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Fright Nights 2014


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Please don't hate me for starting this topic so early in the year... :ninja:

So I've noticed on the FN section of the new main site, they've got this...

Experience a horror movie takeover of the UK's premiere Halloween event, as THORPE PARK Resort and Lionsgate UK present Fright Nights in 2014.

On selected dates in October and November, experience a full 12 hours of thrills with rides in the dark til 10pm and terrifying horror mazes based on iconic Lionsgate films, including The Blair Witch Project, My Bloody Valentine, The Cabin in the Woods and SAW.

Book early bird tickets for just £29.99 now!


Would seem to indicate that they're all returning, as I would have thought on a new website, it would have been easy to give the most relevant information (so, even if they don't want to announce new mazes, they could just say horror mazes based on Lionsgate films, for example). Could simply be a mistake though I guess..

So, what would you like to see at Fright Nights 2014? New films for the mazes? An Asylum retheme? Keep the same themes and focus on park-wide theme? Discuss!

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I'm not sure what a photo of Experiment 10 is doing on the main page.

I'd like to see the lighting improved in My Bloody Valentine for definite, as it was often just pitch black in there last year (which removes the point of any theming, as you can't see it!)

Cabin in the Woods was also good, but there was room for improvement - such as a better use of the well themed ending.

Also, anamatronics would be great!

I'm probably one of the only ones on this site to say this, but I want Asylum to stay! (As do a lot of people I know).

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I'd love to see a maze that uses suspense and atmosphere to scare you rather than just actors. I know jump scares don't scare me but put me in a room with suspense and effects where you literally have no idea what is going to happen next and I'm a shivering wreck (when it's done well :P )

Given the popularity of those mazes I'm not surprised they're returning this year. They have the scope to build a new one within The Asylum building and perfect the others (like making My Bloody Valentine scary to some extent!) I think a show wouldn't go a miss either, maybe in "The Hideaway" as it's now called as that had a lighting rig and so on set up for Brainiac.

There's nothing to say they can't put one on the beach again. I know they said they wanted to move away from tents but I'm sure they could get some more shipping containers or cheaply do a tent up and make it look like something from one of the films.

I would definitely like to see more focus on park wide theming this year. Music is sorted pretty much, mazes are solid. Apart from outside the mazes and those really bad You're Next actors you wouldn't know it was Fright Nights. They could do this by setting up a few more horror film sets (if they follow the movie theme route across the park which I'm assuming they are) and give the ride teams a bit of money again to go and do stuff to them. When hell froze over on Inferno was brilliant and the stuff they did in the Colossus station fab.

Or they could just have Angry Birds running at you with axes. That would be more scary than anything they've done before.

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Can we get the quite ones please or they extend on Saw and have Jigsaws Aprentice's chasing people around the park and if they get caught they get taken away and put in a trap and to escape they must do a odd task you know make it interactive for the kids. or it may just be my sadistic brain yeah that's it any way


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I'm hoping that they scrap the You're next, it was just people with masks on walking around really. Found the roaming actors in previous years a lot better. I personally think that the asylum will go, mainly because of the issues with it last year and I think they will get another lions-gate themed maze. The scare zone was dreadful in my opinion, so hopefully some improvements to that will be made.

About my bloody valentine being pitch black, I only found that some parts of the maze was pitch black. I liked that though, especially when you're at the front because it's hard to find your way around it. You also have no idea who or what is around you, which makes it good in my opinion.

I know it isn't going to happen, but I really hope that fast tracks for mazes will be limited a lot more. On my bloody valentine a ridiculous amount of Fast track was let in compared to the amount in the normal que, and the normal que was 90mins.

I really liked Cabin in the woods, but on my first time going on it I found it really confusing at the beginning. You have to like que again for like 10 mins once you are already in the maze and other people around me was also confused. Also, on the second time I went on it they were letting far to many people in at once. When we went in there was like already 10 people in the first room, which spoiled it really.

I really liked the announcements/theme music on all of the rides, I liked it how it was the same on all of the rides and I hope they stick to the same ones this year. Talking of theme music I wish that all of the mazes theme music is played a lot louder, much like the asylums. There is such a good atmosphere created in the asylum que line and wish this could happen in all the other ques.

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Something like Nocturnal at Screamfest Burton would be a great idea to put in the old Asylum area. Nocturnal was themed to a night club where people had taken a bad drug and were hallucinating, think this would work very well as it is something that is not commonly used and you could theme it to a Ministry of Sound night thats gone wrong!

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I doubt Lionsgate will cut it off as such. While Thorpe or Merlin even are willing to pay Lionsgate the fees to use their IPs then they will. Saw is immensely popular because of the "Saw" name.

I think I heard 3 years for the Lionsgate usage (so next year being the last if I haven't made that up from no where :P ) but the odds are it'll continue. Merlin are moving towards IPs for most investments and the Lionsgate one seems a good relationship (the market research regarding Hunger Games last year shows that they might expand it further).

And even if or when Lionsgate and Thorpe go their own ways it's not like they've never done a Fright Nights without IPs.

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Maybe each room could correspond with the notes from the games (I can't remember them off of the top of my head)

- Don't Look...or it Takes You...

- Always Watches...No Eyes...

- Can't Run...



...and then you can have the sinister music playing in the background, gradually getting more intense as the maze draws on! :D

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To be honest, I'd rather they not try a slender maze. Can you imagine how hard that would be to pull it off well? They would have to have all the actors in the right place at the right time and for this to work you couldn't be in massive groups and it would have to be very long for people to get the best experience. Due to this the queue would be huge and in my opinion there is no way that Thorpe could do it well. This is just my opinion but if they did manage to do something like a slender maze well I would be in shock.

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They probably wont have The Asylum there this year after the drama cause by that woman last year. So wonder whether they will replace this with another Lionsgate maze or just leave it a vacant space! I would love Lionsgate to make a scary film called The Asylum and then Thorpe Park could keep it the same lol. Imagine the papers.

I wouldn't say no to a Texas Chainsaw maze though!

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Our FRIGHT NIGHTS maze, Cabin in the Woods, has been nominated for Best Concept and Design award! Absolutely chuffed.

If you want to see it in the Flesh, it will be back for FRIGHT NIGHTS 2014. http://bit.ly/SPIAq8

From Facebook.

Link to ScareCon - http://www.scarecon.org/scars---the-scarecon-annual-recognition-awards.html

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I assume they didn't mention the BWP Overnight thing since very few people would have done it, what with the high costs and small target market. The large majority who went to FN for the mazes will have done Cabin in the Woods though, so makes sense that they mention that.

As for the camping thing, I did hear it was terrible the first couple of nights, but they did improve it dramatically as the event progressed, as Scare Tour's reviews show:

First night - http://www.scaretouruk.com/review---blair-witch-overnight-experience---thorpe-park.html

Later in the event - http://www.scaretouruk.com/review---return-to-blair-witch-overnight.html

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