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Fantasy Island Skegness


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From facebook Theme park logic:


Breaking news: Company behind Fantasy Island goes into administration

The company which owns an amusement park in Skegness has gone into administration.

Conduit Skegness Limited, and associated group trading companies, own Fantasy Island - which includes theme park rides, Europe’s largest permanent seven-day market and 340 static caravan pitches.

The business will continue to operate as usual while the administrators review the company’s financial position, and no job losses are expected among permanent staff.

The seasonal temporary expansion of the payroll during the summer holiday season will also continue as usual.

Paul Clark and Ben Wiles, Managing Directors of Duff & Phelps, have been appointed as administrators.

“Fantasy Island is an important leisure destination that attracts up to 40,000 visitors a day.

As we head into one of the busiest months of the year it is very much business as usual and customers should be assured that this will not impact their experience, whether they are visiting the rides, market or one of the shows.

"It’s also important for employees to know that their jobs will not be impacted during these busy summer months and we look forward to working with the team.”


Home to jubilee Odyssey and Millennium coaster, hopefully the administrators can do good for the park as it seems a very popular one and one where if closed down would be quite back for skegness tbh


What are your thoughts?


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Glad I got the creds when I did then...


It is an absolute DIVE though... Millenium Coaster is good fun and Odyssey is dire as soon as it does anything... It's a horrible, horrible sketchy place though... The giant market doesn't help this factor either...


Worse than Blackpool is an apt description of the area...

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I just admit, it would be dire for Skegness, it will go in the exact same direction as Margate...and fast! 


I liked the coasters when I went on them, however I agree, it was all mix match, and I won't be sorry to see it go, but I really do hope some of those coasters get transferred...go on Thorpe Park just buy some of those rides cheap, Theme it was another trashed, apocalypse/saw theme and you will be well away! :P 

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This is very concerning and I hope it can be saved as it won't be good if the uk loses another theme park considering we've lost American Adventure, Ocean Beach,Loudoun Castle, Dream Land and Camelot to mention some who have disappeared in the last 10 years from the industry and I don't think we can afford to lose more.

Wish I made it to fantasy island now as it not just home to millenium and odyssey but the weird wonderful world that's Seaquarium.

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Thorpe should buy Amazing Confusion. That ride looks insane and would be a huge loss to the uk theme park scene

The throughput would be way too low. Considering rides like samurai with decent ride time and 30people per ride barely hit 500people per hour I would be surprised if amazing confusion even managed the 300pph mark seeing as it has long cycles and only seats 20people per ride. It's all very well trying to shorten the cycle but the amount of time it takes to reach the top would make the cycle long and then you would feel very disappointed only doing one revolution.

I reckon if fantasy island was to close thorpe may take an interest but I sincerely hope they do not buy the beast as it will just end up like samurai is currently now as it has been knackered by the park. If thorpe are going to replace samurai, they need to replace it with a new Topscan.

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Yo I'm planning on coming here on Sunday. Are the crowds usually big mid-September?

Any tips for the park to get the best day out of it?

Also where's best to get tickets because I'm finding that the website is down?


Cynicism and criticism regarding the park welcome


Thanks xo

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I don't think I'll be visiting Fantasy Island anytime soon.


What a shocking thing to happen in a theme park - it's no wonder they don't get any guests with staff like that!

tut tut fantasy island. The only good rides at fantasy island now are amazing confusion and beast. hopefully they get sold to a good park like adventure island or to a showman.
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