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What date should TPM's Christmas meet take place?  

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  1. 1. What date/s can you attend this Christmas Meet?

    • Sunday 6th December 2015
    • Sunday 20th December 2015

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If anyone wants a 25% voucher for a MAP I still have a few left :P May as well get them used before they expire on 31st December :o

Oh and I will be getting my MAP that day as well, will try and get to London early so that I can get that sorted before the meet starts.

Shrek - standard MAPs DO have access this year but ONLY by prebooking. Premium can prebook if they want but they can also book it on the day as well. Given that it's a Sunday, we might be OK to book it on the day like we did with the Dungeons last year (assuming everyone has premium). But I've also seen how quickly it sells out during school holidays, and there'll be quite a lot of us (well I think, I mean it's hard to know when the attending list still isn't updated ;) ). If I was advising someone, I'd urge them to prebook to be on the safe side. But that's assuming everyone attending this meet has MAPs and that the time slot doesn't sell out/website doesn't crash :lol:

If we do decide to prebook, it would probably be easier to get one or two people to book for the whole group and then pay them back :P

On a lighter note, I look forward to Boris. I may even accessorize him with a Christmas hat.

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Right a rough its art for all you people attending (and gives you a chance to book your slots if need be)

We meet at 10 and will go straight to London eye

At 11 we will do shrek for those who don't want to go to sea life

At half 12 those who want a small lunch snack before nandos please go ahead and use the county halo facilities those who don't want to eat have a pint in the arcade at the basement of the building with McDonald's

At half 1 we will do the dungeons and finish off our drink at the tavern before moving onto Baker Street

Predictably I'll say tussauds will start at half 4 those who don't want to do that can go weather spoons next door

Which means nandos will be a bit later this year starting at 6

This will give us enough time to enjoy winter wonderland with predicted arrival of 8pm (possibly earlier like everything else but hey this is a rough plan for those who need slots for shrek and dungeons) and we will stay there till people filter out

Names will be updated on list tomorrow - Sunday is gonna be fun - see you there! :D

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