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Updated the forums to the latest software version tonight - if you notice anything not working let me know!


The biggest change you'll likely notice is enhancements to the "Like" system - you can now react to posts much like you can on Facebook!


The skin is the default one at the moment - am working on an all new skin at the moment which will hopefully look alot better!

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On 7/24/2017 at 10:37 AM, huzzellio said:

Cheers for looking.


It's changed in that it doesn't tell me Tapatalk can't log in anymore, but the forum just gets stuck loading now.


Had another look at this - it looks like the tapatalk plugin they've released for this version of the forum is corrupt - as soon as they've fixed ill get it installed :) 

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17 hours ago, Ivsetti said:

That they've written something which people have reacted to (button on bottom right of everyone's posts) the most vs. everyone else on a particular day.

He/ she's now done that 69 times. 



You "win" a day if you receive more positive reacts over any other single person. Positive reacts are the 'Like' (heart), 'Thanks' (trophy) and 'Haha' (laughing face) symbols.


The other two possible reacts, Confused (confused face) and Sad (crying face), are neutral reactions and do not increase your Reputation Score. This is because these reactions are usually only used when someone makes a confusing post (ie - one which shouldn't positively contribute to a member's reputation) or breaks sad news (say about a ride closing, or Thorpe's continuing painful existence with little signs of improvement...), and again isn't something which needs to positively contribute to a member's reputation.


In other words, it's a silly system, and as such is one that should definitely be in the header of your LinkedIn profile, CV and any other formal thing where you just chuck is loads of superlatives to make yourself sound amazing and #sick :D 

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