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  1. Should Island Beats Come Back in the Future?

    Yeah I think they should bring it back It was a good edition, and if it was like a mini festival and summer nights put together it would be amazing and it could work and would attract crowds as Thorpe can get hold of some good artists like in 2015 they had Ella Eyre also Stormzy has is birthday bash there and I'm pretty sure he would do it so it can defiantly work.
  2. New for 2018

    I get that I was told this by my friend who is a staff member and I agree completely different projects. We will just have to wait and see for future announcements or construction.
  3. New for 2018

    This is from what I have been told from staff members and other people, so it may not be 100% true but; 2018 TP: -Removal of Slammer (Been going around the staff room for 2018) -X Closure (Rumour from most people, but recently had its retheme/paint job so imo I think it will stay) -Logger Leap Reopening (According to staff Logger Leap work was going to start this year if they did not get the AMC deal and around the staff room it has been said many times construction should start on it) -TWD Mazes Permanent attraction or themed ride? (nothing has been said within the Thorpe Staff team has been said apart from the twitter post that is all we know but it is possible for something to happen with this IP) -General improvements -Swarm VR (Although the theming will be pointless this rumour has been going around for a long time) -Possibly Announcement or clues for 2020. Yeah so thats what my friend staff member has told me and the rumours that have just been flying around.
  4. New for 2018

    Saw Alive returns with a retheme and is open all year round like its opening years haha
  5. Fright Nights 2017

    I normally do the weakest to the best tbf but exclude platform 15 and sanctum til dark this is normally my order: You can do any order but this is the one I usually do and its pretty effecient and better in mazes and sometimes I get runthroughs on mazes again and I complete the cycle again. Saw Alive TWD: Living Nightmare Containment (If bought ticket) The Big Top Later on: Sanctum Platform 15
  6. Fright Nights 2017 - Spoilers!

    My review of mazes/atmosphere/theming and soundtracks yesterday: Theming around the park was alright more could of been done but the theming for mazes were excellent exterior and interior aswell as the bridge. Sound tracks around the park were very good and fit the them well, but they could have changed the ride station sound track instead of stale old 'lets keep this a quick cut.... Lightss....... Camera............... Action!.' Atomsphere was very good with alot of roaming actors that were very good and before leaving all of them on the bridge also the lighting this year is very cool and the merchandise is alright maybe could've had a bigger range. BIg Top: 9/10 very Intense maze this year, my favourite, the sound track is brilliant and I love the touch of the safety talk via speakers also used in Platform 15, Overall experience the strobe room is very good I got lost and this year I found it very disorientating and actors were very good, I loved the mirror maze and the multiple choice doors and the finale was great as all ways and the walking dead refence was good and the theming and actors was very good I got stalked tickled and even a hand put down my back this year. TWD Santum: 8/10 Very good maze, I loved the theming and actors were very good I got pinned in the corner once and got touched from every angle, Terminus scenes were good. Shout Out to Robert for giving me a Intense experience also it had alot of actors both good in day and dark. They could of played a sound track around the attraction or used the recording they used at press event more often. Platform 15: 8/10 very good improvement, I loved the soundtrack the theming and all the new parts like the village the actors were very good aswell and the smoke made it very good too with also suspense built from the zig zags. Very good maze but had a pointless crawling tunnel and the ending was a bit poor. Saw Alive: 6/1o A good maze as always very intense the actors were very good in there this year and the theming is good as always nothing more to say but is getting a bit stale now. TWD: Living Nightmare: 6/10 A bit overhyped, but is a good maze it had incredible theming and the soundtrack was good got quite a few jumpy scares but when I did it I found a lack of actors and the maze is quite short. Was a great year for fright nights hopefully I get even better runthroughs in future visits Thorpe can do good mazes but they love there IPS and I think there should be half and half IPS and Original attractions like Big Top and Platform 15.
  7. Ride Accidents

    Yeah, I asked Thorpe why Vortex was down all yesterday because thats when I visited and I mentioned about the Ohio State Fair accident; and they replied with the thoughts to all affected in that accident but vortex is temporarily closed as a precaution and they are in close contact with HSE on developments as all our rides undergo thorough maintenance regimes and subject to annual inspections by accredited third party inspection bodies and regular audits by HSE.
  8. Fright Nights 2017

    While I was at Thorpe Park yesterday; where Blair Witch is I saw alot of mini trucks with planks of wood and metal, I believe heading down to loggers leap and platform 15 site whether its for platform or loggers who knows?. But I think they've been clearing it out down there too but I'm not too sure on that, has anyone gone down monks walk recently?.
  9. Headphone recommendations

    I have Beats Solo 2s they are brilliant and some are pretty cheap if I'm honest and it has amazing high quality sound and the Bass OMG its literally sooo good, but I find the wireless headphones any brand worse quality then wired ones in my opinion. But Beats Solo 2 is a good shout!. Callum
  10. Saw 8 (Saw:Legacy) JIGSAW - Lionsgate

    I agree although I love the franchise, I loved the first saw film and yeah the rest was meh the only good things was the traps and the plot twists. Also theres been a rumour that this is a new beginning like to the start of a new series of the franchise so it is rumoured to be like saw and be like JIGSAW, JIGSAW II, JIGSAW III, JIGSAW IV, JIGSAW V ect..
  11. Hello THORPE PARK MANIA, just a quick question; does anyone know about some nights or is it not going ahead or if it hasn't been planned because I have no idea and keep on getting different answers.
  12. Portaventura Summer 2017

    May see you there going at the start of August when are you going?
  13. Saw 8 (Saw:Legacy) JIGSAW - Lionsgate

    I have changed the description, as you pointed out I did not see it at first but it is highly inaccurate, I cannot remember what website I got the description from, but I am now using the wiki to portray the film a bit more accurately then the past description.
  14. Hello people of THORPE PARK MANIA, As we know Saw is a legendary franchise in the film industry and a description of the films The franchise revolves around John Kramer, also called the "Jigsaw Killer" or simply "Jigsaw". He was introduced briefly in Saw and developed in more detail in Saw II. Rather than killing his victims outright, Jigsaw traps them in situations that he calls "tests" or "games" to test their will to live through physical or psychological torture. Despite the fact that John was murdered in Saw III, the films continue to focus on the posthumous influence of the Jigsaw Killer and his apprentices by exploring his character via flashbacks. Firstly it was revealed that the new film to carry on the legacy of the fresh start to the saw franchise was going to be 'Saw:Legacy' but then was later changed to Jigsaw. A trailer was released today from Lionsgate films themself. JIGSAW Trailer 2017 October 27th My opinion on this trailer is that I found it was very unrealistic but the traps shown in the trailer have looked okay so far, I just hope that the film comes out to be a great film. Whats your opinions on the trailer of Saw?. #SAW8 #JIGSAW #LIONSGATE 'Wanna play a game?' -Callum
  15. Next Roller Coaster

    If I'm honest in my opinion is that Old town is going to close everything in there and the whole area is going to have redevelopment, and possibly a re-theme with a new rollercoaster in the new area but that is just my theory.