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Adam didn't even like even like Baron and that's a ride that's received mostly positive feedback (including myself).

I'm still get to do a B&M (PMBO being the only one I've done yet), but should hopefully be getting Silver Star later which would be. Y first. One day I'll do Mako (it's all in the CTDP).

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All of this over me liking Gwazi? Jeez that will get some heavy criticism as so many people disliked that ride  :lol:


I like lots of rides. Having never ridden a hyper I don't know what to expect but I'm open minded and will be doing Silver Star in April. So Mako won't be my first one.



Let's look at this to get back on topic.


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(To SCB) You'll absolutely love Silver Star, I swear you've ridden PMBO.
Its like PMBO (I've ridden it) but smoother, more freedom and more twisty.
Silver Star you definitely feel freedom because you go outside the park into the car park and an area of just grassland so you're completely free.

Glad Mako's coming along quickly, so nice to see fresh new B&M track which I know is going to be part of a roller coaster I know I'm going to ride.

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More track rising. 


Speedy air time hill before MCBR


Station and maintenance bays being worked on.


Journey To Atlantis is currently receiving annual maintenance. This usually takes at most 2 weeks but this year it is down for around a month. With Manby now as CEO of the parks, hopefully he's realised how much work the dark ride segment needs and all the effects will be freshened up and in working order.


Regarding future attractions. A rapids would have been a great thing to tie in with Mako, shark has destroyed a ship, you could essentially base it off of shipwreck rapids in San Diego. A rapids would also work great in Orlando because it's hot so regularly, and is a possible way to develop the Mako area in the future (especially if they don't end up reusing the Nautilus theatre on a regular basis). Nothing regarding the dark ride has actually come about for Orlando, and it is rumoured that San Antonio will get the coaster, San Diego the dark ride and Orlando something else. Orlando needs to be careful not to compete with Disney and Uni unless it can succeed. If they think their best route is to build coasters, flats, etc with animal exhibits linked in then that's the way they should go. Especially as so many locals go to SeaWorld compared to Disney and Uni, whereas with tourists it's the other way round.



SeaWorld also recently opened this store. Apparently, some of the wooden planks used are from Gwazi! Little Easter egg for you.

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