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Thorpe Park Rides & Attractions Game 2018


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2 minutes ago, Terry Terry said:

Nemesis Inferno (7)

Stealth (3)


Stealth +

Inferno -


No way on my watch (coz then what’s the point of this game?)

To remind everyone what the best coaster at thorpe is and probably will ever be


Nemesis Inferno (10)

Stealth (0)


Nemesis +

Stealth -

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5 hours ago, Mark9 said:

Because you're the minority and the majority enjoy Inferno more than the others.


There is a poll somewhere on the forums which disproves that ?


But I’ll stop pushing this now as I need to remind myself everyone is entitled to their own opinions and if I keep going on it will only get worse.


Though it is a bit pointless to play this game if it goes the same direction every year (e.g. Inferno wins once, fair enough, wins again, hmm, then again, really?!?!), I miss the days when rides like Slammer would win then it would be a different outcome the next year.


Also I will admit I do pretend to hate Inferno despite it actually being a pretty good coaster. And to be fair I can see why people like it as it has less gimmicks and is smoother than the others, I'm just one of those people that likes gimmicks which is why I prefer the others.

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I would be fine playing it again in a year if Inferno was off the list.


Not because I don’t like Inferno, but because it will win again next year if it’s on the list (and trust me, I’m not the only one annoyed by this). Besides, it will be fun if the winner is actually a mystery.


I find it so annoying with me how stupid games like this really get to me ?

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11 hours ago, Kerfuffle said:

Nemesis won again. Yay. Oh who am I kidding. Both that and Slammer have made this "game" boring in recent years.





Impressive that a ride not at Thorpe Park won the Thorpe Park ride game.



(I'll be a retiring pensioner and I will still point out when people say Nemesis instead of Nemesis Inferno)



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