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  1. Edward Nygma called He wants his gimmick back
  2. Phantasialand Yes it has less rides and a smaller park, but as I have said before..... Taron and Mamba are better than ANY Europa coaster, Chiapas and River Quest are better than ANY Europa water ride and I always think Maus is better than most the dark rides at Europa. Quality over quantity. Europa has some good coasters but doesnt have any that stand out to the point of making me wanna rush back. I was booking flights straight back to Phantasia after Taron. No Europa coaster has that effect on me. I would also appreciate its dark ride collection so much more was it not full to the brim of Disney knock offs. Both are top parks, for me however it goes to Phantasia.
  3. 1. Villa Volta 2.Hex 3. Merlins magic castle 4. Monster house party 5. The Haunting 6. Cassandras curse 7. Feng Ju Palace 8. Impossible
  4. Coaster I like more than most Grand National. Yes its rough and shaky as anything.....but what did people expect from a roller coaster well over 80 years old!!?? I find it good solid fun whenever I go to pleasure beach and its just an absolute classic. Big one. Sticking to the Pleasure beach, Big one may be a bumpy as heck coaster with little to no airtime but it has one of the best first drops I have experienced and is also just fun. A night ride on it is also legendary Coasters I like less than most Wodan. Now I do like Wodan, but I just feel it pales compared to other GCI coasters. Its airtime is not as good as that on Mystic Timbers and it also doesnt feel as rapid or as out of control as Troy. So whilst I like the ride, it just leaves me feeling short changed compared to the two I have just mentioned. Icon. Now this ride is GOOD for the Uk market. I however just find it to be 10 percent decent elements and 90 percent slowly plodding around doing nothing. I can absolutely see why some adore this ride given its smoothness and interactions with the rides around it. I just want something more out of control,eventful and intense. This delivers none of that.
  5. Sounds like the greatest ride ever!! I will happily spend the tenner on one shot fastrack for this!!
  6. An easy one Crossing the causeway into Cedar Point. Nothing will ever beat that drive across lake eerie and seeing the greatest skyline of any park in the world just standing there before me after 14 years of badly wanting to visit!!
  7. Couldnt agree more with the park guests!! On all visits I have had its been full to the rafters with undesirables queue jumping and just acting like idiots around the park. They actually make Thorpes very own clientele of undesirables look like saints and thats saying all one needs to know!!
  8. Ding dong??......the witch is dead?? MAGGIE THATCHER THE RIDE!! Its a sequel to Baron 1898 where she shuts down the Barons mine!!
  9. Park I like more than most - Walibi Holland. Yeah it aint the best park in the world but when you visit during the halloween season its a great visit and it helps that Untamed is one of my top coasters. Park I like less than most - Europa Park. Again, I DO like this park. However I am far from being one of the many that think this park is the holy grail of theme parks. I find their coasters to be relatively middle of the road in that they are good without being spectacular and the fact their dark rides are disney knock offs doesnt really sit well with me.
  10. ........... My favourite song!! Can't wait to see thorpe open a coaster themed to it!!
  11. I aint too sure. The thrill market as a niche is far smaller than the family audience. Disney will most likely always be the biggest family draw in the world so I cant see them rushing to put in thrill coasters purely because Universal have done so. They would have moved to do that back when IOA first opened with Hulk and the Dragons.
  12. Well its high time they actually replaced Curse of Darkastle. Quite impressive they are going for this post pandemic especially with Pantheon due to open next year. Nice bit of pushing the boat out by Busch Gardens.
  13. "Exodus" - a mass departure of people Which confirms it "Brexit the ride" new for 2024!! Nigel Farage does the preshow and as the ride dispatches its him saying "you all laughed at me. Well I have to say you're not laughing now are you!!"
  14. Heres another of mine and I aint sure how "unpopular" it is. I will assume it is given the massive fanbase and popularity Europa has in the theme park/coaster community. Full disclaimer, I really like Europa before anyone things likewise!! Of the two top German parks, I FAR prefer Phantasia to Europa. I believe the following reasons are valid enough. 1. Whilst Europa has a far large coaster selection, I much prefer Taron and Black Mamba to ANY coaster at Europa. I actually personally find most the Europa coasters "middle of the road" with the exception of Wodan. I would rather one world class coaster to a handful of "good ones". Quality over quantity. 2. With water rides. Again, Europa has a far bigger selection but I would have Chiapas and River quest over any of the Europa water rides. Same as I said in point 1. 3. Dark rides. I personally prefer Maus Au Chocolat to all Europas dark rides. I personally cant warm to the dark rides at Europa as I find them to be blatant rip offs of Disney dark rides. 4. I find it a more manageable park in regards to not feeling knackered when walking around and trying to fit it all in. I liken Phantasia to a dish where the portion is just right and the food is incredible whereas Europa is a buffet where one has gone mad stacking the plate high. 5. I think Phantasia has a more unique overall feel to it and the theming quality in my book is far higher. Rookburgh and Klugheim optimise that. 6. I prefer the food options at Phantasia. Rutmoors tavern is heaven and the noodles in China are gorgeous!!. So yeah. They be my reasons for having the opinion of Phantasia being the better park to Europa.
  15. *dusts off topic The top three that come to mind!! 1. Velocicoaster - Well what can I say?? It looks to have it all. Great theming and headchoppers, a story, Taron style launches, flawless pacing, some great looking variety and inversions, gorgeous trains, a big drop and in general looks FAULTLESS. If ANY coaster out there will take my number one coaster status from Steel Vengeance, this is it. Counting down the days to riding it next october. 2. Iron Gwazi - Steel Vengeance and Zadra are by far and away my top two coasters and this looks certain to deliver the same goods Zadra delivers. Breakneck speed and pacing, Amazing drop, the death roll looks to be one of the best inversions out there, the giant outerbank and cutback will both be incredible elements and it simply looks to be yet another masterpiece from RMC. Roll on next year. 3. Fury 325 - The best looking B&M out there. I can almost guarantee this will be an ideal coaster for me given it seems to take the aspects of two of my top ten (Shambhala and Millennium force) and blends them into one package. Restraints,comfort and airtime of Shambhala but with the crazy height and use of speed of Millie. All this combined with what looks like one of if not the best drops out there.
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