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  1. Wumbamillio

    Nemesis Inferno

    It's fantastic to see effects fixed around the ride like the foggers and the geysers that I've rarely ever seen working in person (and never synched with the ride as intended), a very cool effect!
  2. Wumbamillio


    its a cool video, so funny to see staff larking about on the ride's supposed closing down day. A couple pretty strange things in there if you watch the whole thing, haha! Shame it doesnt show the station under the show lighting but even in work lights, shows how fallen the brilliant station is now. People said Wicker Man set an amazing standard for a themed coaster in Britain (which it did) – but truly Chessington had it even better years ago with this incredible Vampire queue and preshow!
  3. Wumbamillio

    Logger's Leap

    The unprofessionalism all round from Thorpe Park is shocking. And no offence but it's pretty embarassing to see a self-appointed theme park 'personality' seemingly using their job at Thorpe Park as self validation for their inflated enthusiast opions. I know many enthusiasts (in the real sense of the word, not this enthusiast "community" cult ideology) who are extremely hard working and have been in the attraction industry for years. They make it all happen to entertain others, they dont get any wider recognition and they dont seek it either. Whereas this Jordan character trying to get PR attention at any opportunity, the tweets, that dumb enthusiast awards thing and many other enthusiast cliques, seem to be far more interested in themselves than working in entertainment. Or getting their enthusiast friends 'in' behind the scenes so they can boast about themselves too. Thorpe Park needs to get back to basics, get back in touch with the public (especially if it's wanting to go for families more like it says it does) and offer a good value day out. Not a day in a tarmac car park sponsored by a hundred fads, with signs constantly reminding you you're on "the island" (whoops, you built over most views of the water years ago!), and then getting egotists to tell others why they're wrong online. Theme parks are really just about having a laugh out with friends, with a day of fun. Isn't that what we all got into it for? People behind the scenes need to be open minded, less self congratulatory and sort the park out properly. But I guess massively glamorising the 'brand' to the point that it bears no resemblance to the park is what they're better at and all they're interested in currently.
  4. Wumbamillio

    Logger's Leap

    I dont want to sound like an angry vox pop but I feel like it's justified here after the continued unprofessional attitude from Thorpe Park Absolutely ridiculous that park doesnt just come out and say "Loggers Leap is closed". How hard is that? The moment Loggers Leap closed it got glossed over by people either too over-optimistic on what to expect from Merlin, or who were doing it to save bad press. While it probably could have been refurbished as necessary and reopened (like any other park would), this just isn't Merlin's track record. No surprise to everybody that it's sat there for years seizing up and much is now probably beyond reasonable repair. So just tell your customers Thorpe Park, the ride is closed. It's the least you could do! You've only created far, far worse response by trying to shove your biggest family attraction under the carpet. And now this tweet, probably because the park is such a joke at the moment that its own staff find it funny (I would). It needs a proper sort out this place.
  5. Wumbamillio

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    It's better than your usual corporate scripted response. But is pretty annoying when it's very try-hard. Who wants their favourite park embodying a Tumblr blogger? It's pretty fake and is only there because it's the trendy thing to do.
  6. Awww I wanted to know about the time the train derailed and flew around the park smashing everything in it's path, but the park conspired to cover up the story and pretend it was about money or rubbish maintenance instead.
  7. Wumbamillio

    Europa Park

    I love how bizarre and unnecessary yet brilliant this is
  8. Wumbamillio

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    Think you're getting a very skew impression of enthusiasts online from a relatively small representation, or online exaggerations. Enthusiasts on the whole don't hate theme parks, unless they're very confused and getting themselves wound up. It's because these parks could be fantastic today and so much more than the way Merlin develop/run them. In the wider picture, I think it's clear that a park made up of a patchwork of IPs and underwhelming attractions will make for a very commercial feeling, mediocre day out. Merlin do it because they don't care about parks long term or even mid term. They just want whatever cheapest option can be used to boost sales that year. If guests respond better to cheap attractions cloaked by a well-known IP slapped on top, then that only makes a case for the decline of the theme park industry. Been shown over and over again that there's much greater value in originality for parks and guests in the long term. The Merlin parks are fast becoming quite esoteric in terms of actual entertainment, relying on growing a 'Merlin brand' following with the beguiled public, rather than simply entertaining guests and giving them a good experience. Europa's IPs you mention are either very self-contained areas (Arthur) that actually live up to the IP, or are very minor attractions. They don't make up sizeable parts of the park or replace classic attractions with IPs at every opportunity. Also I think in the bigger picture, enthusiasts were glad to see IL Bubbleworks go and had actually been wanting a replacement for years. It was appauling that IL Bubbleworks ever happened to Prof Burp's in the first place. And that thank god Gruffalo was a good ride in the end, if dull for what a family dark ride could be. Room On The Broom will probably be similar.
  9. Wumbamillio


