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  1. “And I believe this represents the future for spreading a cold across the world!!”
  2. If that ride was a horse, it would have been put down by now!!
  4. Martin Doyle

    Wicker Man

    Its bizarre because sometimes I’ll go and they will let me wait longer for the back and other times they will not. I would say it’s to do with the queue times but it seems the times I’ve asked for the back has been when the line has been longer then when they don’t allow me!! Guess it depends on what mood they are in!! The back on any GCI is the best seat in the house. Mystic Timbers for example was pretty average in the front row but in the back, it’s absolutely brilliant and the same very much goes for Wicker Man. Any seat other than the back 2-3 rows and it’s pretty naff to me.
  5. Looks to be a wonderful coaster!! (Its RMC so that just goes without saying at this stage) Its very interesting to see RMC move to using the “Ibox” track on their ground up models now as opposed to the “Topper” track you get on Wildfire. Supposedly a major reason for that is the complaints of pacing issues that seem to attatch themself to the Topper track models. Can’t wait to ride this at some stage in 2020!! This and Hyperion look like they could be quite the double act!!
  6. Well DBGT is simply the biggest white elephant project in the history of the theme park industry. The ride will most likely be gone before it hits 10 years of operation whereas a solid coaster would have cost roughly the same (if not less) and guaranteed longevity. There lies the problem with a lot of the parks recent investments. They do NOT have a long term future. Tatty short term investment after tatty short term investment aswell as white elephant projects like DBGT as opposed to solid ride investments are a major reason behind why Thorpe are in the doldrums as much as they are right now.
  7. If this really has cost Flamingoland £20 million then they have well and truely had their pants pulled down. Good to see this park get a new coaster but £20 million for a clone of Colossus is them being taken to the cleaners given you could get a Mack multi launch, a GCI woody or an RMC for that figure. Whoever sold this to Flamingoland is laughing all the way to the bank. Still, this from the same park that thought Hero would be a good idea!!....
  8. Very interesting read up as always Whilst Kings Island to me is not a park to travel all the way to America for on its own, it is most certainly worth a visit when combined with days at Cedar Point. I actually enjoyed the atmosphere at the park when I visited but certainly not an atmosphere on the level of Cedar Point. Mystic Timbers to me was by far the star of the show at this park. Whilst front row on it isn’t really that great, the back row felt utterly frantic and the ride at night is sentastional and as such made it my number 1 wooden coaster (even ahead of Wodan and Balder) I do think Diamondback is probably one of my least favourite B&M Hypers but I was quite lucky to have had some solid rides on it airtime wise. I do agree that that trim is utterly stupid though. Banshee...where do I even start!!?? Can somebody please tell B&M that NOBODY LIKES THOSE DAMN VESTS!! Honestly was it not for those vests, it could have been up there with Raptor and Montu as one of my favourite inverts. Thanks to those vests it’s possibly my least favourite and that includes Nemesis Inferno!! I do think the park desperately needs a true WORLD CLASS/ELITE level stand out coaster to go with the current line up. Hopefully the 2020 Giga coaster will give them that.
  9. 1) Intamin 2) RMC 3) B&M 4) GCI 5) Mack
  10. People that complain about M£rlin (or indeed ANY park operator) as it they are the Anti-Christ but then rather than voting with their feet and NOT going to their attractions, go virtually all the time and pump more and more money into their pockets. If I went to a Harvester (other restaurant chains in this context are available) and they kept giving me undercooked food every time and I did nothing but complain, guess what?? I do not go back to Harvester. Maybe I’m making something of nothing but I just find it counterproductive to moan about a business as if they are the bane of ones life but then pour more and more money into it.
  11. Agreed!! The “Team Taron or Team Helix” debate being the prime example. How about just appreciate the fact BOTH rides are world class in their own right. If you think Taron is better than that doesn’t make Helix a poor ride and vice versa!!
  12. Enthusiasts that pretend to be “in the know” about future park projects... ”MY SOURCES ARE TELLING ME THAT THORPE PARK ARE GETTING AN RMC!!” ”MY SOURCES ARE TELLING ME SWARM IS GETTING VR” Oh yeah??...what “source”?? Was the sources name HP source by any chance? was his name Heinz? Uncle Bens? Nando’s extra hot? Danny’s BBQ? Honestly find that whole thing annoying as heck!!
  13. Thought I’d just leave this image below as a reminder of some of what this event once had over the years..... *cries in a corner!! Going from Freezer to Do or die really is like holidaying in the Bahamas one minute then finding yourself in Bognor (no offence to anyone with any connection to Bognor!!)
  14. BIG TOP WILL BE BACK!! As will Freezer,Experiment 10,Hellgate and Se7en..... plus a new RMC!! Oh.....and a top spin ofcourse (legs it before @JoshC. reads!!)
  15. Yep!! That will be more horrifying than any fright night maze!! They can call it “streaking like no other” if they really want!!
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