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  1. RobD


    Ah, the age old swing A/sing B height thing. Okay. So, it's basically done this since 2007. Swing B outperforms swing A, which means the computer goes a little crazy when B peaks much earlier than A at just over 90 degrees (anyone noticed how the first of your 4 full height swings on B is significantly higher than A?). The computer then has a paddy and desperately tries to re-sync the swings by powering A as much as it can, and basically doing nothing with B, thus why the ride ends up with A performing better. By the end of the ride, everything is out of sync and it looks a mess. It did this
  2. I still cannot get over how much of a dire excuse for a hotel this is. It's abysmal that a theme park which tries again and again to pitch itself as a world class attraction offers it's guests the same accommodation as an asylum seeker attempting cross channel travel. Does the park add to the authenticity of the exeprience by having night time 'thrill patrol' raids on rooms or something? Remember your visa's folks... But seriously, I mean, just look at the entrance, cheap fencing and a concrete path. It's just horrific. The rooms emulate that no personal space feeling you've had all day in qu
  3. So a quick Rob review. Here we are again, the best time of the year for theme parks, and Thorpe Park are once again hitting us with a theme based event. Maybe I went with false optimism, but I was hoping desperately there would be a vast improvement on last year. There was not. No park wide themeing. Not a sign of Halloween, and the only real effort made was to change every rides start announcement to a horrendously cheesy film director doing the stereotypical scary/cringey laugh and saying lights, camera, action. It was shamefully poorly produced, annoying to hear on every ride, and just s
  4. See, in the most part I'd just slate Thorpe for it's inability to operate rides efficiently, that and it's superb ability to let twice as many guests in as it really should. I would agree queue times are not bolstered for fastrack sales, it's laziness/forgetfulness/irrelevence. To be quite honest, on busy days, there is no point paying any attention to queue times anyway, as any ride which shows anything more than 20-30 mins less than the others of it's type (so lets say, NI: 90, Stealth: 100, SAW: 90, Swarm: 60), you can guarantee by the time you get to the Swarm, the queue will be closer to
  5. Oh I know about the dome, but the background audio in the lost city 'flats' area was always the lost city ambiance, alas no more, if it's all chart, basically engulfing the whole area. I'm assuming it's fair to say Rush has no more than pre-recorded announcements this year, if the clips I've heard on here are anything to go by. (Refering to the lack of 2005/2006 music used in most seasons prior).
  6. Vortex music? Zodiac music? Rush's own soundtrack, dome music, a gradual winding down of specific area themes, and ride sountracks over the years as Blackpool style one big neutral (none) theme engulfs the park. It's not a criticism, just that's the direction Thorpe are heading, they want to be an amusement park, not a theme park.
  7. Cry. Well, we all knew it was coming, it's just a real shame that Thorpe Park have had to sacrifice what was some of the best composed theme park music out there. Ah well, if you want a theme park, Europe is just a Ryanair away.
  8. RobD


    I think people might be reading into the extent of this a little too much. Samurai wasn't given a refurbishment last season, it was pretty much left as is. It ran excellently over the last two seasons, but now, you could be faced with, for instance, a gear box failure. It's expensive to fix and will take time to be delivered, it's perfectly possible they just took the decision, with that in mind, to begin the closed season work sooner, whilst the weather is still good and before you get the issues of winter, such as snow, which brings work to a grinding halt. Just to touch on a few points reg
  9. Furius Baco, because it's trains are all part of the theme, it's such a lovely little neglected ride, it's 85% a sympathy vote :')
  10. RobD


    Certainly hasn't for cycle 6 or 4. Both from riding several times and staff I know, the general concensus amongst all is it's still the same.
  11. RobD


    Squealing pistons is good! Basically, it means it's all shiney and new. Lap bars not locking isn't a major issue, just slows everything down, staff are the main problem there really. It has had a major refurb this year, so will be practically brand new mechanically speaking. Great to hear it's performing well, finally! It had a whole assortment of troubles until 2009 really, it was only then it really got reliable. Don't try and draw any conclusions from overhaul = accident.
  12. RobD


    So, can anyone say if Rush is running noticably better since it's major overhaul this closed season?
  13. drip drip drop

  14. ^ True, an effort is better than nothing, but there is only so many times you can do the same thing, just, based around a different creature. Sub Terra is fair, I'll reserve judgement until I ride it, but, it is nice to see them using the original story. As for The Swarm's limb business, personally I'd say it is the cleverest so far. The others (haunted Storm surge, for example) have no relevence, however, this does; one of the key elements of the Swarm is the near misses, and by putting it in the news, it really highlights this to the public and makes them more aware of the near misses, subc
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