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Based on my views today, which by the way, can change slightly depending on my mood!

1. Nemesis, Alton Towers

2. Montu, Busch Gardens Africa

3. Black Mamba, Phantasialand

4. Blue Fire, Europa-Park

5. Kumba, Busch Gardens Africa

6. Fluch von Novgorod, Hansa-Park (bit of a fanboy vote this one, but the launch! the theming!)

7. Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom

8. Troy, Toverland

9. Expedition Ge Force, Holiday Park

10. Tonnerre de Zeus, Parc Astérix

Could Swarm threaten this? We shall see at the weekend! :wub:

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Millennium Force Maverick Nemesis Top Thrill Dragster Rock 'n' RollercoasterOblivion Wicked Twister Ravine Flyer II Magnum XL-200 Megafobia They are interchangeable depending on what I feel like, but yeah, lets just call them my 10 fav rides. Hopefully that should change a lot this year.

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My top Ten B&M's1. Superman de Acero - WB Madrid. Pure brilliance. For it to remain my favourite B&M for five years is testament to the rides quality. It has something for everyone to enjoy, even if it is a floorless in a field.2. Katun - Miribilandia. Everything I would want in an inverter is on Katun. From air time on the first drop to the snappy cobra roll and the excellent helix finale. It's first class B&M3. Nemesis - Alton Towers. As if it needs to be said why this is there. Despite being 18 years old it doesn't look old.4. Manta - Seaworld Orlando. I think this does flying coasters real justice. People don't like pretzel loops but I adored watching the train drop in front of me. That queueline to :wub:5. Oblivion - Alton Towers. It's a real testament to Alton that it has two of my top five B&M's. Whilst Oblivion doesn't have the elements of other Beemers, its such an original and dramatic ride it deserves its place.6. Black Mamba - Phantasialand. Aww man, It's probably the B&M I most wish to go on again, been six years somehow. Loved it.7. The Swarm - Thorpe Park. The newest one. Excellent ride and really uses the wing rider arrangement well.8. Hungarian Hungtail - Islands of Adventure. Choosing your dragon is like choosing between Milka happy cow and Milka Daim. Both so good but a choice must be made. I prefer HH as it's a bit more snappy and the elements are a bit different. CF was a little bit to show offy.9. Raptor - Gardaland. Slightly biased, I think Swarm is only ahead because it's half an hour drive whereas Raptor is a plane and several hours drive away. I love Raptor and it's gorgeous theming.10. Kraken - Seaworld Orlando. Silky smooth but looses so many points because of its lack of pathway interaction. And plus it's not half as impressive as De acero.Bubbling Under - Silver Star, The Incredible Hulk, Nemesis Inferno, Chinese Fireball, Air, Batman LA Fuga.

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Just Coasters... Updated since Blackpool as well as some other move arounds.

1.) Oblivion

2.) Saw: The Ride :)

3.) Stealth

4.) Nemesis Inferno (has to be the back right seat) ;O

5.) Grand National

6.) Wild Mouse (PBB)

7.) Dragon's Fury

8.) The Swarm

9.) Colossus

10.) Nemesis Moan at me for putting it this far up the list... It's a good coaster but just isn't my preference of what makes a coaster one of my favourites. :blush:

Not going to moan at you for putting Nemesis (and The Swarm...) so low down, but Stealth at number 3!?! :blush:

Joking of course, everyone's entitled to opinions, etc. etc. :P First time I've ever seen all of Thorpe's major coaster preferred over Nemesis though. XD

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Mid way through the season, my top ten rollercoasters.

1. Expedition Everest. (2011) Seems odd to have a Vekoma as my number one rollercoaster but it's the perfect ride in my opinion. Fun, themed, interesting queueline, mildly thrilling, good interaction with scenery and surroundings, effects.

2. Superman de Acero. (2007) Has been my top B&M for five years now and I think thats mainly due to the excellent of its layout. From g-force to air time, giant inversions to ground hugging helixes. It's the perfect combination of everything I love about a rollercoaster. it loses out on Everest because its theme only extends to the rides queue line.

3. Katun. (2011) Simply awesome. A ride with class, thrills and all that old school B&M G-Force. It was enough to cement Miribilandia as a truly classic park in my head and I can't wait to go back out to Italy for another ride.

4. Nemesis (2004). Everyone knows Nemesis and why you should love it too.

5. Oz'Iris (2012). Completing the B&M inverter triumvirate is Oz'Iris. The only reason this doesn't beat the others is purely it's layout as a teeny weeny bit less pace to it then the other two. It's a very strong rollercoaster though and has the best B&M queueline I've encountered.

