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  1. Ingenius. Why didn't they think to hire you to make the ride?
  2. That's not how big companies work. As a huge multinational (with more parks), they have a much bigger pot of money to spend on their parks than when they just had the 2 or 3 parks in the UK. More parks= more money overall, more money for each park (unless they're not running their business well). Tussauds only had Chessington and Madame Tussauds as big players when they wre installing things like Vampire, Bubble Works, 5th DImension, Dragon River. It was hugely successful, the most successful 10 years the park ever had after that. Those are exactly the kind of new attractions the park is in desperate need of now. Yet we havnt had a proper new ride added (not a replacement but an expansion) since a disk-o in 2010. It should be proportional. Chessington is not a giant park, it doesnt need a giant expansion like their big international parks. It just needs to not be totally neglected anymore. The problem is more Merlin's business model, they go for the easiest option to make money with the lease investment, which is the midways. They probably wouldnt even be in theme parks or attractions if they had their way, 'too expensive' in their eyes. It's just where Nick Varney ended up.
  3. Put it this way, I'm kicking the park for only responding to what people want when it gets them easy money. Any other park reaching 40, even small ones, would at least do something and make an event of it, bring people in. This is surely the main thing people want when they ask for 40th celebreations. But as expected, it was all cancelled bar the merch. Other than that, it is funny how people will spend money to buy a logo for something they never knew or did, although I udnerstand people like to collect this stuff. Nostalgia sells. I might as well go buy a t shirt for a 1981 post punk US tour that I wasnt born for just because I like the record.
  4. It looks good for some anniversary merchandise but what a shame all the park are doing to celebrate is grab some extra cash off fans.
  5. It looked like a video shot on a £10 budget by some ride staff over winter. It was there for only a couple months in 2007. There was no 'virus' seen in the video, just some random clips with voiceover
  6. He did indeed visit the park last week, for all of one hour. Somehow I don't think he likes the place, the funding the park gets from Merlin sure shows it!
  7. I don't think Black Buccaneer is going to return this season and they're just trying to brush it under the carpet. Maybe it won't be returning ever. Painting it silver seems to mean it has some engineering problems due to its age, just like Blade at Alton Towers. The difference is Blade actually got money for a refurbishment granted and it was re-engineered over winter.
  8. Someone pointed out to me it's possible the reason it tries to 'tell the story' in a way that just doesnt suit the running of the attraction could be that this is what the IP holder stipulated, rather than Merlin. Another big issue with having attractions based on IPs, dictating things that aren't realistic for an attraciton Although from their track record it's possible it was a big oversight on MMM's part too, but I dont know.
  9. Do you mean to suggest Thorpe Park made a loss by not meeting that visitor target? I dont know how well they did that year but I'm sure the additional annual cost of operating The Swarm was relatively small Parks make most their profit from in-park expenditure on food and retail rather than tickets. Thorpe built new coasters in quick succession in the 2000s to increase the capacity of the park and increase the draw, to bring numbers way up, but eventually you reach a plateau. I think Merlin found that they'd already reached that point when Swarm didn't reach much higher. However it probably wouldn't have meant the Swarm was not financially viable, it just meant it didn't increase attendance to the heights they (ambitiously) wanted. I would argue they spent too much focus on endless big new rides without thinking about the park on the whole. It wasnt sustainable and you end up with today's poor value for money putting off returning guests. They have actually increased park attendance without increasing the space much, ending up with overcrowding and long queues.
  10. I actually really like that moments are in complete darkness, it's been a long time since a UK attraction has been passed off like that, but the amount of people being sent through an open corridor in a hurry (encouraging you to run) sounds like it could easily cause problems like that. If it was a bit different and used different techniques the darkness could work well.
  11. None of the things you mention have anything to do with either Black Buccaneer not being ready, the way either park assemble their rides, or this new ride being assembled in one day. "Tired engineers in the dark" will make no difference. Both rides have to get the exact same safety certification in order to open. Assembling a ride slowly makes no difference to its safety, knowing what you're doing and attention to detail makes the difference. If it didn't get the certificate, then it would have to be redone anyway.
