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Dreamland Margate


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Screamland was excellent yesterday, the mazes were very different and had a lot of quality put into them; personal favourites were The Sleep Experiment (terrifying!) and Dead and Breakfast.  The former has a bit of an E10 vibe to it actually, albeit different.


Maze queues moved very slowly however once inside the experience was better as you never caught up with a group in front... happy medium needed though IMO.


Rides in the dark were fun, mazes were amazing and overall a fantastic event.

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Went to Screamland Saturday for the first time. Found the event good, but maybe not amazing. Quite a few mazes, but all quite short and perhaps lacking a bit in some scares. They were quite theatrical though in places which was cool.


Festininos Funhouse:

One of the better mazes, fun clown bits including a ball pond somewhere and maybe one of the longer mazes too. Reminded me of Big Top a little bit.




Dead and Breakfast/Tunnels Of Terror

The opening was literally an old woman moaning and complaining about us staying and not giving a **** about customer service or how good or stay was. The opening was great but the rest of the maze fairly mediocre if I’m honest.


The one thing which drops this maze down for me is the sneaky/strange fact they actually class this one as two mazes due to the Tunnels Of Terror Part At the end. This honestly makes no sense as it’s not only misleading but technically fake advertising as they actually have six mazes and not seven. If they’d just kept it as the one maze (Dead and Breakfast) they may have had a quality attraction here. 


6/10- just for the opening 


Sleep Experiment

Probably my favourite maze of the evening, reminded me of things like the Sanctuary and Asylum a little. Some good acting here and some scares, some more misleading than others. It wasn’t a long maze but definitely a good quality one.




HMS Mary Decomposed

The set pieces were great but I wouldn’t say it was the best. Sketchy plotline and the scares didn’t seem to be the best in this one either. The theming literally was the saving grace here.




Punch and Judy Horror Show

Another Circusesque type maze here, but this one was really neat and had some good acting and was one of the better for scares too. The man in the opening room was very entertaining and the scares throughout seemed more effective too. Probably only second to Sleep Experiment for me.




Upside Down Maze

The last Maze of the night and the only one in a (sort of more) permant structure. Sadly this was the weakest maze by far, as nothing really happened apart from some scare actors dressed in full black following around. The idea of a mirror scare maze was cool but wasn’t the best. 


2/10- Vulcan Peak might have actually been a little bit better. A little bit better!


Also tried out the rides at night too (as well as the day). The Scenic Railway is a great charm of a ride and fantastic to see such a classic coaster open. Whilst the Yarmouth version is better, one must remember this attraction is technically almost 100 years old and was the equivalent of Taron/Helix to the generation at the time (in terms of thrills and excitement). 


The new Zamperla rides were surprisingly fun too, especially the Pendulam and new Enterprise type rides. Staff were friendly too despite working long days. 


Whilst the mazes  were hit and miss, I would still recommend visiting, especially to support an independent park like this. Hopefully Margate can go on the up again after this.


It definitely features a better atnosphere in the evening/night than in the day, that’s for sure.

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Sceamland is a odd event for me. I like every year feels so different but in some ways I feel a little miffed that mazes such as Paradise Foundation, Crank Jack, or Festino (2016) end up completely on the chopping block. Some of these mazes I just listed had some brilliant unique ideas that I think really justified more than just one year of operation.

The event certainly never gets stale due to this but I really wish they would keep the stuff that does work like Paradise, which was such a awesome attraction that should of been a staple at the event!

I didn't get to visit last year but can't wait until my next visit, I really think Screamland is something different from the usual.

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It is sad news, but a sensible decision. The park did have a successful season last year supposedly pulling in 650,000 (double the year before) from a short summer season from April to September. I am hopeful it will return in 21. Screamland last year, I thoroughly enjoyed and I too would hate for that to not return in 21!

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14 hours ago, Theme Park Fanatic said:

  I have found this amazing YouTube video of Dreamland Margate in 1999. Could you please tell me if applicable the current location of the Rides featured in the Video. I am aware that Dreamland endured a lot of change around the time this Video was shot.



For the coasters, look here



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On 2/12/2021 at 4:11 PM, Mattgwise said:

For the coasters, look here




@Mattgwise  prior to posting my question I had already looked on Coasterpedia and The Rollercoaster Database. Due to Dreamland having multiple rides of the same name and type over the years, it was near impossible to work out which featured in this video.Thank you for your advise I apologize for the delayed response. @Mattgwise due to Dreamland having many rides that have shared the same name, could you please asst me to figure out the currant location and fate of the exact rides captured in this video.

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