6. Manta (2011). As only my second flyer it didn't have to do too much to beat Air. The fact it did it in such style impressed me a lot. It's such a nice ride and quite bizarre thanks to the pretzel loop and its amazing aquarium queueline.

7. Blue Fire (2010). What I think most impressed me about Blue Fire (and what continues to impress me) is how Mack outdid Intamin's efforts with its first attempt. iSpeed, Baco, Stealth and Rita can't hold a candle to Blue Fire. It's fantastic.

8. Shambhala (2012). Fantastic ride that is an utter joy to ride. For me, if its queueline hadn't been so soul destroying, I think it would be my number one ride.

9. Oblivion (2004). I never understand why this makes it into my own top ten until I reride it and then I remember how excellent and polished the ride experience is. It never loses its kick, no matter how many times I ride it.

10. Black Mamba (2006). It's been a while since I've been on the German B&M so its testament to its quality that I remember the ride so vividly. Love its station, love its queueline. Suffers from a lack of pacing towards the end. Nonetheless, worth a visit to Phantasialand for.

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With the 2012 season over and new coaster opportunities over for another year I guess it is time to try and decide how this years new experiences change things. Things also shuffle about with the passage of time, as memories fade of rides experienced on single distant visits those I am more familiar with rise to the top...


1 - Nemesis (AT) - Pretty much perfect in every way. By far (until OzIris happened) the best B+M invert I've ridden.

2 - Zeus (Asterix) - Huge amounts of airtime and a pleasing roughness giving it some real character.

3 - OzIris (Asterix) - Lives up to the initial reviews, immaculately themed, beautifully paced and just keeps giving.

4 - Goliath (6flags MM) - Because greying out is always fun. Immense.

5 - Ghost Rider (KBF) - Wood, long, fast. Some people moan about it's roughness but that's how I like it.

6 - Salvation (6flags MM) - This is the smooth fast style of Woodie AT should be looking at. And fire effects on a WOODEN coaster? Yes please!

7 - The Swarm (Thorpe) - After an underwhelming first ride it has grown on me no end. The first drop, station fly over, theming and interaction make it. Still think it is a little short and dies at the end though.

8 - Air (AT) - It's a great design for a flying coaster, just the right intensity. Might not be as big and impressive as Tatsu, but rides a whole lot better.

9 - X2 (6flags MM) - In may ways quite a horrible painful ride, but it is so unique and does have its moments of brilliance.

10 - Stealth (Thorpe) - Probably because I haven't ridden TTD.

The drop-outs:

Oblivion (AT) - Unthinkable it wouldn't be up there quite recently. It is still pretty amazing but the state of the poor old thing is starting to actually detract from the experience, hopefully SW7 will include a solid spruce up. Again, it's just the right design for a dive machine and the original pre ride build up really ramped up the fear. SheiKra might do a lot else, but it doesn't do the dive as well so what's the point?

Dragon Fury - (Chessington) I do love spinning coasters and this is the best example imo. Not ridden this year, think it might creep back in in future.

Steeplechase - (BPB) Could no longer justify having such a novelty coaster up there. Probably one of the least forceful coasters in the world. But I love it, so much fun. Extra points for being a massive F U to health and safety - don't wanna die? Best hold on then!

The nearly made its:

Big Thunder Mountain (DLRP) Sooooo much fun.

Crushes Coaster (DLRP) Outside of throughput problems deserves none of the hate thrown at it. Solid coaster with fun Disney standard dark ride start.


Non coasters

1 - The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman (IOA) - It really is amazing. I rode it again and again, sometimes with the glasses on, sometimes off, trying to work out how it all works. However they've done it the overall result is sensational, completely immersing you in another world.

2 - Mickeys Philarmagic (DMK) - Just enchanting. It is 10minute slice of pure Disney; funny, sickly sweet and perfect in every way.

3 - Tower Of Terror (DLRP) - A change from the USA to France, this sequence I thought was superb. Totally immersive experience leads up to an incredibly fun ride. The corridor disappearing into the night sky is another effect that makes my head hurt with it's brilliance.

4 - Hex - (AT) - A superbly executed, deeply themed walk through leading to a great effect in the madhouse. Now I know what's coming I love watching the reactions of those who don't. Sets the standard for UK theming.

5 - Bilge Rat Barges (IOA) - The best water ride I've ridden. So wild, makes all other rapids rides feel tame.

