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Thorpe Park Merchandise


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I need to get some more of these pins!


Thorpe definitely offer a good selection of merchandise and it’s great to see them releasing more unique items this year too such as top trumps and games. The ride brand chocolate isn’t too bad either (though perhaps a little pricey).


I really liked the Stealth bakewell tart flavour they made. 


There didn't seem to be as many resins this time, but can’t have it all I guess.

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On 08/04/2018 at 12:53 PM, Zappomatic said:

Is it just me or do the Colossus resins look like a diagram of the female reproductive system?


A little bit!  


Got some more pins on Saturday - Roodie and I started collecting them last year and Gawd it’s both addictive and expensive 




Need to put them on a lanyard which is a nightmare as my OCD takes over as I try to have a lanyard with pins for each park....I now have a few too many TP ones so need to rearrange my others.  Yeah I need help.


My sister got the Monopoly which looks good but I can’t play that game as it gives me severe anger issues.  I didn’t properly look at the other merch except the Top Trumps which I might get at some point.


Does DBGT shop have any new interesting stuff?  Didn’t go in there on Saturday to have a look 

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New Flying Fish resin! :P




Also, there seems to be a shortage of Colossus merch though compared to all the other coasters :( They were even selling Amity speedway hoodies in the Colossus shop (but they did have Colossus t-shirts).


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Well, that Fish resin looks both random and impressive, never thought I’d say both together. 


They also have a new Stealth resin too, which is smaller but better than the previous one. Saw needs a new one as it’s had the same one for years.


To whoever pointed the resemblance of the Colossus resin, thanks.


Love the ride pins and been trying to get more of late, very addictive indeed. 


Bought the top trumps recently, they are not too bad either. 


Couldn't find the ride chocolate though. Does anyone know if they’ve (already) discontinued these?

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The ride chocolate has proven to be very popular. I believe the supplier is having trouble getting enough sent to the parks regularly.


At Thorpe, the chocolate is normally found in the following locations:

-Megastore, with all the sweets

-Island Shop, just opposite the entrance of the queue for the tills

-Each ride shop has the corresponding ride's chocolate, usually at the till


The flavours available at Thorpe seemed more varied and interesting than the ones at Towers too, which is nice.

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