    The Disney / Universal are the biggest, wealthiest entertainment companies on the planet and are also in competition with each other, so I wouldnt say that's a fair example. It needn't be as good standards as Disney, it just has to be decent. A better comparison would be the likes of Europa Park, Efteling, Phantasialand, which are all run by companies infinitely smaller than Merlin, but they maintain their parks fantastically. A trip there costs you about the same as a Merlin park but is infinitely better value. True it's not Chessington's choice that they get no budget or structure for this kind of maintenance, it is Merlin's method. Like you say, if it isn't able to be rebranded then they just don't care, this is their strategy. Even with new rides, once the press launch is over they rapidly stop caring. It's not the attitude of a real entertainment company interested in return customers and long term benefits for their parks. However, Chessington is particularly bad at maintaining its effects and attractions, compared to Alton Towers for example. Sometimes it feels like, top down, Chessington are totally unaware that audio, lighting, etc even makes a jot of difference to guests. You would very soon notice the difference in guests' reactions if these attractions as good as they were originally. The fact that "not many" of them actively complain about specifics is true but not really a valid reason to not maintain something. Why should it be the guests' perogetive to know the details of lighting, sound, animation, etc? They are paying for a good experience and instead getting a sub par overall experience. IL Bubbleworks had plenty of regular complaints about how poor it was long before it got removed, nothing was done about it for years until they could get a new brand in. Also, the fact the park looked shabby and run down for years was a frequent online complaint from your average guests, but all that happened was they got the local painter decorators in to paint one facade per year. The only excuse Merlin have is they can just hype up the brand and monopolise the UK market so nobody knows the parks could be any better.
  10. Wumbamillio


    It was a cool themed part of the queue, under a canopy covered in ivy and fog. You'd walk between tombs and past grave plaques on the wall. It hid the ugly building from view as you walked in and made the space feel very different to the horrible concrete square. There used to be bat sounds from the rafters. Then you'd head into the dark tunnel with the flickering lanterns and windows, which used to have choir and tolling bells echoing inside. There was also a simple pepper's ghost effect in one of the windows which hasnt worked properly for years, and more detail/better lighting behind the windows. This was before they started batching before the station too, it was much creepier when you used to queue in it rather than breeze straight through. I remember it being a classic build up to the grand station, but declined massively over time (bad maintenance as usual). It just feels like walking into a tin box now, since like any ride the effect was all in the sound, lighting & scenery..
  11. Wumbamillio

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    Unprofessionalism from many people at the park this year. Certain people predictably still obsessed with using theme parks to further their careers and trying to earn status amongst fans then. Would theme park 'personalities' please stop trying to be the Fright Nights mascot. In reality, a huge amount of collaboration and differnt teams go into putting on these events, most the work never gets seen – because what matters is the end result. But when people start going online to claim "hey I've done this, it's mine, enjoy my work everyone" then you know what people's real agendas were. Fright Nights this year is clearly very poor, perhaps budget from the lords above was a big factor in that. Either way it's a bit sad to see we've got to a state where the people involved in an event and their mates come on to a forum to tell people how clever and smart their work actually is. A bit like when we had Bradley Wynne tell people on Facebook how actually clever Derren Brown's Ghost Train was and how its "supposed" to be disjointed. That's not the point when the end result just doesnt entertain. I'd wish Thorpe Park all the best for next year and hope it goes better. The park needed a really strong Halloween event this year and just didn't manage it.
  12. Wumbamillio


    Anything will be better than what's currently there, because the park have been using the same dodgy mp3 that you used to hear all over YouTube since the change a couple years ago. Very silly when Vampire used to look and sound so fantastic. It's like if Wicker Man's audio was 'lost' and replaced by a bad quality download in 10 years time and all the lighting and scenery stripped out with no replacement. Very careless and unprofessional. The vampire station needs a lot more than just a change of soundtrack though. It needs all the speakers repaired and the dead spots fixed, and really just a total overhaul of the station now that it's become incredibly bare.
  13. Wumbamillio


    There are plenty better locations than this for the attraction. Year on year Legoland loses its lush setting and any respite between the loud/crowded areas by building over every single landscaped patch possible. There will soon be no transition, just big attractions squashed in next to each other. That area by the driving school is already extremely crowded. The train also runs right behind the warehouse. Very typically cheap of Merlin to just leave the rear end exposed too – Legoland didn't do that with the Dragon castle 20 years ago and that was when the park was much smaller.
  14. Wumbamillio

    2018 General Discussion

    "I hate nitpickers" lol
  15. Wumbamillio

    Tomb Blaster

    Who's to say this wasn't their plan all along with Tomb and Bubbleworks? It's either that or sheer idiocy on the part of who looks after the attractions. Either way, Chessington and by extension Merlin's budget strategy don't care for quality or for entertaining the many thousands of paying guests who go through these attractions every day. An absolutely insulting and ridiculous situation. The ride is a joke and an embarassment on what it used to be! Oh yes I'm sure they have tried to remove its queueline. The only alternative is a cattlepen shoved in the available space on the ground. Trust only Merlin, "second largest entertainments company globally", to not be able to 'do' first storey queuelines or look after them properly.