6 - Mission Space (Epcot) - Such a clever trick, the effect is amazing

7 - Nemesis Sub Terra (AT) - The thought of this being on here after my first pathetic experience was laughable, but they really have turned it around.

8 - Cinemagique (DLRP) - Not much more than a film showing, but what a film and massively enhanced by the few real life effects.

9 - Hearts and Diamonds (aka round-up) - (Various travelling fairs) You can spend all you like on a big shiny s+s prototype, but the ultimate 'flat' thrill is still this very simple, seatbelt-less, incredibly intense ride. Huge throughput for a flat, too. Why don't they turn up in modern theme parks?

10 - The Snails - (Joyland, Grt Yarmouth) - A really personal choice, one of my earliest memories. Having ridden it again as an adult it is still a fun ride with character that can only come with age. (decided it is actually a coaster, still love it just as much)

The drop outs:

Simple because they don't exist any more, other than as husks of their former selves. Current rides only is my new rule.

Bubbleworks - (CWOA) - The original, no ducks allowed. The main ride was pure childish fun with a bit of soul, the finale was a truly awesome effect to a child. Bring on the strobes.

5th Dimension (CWOA) - Getting shrunk and attacked by Arctic alien with laser type things, an 8 year olds dream. The smell of dry ice puts me right back in front of zapomatic even now. What I would give to be able to ride it today.

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Going to do one of these now as well, otherwise I'll forget.. I tend to do a Top 5 for coasters and non-coasters (simply as I haven't done that many!), and then sometimes a Top 10 rides list as to how the coasters compete with the non coasters. Having done many new things this year actually, but my views have changed a fair bit since around this time last year.


1) The Swarm (Thorpe Park). Absolutely incredible ride. Paced perfectly, brilliant theme, great theming and landscaping, nice audio and a great back story / story in general. Very re-ridable and practically perfect in every way. (At night is just amazing too! :wub:). 9.5/10

2) Nemesis (Alton Towers). After 5 years sitting on top of the perch, it's been kicked off. However, it is still amazing in all of the departments and ticks all the boxes. 9/10

3) Th13teen (Alton Towers). Ignoring the bad marketing of the ride (which you should), this ride is great, bar the trims. The theming is great and is growing well with age already I think. The outdoor section is fun, but the fact that the trims are painfully obvious knocks of loads of points. The inside section is pure genius in my eyes. 8/10

4) Saw - The Ride (Thorpe Park). Probably the biggest change leaper this year. My only real gripe with the ride is the audio. The ride is great, as per usual, I'll argue it's intense, not rough :P, and everything else works well. Though not the best themed ride ever, it's very well styled. 7.5/10

5) Nemesis Inferno (Thorpe Park). With two new additions in the coaster top 5, it was almost inevitable that this was going to drop a place or two, but it's at the bottom of my top 5 now. I enjoy it, love the audio and think it's better than people make it out to be. However, it's just that there's coaster which are better and enjoy more. 7.5/10 (NB: Whilst Saw and Inferno have the same rating, I wouldn't call them equal. In actual fact, Saw's probably more rated as 7.6-7.7, but I just like to round to the nearest half otherwise it looks a bit untidy / strange).

Honorary Mention) The Antelope (Gulliver's World). I always stick an honorary mention in; usually it's one that I have a soft spot for / just missed out. I did a dedicated blog entry to this, so I'll keep it short and sweet - not the greatest ride or layout, but I loved it when I went on it. What else is there to say?


1) Nemesis: Sub Terra (Alton Towers). Despite knowing what the ride system was, and feeling a little underwhelmed by that element on my first ride, the whole experience is great. The frantic, high speed worrying scenario it creates is amazing. The story line is brilliant, and the way the ride plays out (well, at least now, as having read reviews from when it opened, it sounded Sub-Standard) is brilliant. 8/10

2) Hex (Alton Towers). I don't think this really needs explanation. The experience as a whole is amazing, and everything works so well, and yet feels effortless. 8/10 (NB: Same rating as Sub Terra as they are equally good, but I simply prefer Sub Terra).

3) Rush (Thorpe Park). The big swing designed for big kids makes me feel like a little boy. I enjoy it so much, always gives a buzz afterwards as well. Just as long as the cycle in long enough, it's a great ride. 7/10

4) Detonator (Thorpe Park). A large enough drop tower that builds great suspense and shoves you down. If you like drop towers, how can you not like this? 7/10

5) I really can't place one here. Rides such as Kobra, Tomb Blaster (Chessie), Submission, Duel (AT) and Loggers Leap (Thorpe) all jostle for places here, along with a couple of others. Really could not put a fifth place one here.

