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  1. SW8

    Ha ha, I mean, I won't make any judgement on the ride before it's finished. But I agree, I'm so bored of Merlin's style of theme, so bland and bleak all the time. Really, even their lighter hearted themes are uninspired and terrifically bland. As great as wooden coasters are, I don't think a wooden coaster would at all suit that tiny space, but Merlin always have to botch good ideas by leaving them half baked and making gimmicks take over. Surely the lack of opportunity would have been extremely obvious to the whole team behind this. I think the closest Merlin came to a properly engaging, surprising theme was The Smiler. That was great, enjoyable and full of energy, even though it materialised mostly as painted walls and bins strapped to metal trusses.
  2. Oh right you're thinking of the new track they added a couple years ago as a "refresh", yes it's an unnecessary change to something that was great as it was before I think, but what you heard is now the 'correct' track. The original was a great piece, will always be the real music everyone who best knew the ride.
  3. What music was playing in the Dragon? Unfortunately the original Pirate Falls SFX have all been removed with the redesign a couple years back.
  4. A la the entire park for most the last 20 years
  5. It would be expensive, maybe £1million is an exaggeration but I dont know, it wouldn't be a basic job thats for sure. Cleaning, stripping, priming and getting to every corner, and coating in the right kinds of paint for protection as well as looking good. Merlin can easily afford it, and the ticket prices are big enough to warrant the best quality for every guests, but the way they manage scenic maintenance is either A: spend the money or B: just don't spend the money, and keep the ride looking bad until they can justify rebranding it.
  6. I believe this is because the person who cut it (as a reactionary measure), and was going to put it back after things blew over, got made redundant before they could. Or the original file was lost. It's silly.
  7. You might be thinking of a promo image of the Big Bad Wolf they used before the ride was finished . The track was pale peach colour (oddly) and dark brown supports. It's never been repainted apart from ugly brown patches on some supports and looks pretty worn out in general. It was being considered to be painted purple at one point I think, which would have been pretty horrible. I don't know why purple and yellow was ever made Vampire's colours, it happened in around 1999 when the park was being made more goofy. It just didn't work with the original gothic look of the ride, which had less of a brand and more of a big scenic theme
  8. The waterfalls will more than likely come back when the fuss has died down.
  9. Yeah there could be loads of fantastic ideas done with Vampire, in fact what you describe isn't far off the original style of the ride, but sadly Merlin will only do anything if it has an IP or world's first slogan. So it will rot until further notice, such a shame. An idea like that could be done very well without an enormous cost, and be a great success.
  10. Hmm, shame because the lighting was great as it was. Don't worry, it will probably all be cheap flashing red green blue LED floodlights in a few years anyway knowing Chessington!
  11. Chessington could also jettison the zoo and focus on being a brilliant all-round family park with proper regeneration of its aging spaces. Since it can't develop hugely into a big ride park, keep the simpler family attractions being brilliant and with unique hook & character. Gruffalo did this to an extent - except it was a fairly vanilla ride off an IP, but in the right vein. Chessington needs actual substance rather than a really really poor hash of two things it can't be - it's too limited to be a brilliant zoo and it's too limited to be a big ride park. It needs theme substance and a special character, full of off the wall surprises and unique family attractions, like how it found feet in the past. But this is not what Merlin want of the park, so it simply won't happen, it'll be more of the Wild Adventure branding all the way - it might be rubbish, but people keep coming regardless of the shoddy state and over crowded cheap rides. And as long as people are happy to spend hundreds on a converted Holiday Inn and a falling apart theme park then why should Merlin do any different! A shame it went this way.
  12. A zoo can be a brilliant place and very entertaining/educational. Chessington is one of the worst zoos in the UK. It has token animals and token, dated exhibits. Zufari everyone says was a brilliant way of integrating the zoo with the park more, in reality it was an awful attempt at featuring animals and is a terrible attraction. Chessington does not have half the size a good zoo needs to be worthwhile and good. Merlin only fund new developments for Chessington if the concepts have a zoo theme, or incorporate animals somehow, (unless it is an IP). They treat Chessington as "the Africa one" out of all its parks, a slogan and some bamboo constitutes a "brand" in the world of Merlin (and unfortunately, most the parks current visitors), and everything must stick to that brand - no matter how nonsensical for the park's ability and no matter how formulaic & tacky.
  13. Animal themed boat ride? Maybe they are already ........... boring
  14. The bouncy drop track and tunnel trick is the best fun in the land. The coaster is a bit random and weird. The theme is really thinly spread too which looks pretty embarassing 7 years on, but is a lovely concept. Wouldn't it be great to blow up Rita and put the coaster in a proper place with more space to play with, keeping the trick ending?
  15. My sister who rarely visits theme parks but went to Thorpe with her friends (with me having never spoken about the Ghost Train to her) came back saying it was one of the most naff non-entities she'd been on. Usually she loves theatre type things! But even then I wouldn't take one newcomer's reaction as whole. But excellent to hear somebody enjoyed it as was intended. :)I think it very easily could have offered far greater response though, had it been designed with guest experience as the priority, rather than the novelty of heavy handed VR and sidelining the original intentions.