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RMC certainly like setting their coasters on fire don't they...image.jpeg


From Parks and coasters worldwide.


Its believed the launch/rollback system became too hot and set the coaster on fire. Always what you want on a wooden coaster - evidentially no one made the connection that metal gets hot when charged with electricity...

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So half of Lightning Rod has recieved Iron Horse treatment due to issues with the track not being to able to withstand the sheer speed on some sections. Here is a rough picture of what sections are still topper track.




It is now open, though it has been said the ride is still incredibly problematic, primarily due to its launch.

The ride has been shown to still have rollbacks, and when it rolls back it usually does not open for the rest of the day..


I honestly do not know what Dollywood are going to do next. The ride has been such a pain since 2016. Great coaster in terms of the actual ride, but absolutely a nightmare. They asked for a RMC, not a intamin.

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It really is a shame the amount of issues Lightning Rod has had and looks set to continue to have going forward.


The coaster is quite clearly a massive hit in the community and I can not wait for the day I get the chance to ride it, but there is simply no denying that it has been an absolute nightmare for Dollywood AND RMC in regards to maintenance and upkeep.


Very doubtful we are going to see RMC touch launches anytime soon given that it very much looks like the launch is the issue with Lightning Rod as made apparent by the scaling back of its speed near immediately after it opened.

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