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Thorpe Park Merchandise


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Has nobody seen the syringe pens before? My sister had one years ago!I love the Saw hoodies! Just wish I had money to buy one.

Well the syringe pens have Saw: The Ride on them so I find it rather odd that your sister seems to have had one for years. ;)
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how much is saw hoodie?

Saw hoodies were £25 I think and £15 for a t-shirt but I'm possibly wrong there.

I'd like to get myself one of those, would come in handy as I drink so much!.I'll buy one next time

They're pretty reasonably priced too at £8 with annual pass.
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there is a whole massive pot of syringe pens-they are great.But does anyone notice there is alot of saw merchandise instead of saw the ride merchandise?

Tbh I was looking through them yesterday and most of them did say Saw the Ride such as pens, t-shirts. I guess the saw films are linked in with the ride as well, hence the saw merchandises are linked in with saw the ride merchandises.I was extremely impressed with the range of saw merchandise on offer! Espeically in such a small shop.
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