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  1. OliIzzy

    2018 General Discussion

    Particularly when you include a 20% annual pass discount
  2. OliIzzy

    Dreamland Margate

    https://theisleofthanetnews.com/permission-granted-for-dreamlands-39-metre-sky-tower-ride/ woooo the Dreamland Drop has been granted planning permission! And living about 5 minutes from this park I can confirm that they are busy building and installing these 9 new rides ready for summer!
  3. OliIzzy

    Food Outlets

    I was under the impression they wanted brands out food looks quite nice
  4. OliIzzy

    Food Outlets

    Seems like Bush BBQ is being replaced! Is this a Merlin own food brand?
  5. OliIzzy


    Has anyone noticed that Colossus seems to be running a lot louder this year?
  6. OliIzzy

    Dreamland Margate

    Dreamland Released a photo showing how it should look when they’re in!
  7. OliIzzy

    Dreamland Margate

    https://www.kentlive.news/whats-on/whats-on-news/9-amazing-new-rides-coming-1396335 just going to plonk this here
  8. OliIzzy

    Food Outlets

    After sending a an email to Thorpe asking a few questions one of the answers was that bush bbq is to be used as an event space for the year; assuming this is for TWD stuff. O
  9. OliIzzy

    Fright Nights 2017

    Oh and also another maze I went on last year at screamland in margate was a clown type maze That in its final section became really confusing because the clown actors without you knowing hand slid a wall across what is basically the corridor toward the exit essentially trapping you in a section of the maze that in itself had lots of doors but all of them either led to dead ends or put you back in this section you were trapped in. The actors would keep laughing and shouting at you telling us we were all lost and then as more and more people became trapped they slid the wall back across and then the exit corridor could be walked through. Was a real cool idea! The clowns also had these air horns that sounded like an old fashioned car horn that they kept using to scare the nuts off you, these had bright lights attached to them as well that blinded you when they made the car horn noise, was absolutely brilliant.
  10. OliIzzy

    Fright Nights 2017

    Tried a maze once at hop farm freak week that was a flow one but you put 3D glasses on, really made for some amazing illusions with props and actors blending into the background etc. However I haven’t seen it since But for me personally strobe lights like the ones in big top that have a large pause between flashes is the best feature because it makes it so disorientating. Smoke machines and strobe lights 😍😍 Also hospital scenes with patients guts open and all over the floor always looks pleasingly disgusting!
  11. OliIzzy

    Thorpe Shark Hotel

    A really good video that shows off some of the imascore mixes
  12. OliIzzy

    Fright Nights 2017

    Another video containing an insane amount of SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS! I agree it seems like they would want to wait until the public nights start before these become available to view also couldnt find the spoiler tag on my phone so I thought bold and underline would do 😂
  13. OliIzzy


    Is this the music used in X now??? https://www.facebook.com/thorpepark/videos/10155346406705867/
  14. OliIzzy


    Has anyone got a recording of this new imascore soundtrack?? Desperados cantina to hear what it sounds like
  15. Just out of interest where is the control room located and what do we reckon it looks like??