  12. Well here's a story, I actually enjoyed Walking Dead! But I don't think it will be successful (and apparently hasnt been). The reason is, entertainment has once again been sidelined in favour of marketing formula. The formula is broken. "Every ride must have a world first or an IP" is broken. The ride before this had a wider appeal and attracted an age group much more fitting for the experience. X No Way Out was never designed to be a super scary ride and it never could be. It had a scary edge because of the weirdness and darkness, but it was more than that and could be enjoyed by older kids and young teenagers. By making it themed to a violent horror show, it puts off people who don't like it. Those who do like it will be disappointed, because it's just a dressed up family coaster with some corridors. And those who've never seen the show may be put off by the promise of "actors touching you" and 'extreme' horror (which doesnt really exist). So who are you left with? Who is this ride for? Once again the IP formula shoots the park in the foot. Add to that how poorly designed the entrance and surrounding area is means nobody can find it. So nobody's going in! The ugly barbed wire opposite the sorry remains of Octopus Garden and a big cartoon sign saying "Poop deck" is just the most hilarious thing Ive ever seen. Possibly worse than Legoland's Haunted House as worst Merlin entrance ever. The preshow is total garbage. But after that, the simple fact that something happens during the ride now (like was always intended to) suddenly makes this a fun ride. X was calling out for this for about 20 years! It's insane that it took this long. We now have animations and moments during the stopping points, which creates a memorable ride. The sound design is fantastic too! But again this appeals better to a younger audience than Walking Dead fans. The effects are mostly good and very well timed (although a couple are pretty hokey and I dont like the TVs). This would have worked really well as a family haunted ride, but people expecting extreme horro will just laugh. I enjoyed it, but it should have been done properly. Shouldnt have been IP, should have happened 20 years ago and should have used the preshow rooms instead of just endless corridors. Then it could have been a family staple for Thorpe Park, rather than another Merlin 5 year failure.
  13. Wumbamillio


    To be fair to Merlin, I think in this case the ride's closure is not their fault. "Apprently" it's Vekoma having some quality control troubles. I have no idea personally but am told reliably.
  14. Wumbamillio


    I managed to do Haunted House before it shut for the near future. How this ever got approved shows how little Merlin care at the top (theyve had over 5 years planning this ride and it's turned out THIS badly?) What was already the Pathway From Hell now had this new ride with its entrance/exit backing on to it, seriously the most congested part the park! It's insane. A lot has been said about the 'warehouse' already but seriously, it's shockingly bad. You see the big black warehouse from the moment you look out at the view from The Beginning. Walking towards the ride, you see the box long before you get a proper view of the 'themed' front (which is also very cheap and boring). The "children wont see it" excuse is nonsense The queue is one of the worst cattlepen queues Ive ever seen. The development has totally obliterated what used to be a much needed landscaped buffer space in this part the park. Once looked very nice with the stream running into the lake, lots of models and the train skirting around. Not anymore! The actual madhouse ride is fun and all the kids have a good laugh, which is great but largely thanks to the classic appeal of a madhouse. It's so much better than a drop tower would have been! The party theme is fun and I think it's great they added a colourful twist, but there's absolutely no surprises for kids. All the parents were gearing their kids up for a spooky adventure, only to be greeted with en empty room and some TVs. The preshow is weirdly long considering nothing actually happens. We have a boogie with some disco balls but it reeks of "all the effects planned for this area were cut". There's nothing remotely spooky about the attraction and you feel like you're just in a metal box the entire time. Maybe this won't be so obvious for kids, but design this lazy it takes away so much fun to be had for kids in a good dark ride. The rest the park has made a steady effort to clean up and improve this year, some parts look very refreshing. But on the whole the place still feels tired and soulless. Everything is shoved in. Music will randomly fade out and change as you're walking through an area, suddenly drawing your attention to it. There's so little actual Lego or animations now, other than in Miniland. A very different park to what it used to be. I'm sure there are only going to be more giant warehouses added filled with TVs in the years to come.
  15. I dont know of anything to suggest they're knackered. In theory they could keep going for a long time but who knows. It works best as a family ride and they skuppered that recently, as a thrill ride it's rubbish. It could go back to being a family ride after the stupid contract runs out but the whole thing is just awkwardly placed in the middle of the park. They could do with redeveloping the whole area like you say.
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