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I said I'd do this after Europa... So...

1 - Nemesis

Still clinging onto the top spot... Maybe because of the whole first inverting coaster, it does hold some place in my heart like Vampire... Unlike Vampire however, it is still a beast, and one of the best Inverts in the world...

2 - Katun

The Italian beast remains... This weirdly amazing American style Invert was a truly breathtaking ride last year, and is certainly not ridden by enough people it seems... Worth the entrance price to Mirabilandia alone...

3 - Blue Fire New for 2012

Just look at my trip report for an in depth explanation on this... Gorgeous, well designed, near as damn the perfect ride with airtime, smoothness and some bouts of intensity to boot... Needless to say that more parks need to buy Mack Megacoasters, and I will put it out there now that Liseberg's will be fantastic...

4 - Oz'Iris New for 2012

For a few months this made my top 3 all B&M Inverts... Says a lot about the ride type, but only in Europe... We are extremely lucky to have 3 world class coasters in the continent, whilst it has apparently gotten slower or whatever, that should not detract from an extremely amazing looking area and one of the best queuelines in the world... The ride is a weird and unique layout, with some great B&M parts... Plus it has the best operator chair ever <3

5 - Revenge of the Mummy

Mark9 is wrong... I do indeed love this ride... Whether it's aged badly I have no idea, but I found the dark ride theming brilliant, and whilst the ride portion lacks this, the launch and airtime filled course makes it very re-rideable for me... Also... Cups of coffee...

6 - The Beast

The longest wooden coaster in the world is a weird creature, and works much like the Ultimate, but in a much better fashion, as it focuses a lot on the pure build up of speed through a forest... Lots of straights, but due to this acceleration, it doesn't detract... Let alone how it changes from good to unbelievably awesome at night, where the sense of speed in the pitch black completely changes the aspect of the ride...

7 - Tonnerre de Zeus

Ton of Air is the classic CCI coaster... Wild, full of airtime, laterals, and just generally mental... The back row on the first drop is one of the great ride sensations, and causes sheer panic, fear and joy simultaneously... Two fantastic rides closer to us than Disney, easily worth the drive...

8 - Top Thrill Dragster

Poor Intamin, I do deride them a fair bit, but really, TTD is sommat that deserves some recognition, as it is a pure example of how powerful (though wasteful, but that's another topic) the Hydraulic launch system can be... It s a much more dominating ride in comparison to Stealth, and is one of the few rides in recent times where I've been nervous of riding... Fantastic launch, unparalled with the lap bar...

9 - Fluch von Novgorod

It's dropped a bit since last year, but only due to more new amazing rides joining the line up... But Fluch is easily the best example of an Eurofighter, and it's so weird to think that a small independently run park opened such a fantastic version of this type the same year as Saw... Great theming, great launch, great indoor section of madness, great exit path (including slide and maze)... Worth a visit...

10 - Megaphobia

Rounding it off is Wales' answer to Ton of Air... Not as good, but a damn fine ride in it's own right... Excellent fun and does share some similarities with Zeus, needs a revisit in the future, but I would imagine it's still the fun ride I remember it to be...

Other 2012 Near Misses

Anubis (Plopsaland) - Pretty damn fun ride, Gerstlauer launches are just fab... Also based off a fab TV show, I can't wait to return to the park with actual knowledge of it, but the ride is not good enough to make it into the top 10...

Swarm - Yeah, it's good, but hell, I think even Raptor might even have the edge over it... It's easily Thorpe's best ride, but really with the lack of consistency with the theming and effects, it does drop some points... It does have some excellent portions, but I think as an overall package it does lack a few parts that Raptor does better (the middle portion and finale)...

Wodan (Europa) - Excellent ride, it really is... Probably my favourite GCI so far (With Lightning Racer up there) with an exceptional queue-line and look... The ride though is weird when you look at the older style rides, and really, just not as good at the end of the day... Not as wild or terrifying... On the other hand it's great fun and re-rideable, and doesn't have burdenous seat-belts...

Other Mentions

The Euro-Raves (Europa) - Truly rides to be experienced to understand why they have a relatively cult following, EuroSat is a weird indoor coaster, very much inspired by the works of Anton, with tight turns and sharp brakes, whilst Euro-Mir is the strangest of all, with controlled spinning and a random as hell layout that ends (sometimes) with one of the most intense ride sequences I've experience... Regardless, they're very fun and my recent trip made me realise how good they are... Besides, THOSE SOUNDTRACKS <3

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Joining in, cause everyone loves lists.


