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Mafia: TPM Edition

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"You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension. A dimension of sound. A dimension of sight. A dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into…The Twilight Zone. Tonight’s story on The Twilight Zone is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. We invite you, if you dare, to sign up because in this episode you are the star. And this game travels directly to…The Twilight Zone."



Hello friends. Improve The Smiler and The Dark Forest were moderate successes.  I want to try something different and attempt a game of Mafia.
Synopsis (stolen from MafiaScum): 
The basic idea of Mafia is that out of all the people playing, there's a small group of Mafia trying to bring everyone else down. Everyone else is in the Town, otherwise called "villagers" or "innocents" or so forth.
The Town's goal is to get rid of all the scum players. They do this by taking a majority vote each game Day for who they want to get rid of. The Mafia's goal is to outlast all of the Townies until they control the majority vote, at which time there's nothing the Town can do to stop the scum from completely taking over. They can do this by avoiding being voted out and killing players during the Night phases following each game Day. The crowd that starts the game gets whittled down until eventually only one faction remains in the game.
So strategically, the game comes down to Townies finding and voting out the Mafia as often as possible. The Mafia tries to avoid getting voted out and kill off the players who threaten them at Night.

The role assignments - Town or Mafia - are randomised at the beginning of each game. Players are told their alignment via private message. It is against the rules to show a copy of your Role PM to the other players - what happens ingame is based on how the other players perceive you.
Most online games start during the Day. Players vote amongst themselves for who should be removed from the group. The player who receives a majority vote is killed and their role is revealed for everyone to see. After that, the game goes to Night. The Mafia is able to talk amongst themselves via a secure chat thread and may as a group murder one player of their choice. In addition, some special Town roles may have actions they may take during the Night, but most Townies simply wait for the next Day.
The cycle of Day and Night continues until either all of the Mafia have been removed from the game or all of the Townies have been removed from the game. In most cases, the game can be called when the Mafia gains veto power over the Day's vote - that is, when all of the Mafia voting together can prevent a majority from ever sentencing one of their own.


Why You Should Play:

  • I'm running it so it has to be great.
  • Insult your fellow forum friends and enemies alike!
  • It will have a theme park theme. Play as Marc Simpson!

Why You Shouldn't Play:

  • You cannot deal with the fact that at least one person is going to want you dead.
  • You will probably die.
  • You hate fun.
  • You will not post actively.

Sign up below if you are interested. If this has enough interest it will go ahead. We need a minimum of 9 players. Sign ups close Wednesday 3rd September at the latest.


More info:  wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Main_Page



Player List:

  1. JoshC. - Town-Aligned Vigilante, killed Night 3 
  2. CoasterDude - Mafia-Aligned Vanilla, lynched Day 3
  3. kinnaird
  4. LePaigeHalil_- Town-Aligned Vanilla, killed Night 2
  5. Tommy - Town-Aligned Miller, killed Night 4
  6. Mark9
  7. Jason - Town-Aligned Cop, lynched Day 1
  8. pluk
  9. J.S217 - Mafia-Aligned Ninja, lynched Day 4
  10. Peaj
  11. Dan9
  12. JamminGamer - Town-Aligned Docter, killed Night 1
  13. Cornflakes
  14. Ryan - 3rd Party Lover, committed suicide Night 2

:excl: Signups Closed :excl: 

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:excl: Game will be starting tonight at 8pm! Everyone will have received their roles by then. :excl: 




September 2nd, 2014.  For some unknown reason 15 of the biggest names in the theme park world have been transported through the 5th dimension. They arrive at an otherwise empty mountain village. No one knows why he or she has been picked or what their purpose is. Unbeknownst to the other innocent villagers, the more malevolent characters within the group have created a gruesome and ruthless mafia. Seeking to rise up and assume complete control, they strike out in the dead of night and attack the leader of the people, Mickey Mouse! Now the town must put to justice these wrongdoers before they take them out, one by one.



·      Standard forum rules apply.

·      No editing posts. Double/triple/etc posts are allowed however. Don't quote mod communication/role PMs (paraphrase), no out of thread communication unless your role allows it, no fake actions, and play within the spirit of the game.

·      Majority lynch. Please don't post after hammer. You may post after any day actions until I resolve them unless it looks like you just got killed obviously.

·      If you have any questions ask me! PM is easier than in thread.

·      You may not post or communicate in any way to with this game if you have been killed.

·      Have fun!


Failure to follow these rules may result in you being removed from the game. You have been warned.



·      To format your vote please type "##vote targetname" in bold. ##unvote if you wish to remove your vote from someone but not put it on someone else yet. This is so I can easily see the vote.

·      I am going to have to manually count the votes so if you think I have got something wrong, tell me. If you abuse this, prepare to face my wrath!



·      Since this is the first mafia game for many of you, I will give you all some words of wisdom.

·      To win this, the mafia are going to have to lie. Town should be very wary of assuming someone is on their side.

·      Not posting makes the game harder and less fun for everyone involved.

·      There are 10 town-aligned characters in this game, 3 mafia-aligned and 1 3rd party character. The 3rd party character may help town, mafia or remain by themselves.

·      Here is website that features all the roles that could be in this game: http://brianlance.net/mscumB.swf it looks a bit overwhelming but I have picked the simpler ones.



The Flip:


The flip is one of the most useful parts of the game. When a player is killed, I will ‘flip’ their identity and reveal, who has died, what their powers were and whether they were aligned with the town, mafia or a 3rd party.


Format:  Player Name, Alignment + Role, Flavour Name was killed on Day/Night X.






Turtle, Town Aligned Tracker, Indiana Jones has died on Night 1!

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