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Really glad to see them expanding!


Both of their current escape rooms, and the Christmas one they did, are amazingly well themed, very well done and just generally brilliant! I'd strongly recommend doing them if you haven't already!


They're also doing a live-action version of one of their rooms in the last week of October, which is exciting.



Intrigued to see what this new location will offer.

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Did this tonight, and it's good fun!


It's a solid 10-15 minute experience, with a nice variety of sets and good scare tactics. One particular scream really made me jump! It's got a bit of everything and is a well designed maze.


Of course, this is an attraction done by a small independent company, which is only standing for a couple of weeks, so it's not been done on the biggest budget. So don't go expecting the next Big Top or anything. But regardless, it's a well put together experience and just a good bit of fun. Actors need more time to get used to things (natural, as this is the first night), but it does have a good number of people in there, and they got better quickly.


Tl;Dr - great independent attraction! Well worth a visit; support a small local company who have buckets of potential. 

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