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The Small Parks Thread

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2 hours ago, Coaster said:

Not a fan of the way Cedar Fair go about things, tbh.  Didn't they buy Geauga Lake and close it down purely to eliminate competition for Cedar Point, losing a park over 100 years old with a rich history in the process?

The same could be said really when the Thompson Family shut down Frontier Land in 1999 or (the original) Pleasureland Southport. I’m sure there’s other examples out there too. Doesn’t stop this still being bad though. 


I'm another who remembers seeing Volcano The Blast on a ride documentary( anyone remember the name), which included other rides such as Men In Black and Millenium Force (an attraction I’ve actually ridden). Still a shame it’s closed though despite it’s numerous issues, let’s hope a decent replacement surpasses it.


Dynamite looks great though, it’s nice to see a small park buy a quality Mack coaster there.

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22 hours ago, JoshC. said:

Damn that's sad. I remember watching a roller coaster documentary in the early-to-mid 2000s and seeing Volcano; was one of the things that sparked my enthusiasm up a level. Never heard great reviews about the ride, but still, sad.

Here is that documentary. Almost 20 years ago it aired! I still remember watching it like it was only a few years ago! Damn I'm nearly 30!!! 



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Very much out of nowhere, Bellewaerde in Belgium have put in plans for a new coaster...





http://pretparken.be/NL/article/2067/Bellewaerde plant nieuwe familie-achtbaan


Potentially a Gerstlauer, similar to Pegasus at Asterix. Features a couple of lift hills and a random launch into a spike at the end.


The park have done some big investing lately, with their random and pointless duelling alpine coasters they opened in 2017 (that make zero use of a terrain since the park is largely flat, and cost a hefty €4m), and a water park opening this year. There's no word on when this, and a much needed car park redevelopment, will open, but I'd hazard a guess at 2020..

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