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The Small Parks Thread

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10 minutes ago, CharlieN said:

In the midst of this preposterous announcement I’ve finally realised what a swing launch means! Always seemed like those triple launches should have a proper name...

Intamin call them swing launches, Mack call them halfpipe launches and Gerstlauer just call them triple launches. So take your pick!


I think swing launch is the most fun name so I stick with that haha

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On 6/17/2019 at 9:45 PM, JoshC. said:

Taiga hype

Here's the beautiful advert...


Rode Taiga this weekend. I'll do a trip report soon, but I want to share thoughts on Taiga now..


It is brilliant. Truly brilliant. POVs don't do the ride justice. The ride has some truly amazing moments: great airtime, fun inversions, decent launches and is in itself a long ride.


The bit between first and second launch is a bit random. One inversion and loads of corners which keep the speed. Warms up nicely during the day, but aside from the weird out-banked dive loop type thing, nothing special. The second launch gives you a nice woosh feeling as you speed up, followed by a fun top hat. From there, the ride becomes insane: relentless, crazy ejector airtime, fast (and doesn't lose speed!), flings you out of your seat. It's all incredibly smooth and the flow and pacing is amazing. It is just brilliant.


Ride operations are a bit weird and slow - staff ask every person if their pockets are empty as checking restraints (and if your pockets aren't empty, you're made to empty them). The ride has a nice style to it with the theming too. Audio is a bit quiet though.


Managed the ride 9 times, sitting in a variety of locations and during night time too, and it's wonderful wherever. Can't decide if I prefer front or back tbh..



There's natural comparisons and question to be asked about how this compares to the likes of Taron and Helix. Taron and Helix focus on very different things: Taron on speed and intense whips and turns, Helix on grace and inversions. Taiga is a best-of-both worlds type of ride I'd say: you get the fast elegance of the ride, along with intense whips and some quirky inversions. And it does this phenomenally well. What is 'better' depends on your taste; blending the best of both might not be everyone's cup of tea for example. But all 3 coasters do what they set out to do perfectly.


So yeah, tl;dr - Taiga is brilliant. Worth the trip to Finland, easily.

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The question is though, are you still on Team Taron?


Cant remember what else the park has to offer but think there’s quite a few coasters, a big wheel and a ‘’scary UV walkthrough’’ which is a bit like Hocus Pocus. 



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