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Fright Nights 2014


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No saw is crap and we have learnt from saw the ride. Angry birds should be kept as the safe zone.


I'm sorry, isn't saw one of the most successful horror brands to date? And SAW: The Ride was possibly one of the most successful addition to the park since Colossus back in 2002. 

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The park's website says that Fright Nights (or at least FN attractions) is only suitable for over 13s, so it seems unlikely.

I was interested to see if they would do that, but there's nothing wrong with having a more adult event for a family park, especially for only a couple of weeks. :)

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I don't think Thorpe would benefit from having a family maze or a 'safe zone.' They may have changed their target market as a whole but fright nights is so successful because people like being scared out of their wits. It would ruin the atmosphere if a family maze was added to the lineup especially only a year on from the Lionsgate partnership. Thorpe don't theme well anyway so theres not really any need for a safe zone.

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Thorpe parks definitely getting something new this year, and exactly where the asylum was! But what could it be?

'@LivvyGemStar: @THORPEPARK Hello will the Asylum maze be open this year for fright nights 2014 ?'

'@THORPEPARK: @LivvyGemStar We will have a brand new experience in replacement but in the same location. It is going to be a unique experience!'


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Given that the past three Fright Nights have given new mazes with rather special / different twists (isolation rooms, bags on head, multiple routes in small groups), I'd expect something with an equally interesting twist. I don't think it had been confirmed it would be in Asylum's spot yet, so nice to have that officially confirmed.

Really do look forward to what Thorpe give us!

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