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  1. Nah I’d rather catch a cold in my on establishments or better, not get one at all. If this is the future of theme parks, Thirteen is the world’s scariest coaster!
  2. Looks great but enters those final brakes a little too soon. Probably better looking than Leviathon.
  3. Well, it looks like we may see a new coaster at a Merlin park next year. Just maybe not the park we were expecting. Only a kiddie coaster, but a Creds a cred. Source-https://www.southparks.co.uk/2019/08/14/new-family-coaster-planned-for-legoland-windsor-resort/ I have drawn up on the image above roughly where the coaster is expected to go. Would explain the bush trimming in the Duplo area. If you had told me five years ago Legoland were getting a coaster in 2020 and Thorpe were not, I’d be laughing on the floor by now. Irony.
  4. Not to mention the worn/rusty track look and the beautiful concreted finish (courtesy of 2019).
  5. On the positive note least the park is still open. It’s better than nothing right?
  6. Sadly the park has been on a slippery slope for at least five years. Some will say The Swarm was unsuccessful because it didn’t increase visitor numbers and attendance continued to decline. However it must be kept in mind 2012 was not a great year for park attendance industrywide as a result of the olympics and (proper) bad weather. There comes a time when attractions reach a glass-roof on attendance figures and for Thorpe that time was around 2011/2012. In it’s current footprint the park realistically probably can’t hold much more than around 2 million visitors. With this in mind, the park should’ve intended to maintain gate figures as opposed to increasing but instead counted Swarm as a failure and made some questionable decisions (not saying they had already done-so before 2012). Some of the reasons the park has has fallen so much includes (but is not limited) to the following: Inconsistent marketing- family advertising years x&y, Thrill z&a, Park decisions contradict this Lack of direction- Towers is for everyone, Chessington a theme park zoo, Thorpe doesn’t know what it is DBGT- dubbed as the future of theme parks with one of the biggest budgets and marketing of any attraction, still a drastic failure that didn’t improve anything Cheap attractions- Angry Birds, IAC, Timber Tug, Lumber Jump, quick cheap shoe-horned attractions that were just ‘plonked’ into what was available without really improving the product offering Neglect and lack of TLC- many areas of the park still look a mess, rundown and dilapidated with little in the form of fun or escapism, ironically the dark themes seem better kept than the few happier ones, Loggers Leap- still one of the most iconic and enjoyable attractions in it’s final years, the attraction was just abandoned with no clear future until the park bluntly confirmed it’s closure three years later The Smiler Crash- affected park attendance across the industry The previous decade saw much growth, progress and expansion to the park. Whether this was all sustainable and long-term thinking remains questionable as few parks can realistically continue adding hefty additions every year. Unfortunately I think the next decade of the park will be one of disappointments and further stagnation if current trends and operation continue. It is likely Merlin see the park as a resource drainer currently. However rather continuing to invest, it is expected the park is being managed on minimal funds making Park spending more difficult and we probably won’t see any noticeable investment for several years at least. The park has seen several directors come and go in short time and most of the park’s mid-higher management leave or sacked. It will take a while before the park moves forwards again (if it ever moves forwards again).
  7. Not surprising really given the park has mostly been remarkably quiet this summer, even more-so after 6pm. Shame though as I may have been inclined to visit. Least they didn’t do a Blackpool!
  8. I think Hex is honestly a masterpiece and easily my favourite madhouse attraction. From The eerie entrance and atmosphere in the queue, authentic towers buildings, the narrative, the soundtrack, effects and everything between. It may not be the most complex of attractions but it is the simplicity packaged so perfectly together that what makes it for me. Whilst I wouldn’t say it is the most re-rideable attraction out there, it’s definitely an enjoyable one. I still remember my first go on the attraction in 2012. The attraction made me feel mesmerised by everything.
  9. 20.3 million? Really? I know the pound rate is dreadful right now, but surely that’s going a bit far. Over 20 million for an Intamin looper clime is a bit like the coaster equipment of buying Lego from Hamleys.
  10. Might have to actually visit this park one day, if Dwervelwind was good I’d be interested to see what one of these extreme variants can do. Could Belgium really be only second to Holland and Germany for progressive park development? Maybe.
  11. Stealth down again then? I guess @MattyMoo broke it again recently after a fair share of beer/lager probably.
  12. Interesting heading your thoughts on this park. I actually found my visit there in May very enjoyable as it seemed clean, pretty and houses one pretty entrance. It’s not my favourite park and definitely no Cedar Point beater, but still has things going for it. I honestly found Banshee disappointing, the layout didn’t feel like it did much despite it’s length and the vests cement this for me. The classic arrow coasters there are great, especially Bat. I actually adored the Beast. The whole prospect of going into the unknown is simply immense and probably one of the best coasters to do at night. I didn’t notice the trims. Mystic Timbers was very good I thought!
  13. 1/ Guests who think they are self entitled/better then everyone because they don’t use the main queue 2/ Guests who can’t grasp the basic safety rules. Is sitting down that difficult? It seems to be 3/ Guests who tread on staff and other guests.
  14. Thanks Matt for organising another fun meet. Most of it was highly enjoyable. I miss Chiapas and Taron already. And McDonald’s.
  15. RAP was great in it’s time but nowadays it’s rather poor.
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