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It's ALMOST as if the video is just a quick visual representation of the ride rather than real life...

Resurrecting this thread (and renaming it), cos we don't reallllllllly need a thread for each Six Flags park.  Surprised this hasn't cropped up on here before now though...   Six Flags Fiest

Only thing that is really interesting me is the S&S Free Fly to be honest.  Looks fun and hopefully can better the Intamin ZacSpins.   Twisted Colossus looks good, but fear of throughput and oth

sometimes cookie cutters are better than what we have its just they use them over and over. I understand america is massive but they could try and make each park different.

but what they are doing with these giant loops its like everyone would be in a uproar if merlin thought "lets shove a miami trip into every uk park!" It would cause world war 3. The US has tons of these giant loops already! I prefer originality which is why our parks are good!
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You are forgetting america is massive and takes forever to get anywhere. There may be lots of them already but they are far apart. The UK is tiny so you cant do that. However saying that a to order that many of giant loops is certainty questionable to say the least. Exact copys of major rides shouldn't be done, for example lex luthor drop of doom and zumanjaro drop of doom. However copying something small like a loop isnt that bad its like saying Alton cant have ripsaw because CWOA has rameses revenge.


Somehow I managed to miss 2 of their coaster announcements, Wicked cyclone looks pretty good but batman the ride and twisted Colossus are well. Lets say they both have there faults.

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You obviously haven't seen the likes of this then... ;)


Actually I've been on Insane and I loved it. So I know what a ZacSpin is. It was a bit rough on the man area though.

The restraints on the S&S prototype looked a lot tighter and more bulky than the horrid Intamin ones, so I have high hopes for this coaster.

It also spins a LOT faster on the bumps (the actual prototype, not in the video I posted)

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This may be kicking a dead horse but jesus christ this new ride is very impressive.

(very big spoiler cos its a POV n stuff)


Unfortunately due to the 3dness I was unable to fully grasp the screens, but they mostly looked slightly too cartoony for my liking. But that has been proven to work, like in the old spiderman.


The ride system is very impressive. The movements look great, and the use of targets on the videos is also fantastic. 

And the animatronic scenes rather then projections were so much more impressive then I personally could've expected from Six Flags. The joker animatronic was absolutely fantastic.

Great use of fire, smoke and strobes, and overall a very good looking ride for the six flags portfolio. Seriously, seriously impressed considering their track record with theming and immersive experiences.

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I do wish Six flags would stop RMC'ing rides for the sake of RMC'ing. By 2020 there won't be any proper woodies left in their parks, just a whole load of hybrids.

I so t get why they can't just built a new outstanding one without converting an existing woodie in to one, the earlier ones looked good but I think they're starting to go a bit overboard on these things now.

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Its probably alot cheaper to convert the genuine woodies into RMCs because they dont have the hassle of paying for supports and terrain forming, for alot fo the time its just throw away the track, maybe add a couple supports here and there and throw on some new track.

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The choice does confuse me as there are much more eligible woodies to under go this, namely its cousin in SFA but yeah this is a cheap way of getting more people in the park and it will be interesting to see how RMC will make out of an already twisty layout by GCI. It's a shame really as I heard it weren't all that bad, in fact quite the opposite, anyway I'm excited to see what they do with it :)

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