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Some more information about Project 42...



This year will see the introduction of Project 42, a new scare maze hidden in the Forbidden Valley.

Those brave enough to enter will need to find a vaccination for the human test subjects, which have been infected by a mutant antidote and escaped.

But they will have to be careful and make sure they get out without contracting the infection themselves.

Source - https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/whats-on/family-kids-news/alton-towers-reveals-terrifying-brand-15098674


Expect some more official stuff soon I guess.


Confirms that it will take place in Sub Terra (not that this is a surprise given the construction going on around there). No word on how much of Sub Terra they'll use though


Similar-ish theme to Sub Species in some ways I guess, but still a different and interesting setting. Looking forward to what they have planned though!

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A Scarefest video...

-More "scares" in the Dungeons

-3 returning mazes

-2 new "frights"


Sub Species containers have returned and are in place, so that's likely staying. There's work happening around Nemesis Sub Terra so presumably Project 42 is staying. I reckon The Welcoming will go. 


Assuming they're classing House of Monsters as a maze, it's a toss up between that and Skin Snatchers going as well. In any case, I expect either HoM or a very similar style experience to remain, and one of these new things to be a scare zone..

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And just like that, the line up:



-Sub Species, Skin Snatchers and Project 42 all return, and are part of the 3 maze combo ticket.

-The Attic: Terror of the Towers is new, with an £8 charge (much like Welcoming, which has gone)



-House of Monsters is NOT returning :(

-New family attraction Darkest Depths: located in Mutiny Bay (possibly where Welcoming was?)

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This on paper could very well be the best Scarefest yet. The welcoming to me was the only bit of deadwood in the line up last year so to see that gone is a big plus. I am quite delighted to see the return of Terror of the Towers with a refreshed story line. I loved Terror of the Towers but it did desperately need a change from the “What Lies Within” story as that long overstayed it’s welcome. I wonder if Thorpe Park will now bring back a certain much loved horror maze after a years absence.......


 Altonville mine tour and Sub Species are both brilliant horror mazes (the latter being the best in the country in my book) and I actually found Project 42 to be pretty good too for a maze with limited space to work with. 


All in all a pretty solid looking line up.

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If they give all the existing mazes a big kick up the rear to get them back on top form, plus a great new version of TOTT, this could be the best Scarefest ever. If they just drag the old mazes out again then it could be a big disappointment, they were starting to slide a bit last year and P42 needs a rethink in my opinion.

House of Monsters was brilliant, surprised that it's disappeared when it was such a good production. But I suppose it's just in the deadest corner of the park now.

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