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Purely out of interest, did Toverland have different music before the IMAScore stuff?


I know Troy had a different soundtrack, but the entire park has IMAScore music that seems to fit in perfectly, but isn't that just a recent thing?


Did the park have different music before or was everything silent?

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I am pretty sure there was music before, but I don't really remember it. I think when I went in July last year Troy was still actually playing it's old music.


In general, despite the quality of the music if you do hear it, I don't really remember any music from the park aside from D'Werevelervelervelwind and Merlin's Quest of foreverness..

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Halloween stuff then.


Decent attempt, nice use of the pre existing hedge maze to have both a day time and night time maze variant. Was also weirdly the best run queue of the evening.


Very much a focus on the look of the actors, some good interaction with guests in the scare zones. Queues weren't great though (2 took over an hour) and the general quality was apparently not great. Think they are torn between the family audience and being full in scary.


Minimal theming beyond the zones (which weren't that well themed in cases). The circus area being the best looking but those are a dime a dozen really.


Avalon and Port Laguna are gorgeous areas. Fenix is decent but still not as good as Raptor. Slightly better than Swarm purely because of the cool dragon animatronic. Think Avalon is slightly barren a little bit though as there's not much between the two rides and the restaurant. Wouldn't be surprised to see a few flats spring up over the year or two.


I was wrong about Troy, it ran like mad at night. Plus the lighting and effects package were spot on.


Shout out to the Ollivanders rip off too. Was cute.


Toverland are in a good spot for the future I think. Doubt they'll go bigger than Fenix as a ride but that's not their remit. Marked improvement in their infrastructure and hopefully they will continue bringing rides and areas up to scratch in between the next big thing.

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A few concept arts / early sketches for Fenix have been shared by Peter van Holsteijn, Toverland's chief designer. An early sketch had seen plans for an Inverted coaster instead of a wing.








(Images sourced via that Dutch website with 3 o's)

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Looks awesome! But hey it still came out awesome! 


I look forward to the future of this park. It is still off of its early target of 1 million once Fenix opened but slowly getting there with record numbers in 2019.


They still plan on expanding and will be turning into a resort with a four star hotel still being built. 


Details of the summary above here... 


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Beautiful. I can definitely see remnants from the sketches that went into the finished design such as the twisted tower in the final picture.


Tover Land is definitely an up and coming park and let’s hope they continue to develop. Was pleasantly surprised by the place when I visited last year. 

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Toverland have invested in a second train for Booster Bike:




(Images from Looopings)


The ride is only capable of running one train, but obviously having a second means if there's an issue with one, they don't have the shut the ride down. For now, the original train will receive some work, and then they'll have both available.


Coaster trains aren't cheap, so this is a solid investment from the park.



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1 hour ago, Benin said:

Can they theme it to make it fit into the park as well?


Weird that it can't run 2 trains though. Maybe Vekoma can do some magic.

That would be another £300k please!

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