 7 years later...

*blows the cobwebs


OK parks I would love to visit!!


In no particular order


1. Disneyland California - the original Disney park and has an amazing looking collection of dark rides across the two parks


2. Six Flags Magic Mountain - mouth watering coaster collection. Looks like a thrill seekers paradise to rival Cedar Point.


3. Busch Gardens Virginia - Beautiful looking park with a thrilling looking coaster line up.


4. Dollywood- same as above really. Lightning Rod especially being a draw for the RMC adoring me!!


5. Tokyo Disney - As somebody who enjoys Japanese culture,Disney and dark rides, I would have to be a fool to not want to visit this place.


6. Carowinds - Fury 325 is right up the top of my coaster bucket list.


7. Knotts Berry Farm - appealing looking broadwalk feel to the place and has a great looking vibe with some appealing looking rides.


So yeah. Theres probably a few I missed but these are the 7 I would absolutely love to get to in the future.

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