1. Expedition Everest. Just proves to me that what I'm looking for in rides is not the highest, the fastest or the most loops. I'm looking for that themed experience, that ride with a narrative, one that pushes every boundary to be the most immersive it can be. Including disco light Yeti.

2. Superman la/ Attaccion de Acero. I'm starting to wonder if anything can ever take this down as my favourite B&M. It's about as generic as it comes in terms of layout but it's like it doesn't fall into any of the traps that the American B&M's fall into. Such a wonderful ride.

3. Katun. Starting my B&M inverter threesome is Katun, the Italian wonder. An absolute beast of a ride and even with trims is a thrilling and immense experience from beginning to end. That first drop is incredible.

4. Nemesis. The Inverter classic, it took something mighty special to beat this as my favourite inverter. 19 years on it has a bite to it that very few rides can tackle. The layout is inspired as I'm sure many of you know.

5. New for 2012 Oz'Iris. Completing the threesome, Oz'Iris is a very special ride that utilises theming to the highest degree to give a satisfying experience. I adore its first drop and its zero g roll is B&M perfection. It narrowly gets beaten by the other two by being just that little bit less intense.

6. New for 2012 Kumba. Part of me is very glad that I enjoyed this attraction so much, I had some misgivings that all the other similarly designed rides like Kraken, Superman de Acero and Dragon Khan would ruin its effect. Luckily it did nothing of the sort and I found this to be one of those top tier B&M's that I could easily ride all day.

7. Manta. Despite the shoddy operation, I really enjoy Manta. But then I am one of those rare few that adore Pretzel loops so maybe that has something to do with it. Nonetheless, if it wasn't for shoddy operation, I could ride this all day long as its ride experience is fun and its queueline is top notch.

8. Blue Fire: Megacoaster. Breaking up the B&M domination is Blue Fire, the most awesome coaster ever built by Mack. It's an absolutely inspired roller coaster. The more Intamin launchers I get on, the more I realise just what a quality product Blue Fire is and how flawed Intamins version really is.

9. New for 2012 Shambhala. I didn't honestly expect this to feature. You always hear negative things about B&M mega coasters on forums so for Shambhala to completely knock me for six was unexpected. Suffice to say, a long ride packed with air time, splashes, spectacular air time hills and drawving Dragon Khan.

10. Black Mamba. Narrowly making it into my top ten is another inverter. I really need to get back on this as I have really fond memories form six years ago.

The nearly made it list - Tonnerre de Zeus, Space Mountain (WDW) Oblivion, iSpeed, Sheikra, Megafobia, Grand National, Big Dipper

My least favourite.

5. Primeval Whirl. It actually insults me that this is pile of junk is considered worthy of a Disney park.

4. Tornado.Come on Intamin, even Vekoma made an effort with their inverted coaster.

3. Shamu Express. It actually insults me that this is Seaworld Orlandos best idea for a kiddy coaster.

2. Sequoia Adventure. Why oh why oh why oh why. Ouch Ouch Ouch, make it stop, no not again, ow. Not a good ride.

1. Furius Baco. Never have I ridden something so attrociously bad in rollercoaster form. Raptor and the Swarm probably didn't help matters. It's just beggars belief that Intamin designed something so bad when its launch is so good.

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The theming is good. Not quite Black Mamba or Wodan, but damn good all the same and certainly one of the better themed major rides in Europe. I love the cute French jokes in the queueline!

The wheels were changed - I think I just expected a litle more intensity. It has a very unique layout, but aside from a couple of 'eee' moments, I just felt it fell a little flat.

