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  1. I'm finally 18 for an MOS meet So I may be coming to the evening part! to show off my (coughs) Great dance Moves! LOL
  2. I guess the Reason for these closures could be that Cloud cuckoo land isn't as popular with guests with young children Anymore As there's nothing in cloud cuckoo land that cbeebies land doesn't do better ,apart from maybe the frog hopper Which could be moved over if necessary and the toadstall is so old now I guess it could just be removed! maybe they are just Gradually phasing the land out to make space for a new attraction in the future. (just A theory)
  3. As long as I can get the time off work I would love to be there for the whole weekend!
  4. you've got an annual pass go home get over it and visit another time
  5. I can think of so many better things to do then the time and effort it took to take those photo's of old town! instead of going round being a miserable Whatsit why not use the time to actually go on or Queue for some rides that are open? I just cannot understand your self entitled mentality that these rides should be open For you at all times!!
  6. Tomb blaster Is currently open And displaying a 5 minute Queue time! on chessie's site
  7. Went into the shop Today. it is wonderfully themed and Looks amazing. it has a very creepy atmosphere that made me feel very uneasy so goodness knows what the ride is gonna be like. Was nice to see a shop with a bit more variety then most of the shops at Thorpe. I honestly feel like this ride is gonna be a success it feels part of the park already and it's not even open yet!
  8. Hate people that turn there phones on in the cinema and flash the little lights all around the screen. seriously irritating if you're bored of the film just leave rather then ruining it for other people!
  9. I can confirm my attendance To this one now. Really looking forward to it!
  10. Excuse me I believe the mighty mini mega is one of the worst names they have along with Ramba Zamba and Magic Monsters I think green scream got off lightly compared to them!
  11. SUPER SATURDAY I have been loving this Song Recently,can't get enough of it!
  12. FILM FRIDAY- One of my favourite Disney films and songs let's go Under the sea Also just remembered this one It is so good and so beautiful I can't help but share it. If you haven't seen the film Arrietty I would Recommend it!
  14. WHATEVER WEDNESDAY This song just stirs up emotions in me of the past it's kind of happy and sad at the same time if that makes sense!
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