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Expedition Everest Disney Animal King FL,y,y,1
Katun Mirabilandia IT,y,y,2
Superman la Atraccion Parque Warner Madr ES,y,n,3
Nemesis Alton Towers UK,y,y,4
OzIris Parc Asterix FR,y,y,5
Kumba Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,y,6
Manta SeaWorld Orlando FL,y,y,7
Blue Fire Megacoaster Europa Park DE,y,n,8
Shambhala Port Aventura ES,y,y,9
Black Mamba Phantasialand DE,y,n,10
Favorite Wood Coaster Any Park Anywhere **,y,y,11
iSpeed Mirabilandia IT,y,n,12
Oblivion Alton Towers UK,y,y,13
The Swarm Thorpe Park UK,y,y,14
SheiKra Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,y,15
Raptor Gardaland IT,y,n,16
Dragon's Fury Chessington UK,y,y,17
Euro-Mir Europa-Park DE,y,n,18
Silver Star Europa-Park DE,y,n,19
Euro-Sat Europa-Park DE,y,n,20
Dragon Khan Port Aventura ES,y,y,21
Space Mountain WDW Magic Kingdom FL,y,y,22
Nemesis Inferno Thorpe Park UK,y,y,23
Stealth Thorpe Park UK,y,y,24
Kraken SeaWorld Orlando FL,y,y,25
Big Thunder Mountain WDW Magic Kingdom FL,y,y,26
Speed: No Limits Oakwood UK,y,n,27
Chinese Fireball Islands of Adventu FL,y,y,28
Fav Jet Star II Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,29
Fav Mack YoungStar Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,30
Batman The Ride/Clone SF & Other Parks **,y,n,31
Montu Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,y,32
Hungarian Horntail Islands of Adventu FL,y,y,33
Winjas - Fear Phantasialand DE,y,n,34
G'sengte Sau Tripsdrill DE,y,n,35
Abismo Parque de Atraccio ES,y,n,36
Stunt Fall Parque Warner Madr ES,y,n,37
Shock Rainbow Magicland IT,y,y,38
HeiBe Fahrt Freizeitp Klotten DE,y,n,39
Expedition GeForce Holiday Park DE,y,n,40
Colossus Thorpe Park UK,y,y,41
Shockwave Drayton Manor UK,y,n,42
Air Alton Towers UK,y,y,43
Rock n Roller Coaster Disney's H Studios FL,y,y,44
Tarantula Parque de Atraccio ES,y,n,45
Colorado Adventure Phantasialand DE,y,n,46
Incredible Hulk Islands of Adventu FL,y,y,47
Thirteen Alton Towers UK,y,y,48
Poseidon Europa-Park DE,y,n,49
Hollywood Rip Ride Ro Universal Studios FL,y,n,50
Alpinabahn (HimlyaBn) Traveling DE,y,n,51
Winjas - Force Phantasialand DE,y,n,52
Fav Powered `Coaster' Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,53
Vampire Chessington UK,y,y,54
Journey to Atlantis SeaWorld Orlando FL,y,y,55
Trace Du Hourra Parc Asterix FR,y,y,56
Cheetah Hunt Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,y,57
Mammut Gardaland IT,y,n,58
Rita Alton Towers UK,y,y,59
Revenge of the Mummy Universal Studios FL,y,y,60
Avalanche Blackpool P.B. UK,y,y,61
Pepsi Max Big One Blackpool P.B. UK,y,y,62
Cobra Paulton's Park UK,y,n,63
Schweizer Bobbahn Europa-Park DE,y,n,64
Goudurix Parc Asterix FR,y,y,65
Temple of Nighthawk Phantasialand DE,y,n,66
Matterhorn Blitz Europa-Park DE,y,n,67
G Force Drayton Manor UK,y,n,68
Steeplechase Blackpool P.B. UK,y,y,69
Fav Mack Supersplash Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,70
Olandese Volante Rainbow Magicland IT,y,n,71
Fav Vekoma Corkscrew Any Park Anywhere **,y,n,72
X:\No Way Out Thorpe Park UK,y,y,73
Cagliostro Rainbow Magicland IT,y,n,74
Saw - The Ride Thorpe Park UK,y,y,75
Sonic Spinball Alton Towers UK,y,y,76
Tornado Parque de Atraccio ES,y,n,77
Sequoia Adventure Gardaland IT,y,n,78
Furius Baco Port Aventura ES,y,y,79

There's my top 79 for you ;)

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Had to do 11, Sorry :P

1. Valhalla (Pleasure Beach Blackpool)

This ride is my favourite because it combines so many things into one. Log flume, huge drops, special effects, ice, fire, temperatures etc...
Just an absoloutley amazing ride, really well themed and the fantastic theme music finishes it off perfectly. Just wish the effects were more reliable.

2. Big One (Pleasure Beach Blackpool)
Just an absoloutley amazing coaster in every way. An unbeatable first drop followed by two minutes of pure adrenaline and speed. The views from the top and the fact that it is the only coaster that you can ride multiple times in a row and still feel excited about riding it after the 5th or 6th consecutive ride also make it my favourite.

3. The Swarm (Thorpe park)
Another great coaster. The theming really makes this ride for me, without it The Swarm would not be in second place. It is however a great coaster and (being my first Wingrider and the only one I have ridden) good because the ride experience is slightly different each time.

4. Wild Mouse (Pleasure Beach Blackpool)
Fantastic coaster. It can't be beaten anywhere for intensity and airtime, feeling that hte car will actually leave the track and the speed make this one of my favourites.

5. Astro Storm (Brean Leisure Park) (Formerly Space Invader at PBB)
Thought this was a good coaster at Blackpool but I really like what Brean have done with it - the main coaster is now taken in pitch black darkness, and special effects and theming is used on the trim brake sections, chain lift and brakes at the end. Also, the ride is usually walk on at Brean.

6. Oblivion (Alton Towers)
The feeling of weightlessness as you descend into the tunnel makes this quite high on my top 10. I know it is short and the layout could (and should) have been longer, but the drop is a good one, beaten only by the first drop of The Big One. (And possibly Swarm's)

7. Th13teen (Alton Towers)
Great ride and love the indoor section. This would be higher on my top 10 but the trim brakes round the outdoor section ruin it somewhat. I also think it was way overhyped by Alton Towers.

8. Colossus (Thorpe Park)
I think this is a great coaster, an intense and thrilling first half before the five barrel rolls to finish. It is unfortunate that the ride is a shadow of it's former self, it was once a much better coaster.

9. Grand National (Pleasure Beach Blackpool)
A classic woodie, the airtime is great, as is the rest of the ride and the racing element.

10. Revolution (Pleasure Beach Blackpool)
The airtime, very forceful loop and the very strange sensation of doing a loop backwards make this coaster one of my favourites.

11. Megafobia (Oakwood Theme Park)
Although this is a shadow of it's former self, I still find this a brilliant wooden coaster.

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Amended my list since last time as well as added on the Oakwood coasters.

1.) Speed: No Limits

2.) Saw: The Ride :ninja:
3.) Oblivion
4.) Stealth
5.) Megafobia
6.) Nemesis Inferno
7.) Rita
8.) Colossus
9.) Grand National
10.) Nemesis :blush:

(had to do this...) 11.) Wild Mouse (PBB) - Love this one, I've said it before, but this is a special coaster; very unique and unlike anything else on offer in our world of roller coasters today. :)

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I have had several changes in mind since last season about my Top 10 favourite rides, so I have decided to rethink this list:

(This list will probably change once I have ridden The Smiler)

1. Valhalla (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

Valhalla is a brilliant ride. It does have drawbacks but the overall effect of the ride is fantastic. I think it is because it combines so many different things into one ride, as well as having a unique feel to it and a very good ride sountrack that it is my favourite ride. I do however think that they should reduce the wetness slightly - this is because it puts people off re-riding (but not me!)

The atmosphere in the ride cannot be matched anywhere. From the tension going up the first lift hill to flying down huge drops with deafening Viking chanting surrounding you, it truly is world class.

In my opinion it manages to provide more thrills and a superior experience to any roller coaster and any other ride at all. The thrills are not just brought by the ride itself, but by the fact that just when you think it has nothing else up it's sleeve, it pulls out another trick!

The final of the ride is spectacular and is the best part in my opinion. You hurtle down a double dip through a ring of fire (and if you're lucky, fire on the actual path of the boat which goes out before you reach it) and then enter another room with a huge fire explosion!


2. The Big One (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

Whilst still a great coaster, The Big One is only just hanging on in second place on my favourites list. The first drop is absoloutley world class and the best on any coaster I have ridden, and what follows it is great although can be a bit off on windy days. Also the operational side of the ride can be very poor in some circumstances (for example on my visit in April on one of the days they only had one train on, with 12 seats on it sandbagged. (The back two carriages.)

3. Wild Mouse (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

Wild mouse is an absoloutley brilliant coaster. There is no question that it is the most intense rollercoaster in the UK, if not the world and it really packs a punch. It catches the rider offguard in so many different places - drops when you are expecting turns and vice versa. The ride also has fear factor as well - some first time riders really do believe that they are about to hurtle over the edge of the track!

One of the best roller coasters ever, leaves me laughing every time.

4. Grand National (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

I consider the Grand National to be the "Nemesis" of woodies. This is because it is truly a world class coaster, and whilst there are now more rides similar to it this is still considered to be the best. It is a great coaster, the airtime is amazing and it rattles down those dips at tremendous speeds. The competitive aspect really finishes the ride off perfectly, it sets is apart from the others.

5. The Swarm (Thorpe Park)

The Swarm is hanging by a string in fifth place. I still consider it to be a great coaster, but if it didn't have the theming then I wouldn't rate it very highly. The new backwards seats do offer a different experience, but they create a farce in operations and not only frustrate people waiting for the backwards seats, they also stuff up the main queue due to only taking 5 rows, not 7!

Also, I find the Revolution at Blackpool gives off a much better thrill backwards, The Swarm wasn't designed to go backwards.

It is a fun ride though and one that I generally enjoy.

6. Big Dipper (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

I didn't rate The Big Dipper as highly as I had done last year due to it not running as well as I have known it to run, however this year it is running brilliantly again. The airtime is back, more so than has been seen since the accident and refurbishment and the ride is raucous once again. It does everything right and cannot be faulted. (In the coaster side, operations could be improved such as more two train operation.)

7. Astro Storm (Brean Leisure Park)

This was one of my favourites when it was in Blackpool (Space Invader/2) but I really like what Brean have done with it. The main coaster is now taken in pitch darkness, making it much more exciting than at Blackpool when the entire building was lit up. Special effects and theming are used on the trim sections of the ride and the chainlift, which is a great use of these spaces in the ride which would otherwise be dull spots. For a small park this ride really is brilliant - whilst not being the most thrilling coaster it makes the most of what there is and the overall experience is brilliant.
After riding this again in 2013 it is firmly taken it's place on my favourites list. The trims are not as severe meaning that the ride runs much faster and I'm sure the shuttles are running faster this year anyway. More effects and theming have been added as well.

8. Nemesis (Alton Towers)

This is a great fun ride, and whilst not being the coaster people make it out to be (in my opinion) it is great fun. It whips riders through the inversions and is very intense. The final corner however is a letdown, it goes from a very intense corkscrew to a dull, forceless turn which makes for a very poor ending to an otherwise great coaster.

9. Revolution (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

Firstly, I would say that following last year's refurbishment this is now the most aesthetically pleasing ride in England. It is also a great ride, combining a lot of different forces into a short ride. Firstly comes the launch - and whilst not being on par with any other launch in the UK it is still good fun. The drop after the launch however is brilliant, throwing riders in the back seats way out of their seat (provided that you don't pin youself in the seat with the OTSR) and still being great in the front seats. The loop sticks you to the seat providing a very quick change in ride forces before throwing you out again on the way up to the halfway point. The ride backwards is just as good if not better, providing great forces once again.

The weird G-forces that you experience on the loop backwards are far superior to that of The Swarm backwards.

10. Wallace and Gromit's Thrill O' Matic (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

This is a commendable new addition to Pleasure Beach. Whilst not directed at thrillseekers, it is suitable for people of all ages and is truly amazing. The way it has so many small details of theming, beats most dark rides and brings the films to life makes it on my favourites list. Whilst it doesn't have a storyline as such, what it does have is brilliant and Pleasure Beach deserve a lot of credit for it. A worthy investment.

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1. Nemesis Inferno

It is just a great Ride overall has It's Speeds and Intense Moments but in my opinion is one of the best rides I have ridden


SPEED all I can Say


Such A thrilling Ride and is well worth re rides/ Nemesis Is just a Beast of a ride I love the ground hugging but have not been to Towers in 2 years but all I remember was these rides were Intense

4.The Swarm

Fantastic Coaster too slow at parts though but that Zero G and Inverted Drop make up for it

5. Saw The Ride

Going on pass Preview Day in 2009 to ride this was fantastic over all it is a nice layout for a coaster but can be a bit rough at points It may just be me


I enjoy this Coaster A lot but It gets repetitive with the In-lines all in a row But the high light for me is the Loop and the Cobra Roll It is also quite Painful

7. Air

A unique Experience


this ride experience is fantastic nice little Thrill


A nice Layout but I remember Banging my Head at the first turn after the Launch

10. Th13teen a Nice twist on a family coaster an okay layout but was to over hyped so it kind of lacked what I was expecting

Other Mentions

Dragon's Fury A very fun Coaster and is great to ride

Runaway Mine Train good interaction with Passers by on the Congo River rapids

Flying Fish fantastic fun

Sonic Spin Ball not as good as Dragon's but still Fun

Vampire My first Large Coaster but is very Rough at times

The Dragon Okay coaster for a first Rollercoaster ride

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My top ten

1/ Nemesis, legendary coaster that is world class

2/ Swarm, brilliant theming and immense drop

3/ Oblivion, The drop is epic,

4/ Stealth, The launch is amazing

5/ Dragons Fury, fun thrilling family coaster

6/Saw the ride, excellent first section and atmosphere

7/ Colossus, Thorpe classic sadly let down by an unfomftable ride

8/ Rage, short but sweet, a great little coaster

9/ Nemesis Inferno, great looping ride for beginners,

10/ Thirteen, average 1st half, immense 2nd

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