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David Walliams World - New for 2020

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55 minutes ago, Glitch said:

Looks good. I really like how passionate John is about his job. Also loving the easter eggs.

Only concerns from me are the look of lack of legroom and the ride vehicle itself, the manufacturer isn't speaking like its been smooth sailing.

I agree regarding the ride vehicle, it is very bulky and certainly looks tight for eight people. Hopefully it will be roomier than it looks.

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Looks like a neat little ride. 


Cars do look a little cramped but make sense for a family ride system I think.


Agree that the Garmendale guy wasn't exactly a natural on the camera so didn't come across as a 'everything has been plain sailing' kind of guy. Nothing wrong with that though of course.

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37 minutes ago, MarkC said:

The new ride has now been delayed until 2021. Expected really and can see Thorpe following along with an announcement about Black Mirror.



Yay, another shameless plug, to an article I've already read from the original provider AT Social channels!

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For those who want the original source*:




As I mused in the Coronathread, it appears that no dark rides at Merlin parks are opening for now. This could be coincidence (especially since they're planning on opening Dungeons attractions - with Amsterdam Dungeons opening on the 1st June), but there's a very clear trend happening now. For comparison, none of Heide Park's dark rides have opened, but all other dark rides across the country have been fine.


Would be a good explanation as to why a perfectly ready to open ride isn't opening. 


Also, if my rambling musing is the case, how would a day at Towers feel without the likes of Duel and Hex?



*wait, do they still have sponsorships with Merlin? Who knows...

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Interesting how Merlin are going about not reopening these dark rides. I’m guessing the poise of social distancing measures are somewhat more difficult to achieve in these spaces given they are enclosed. 

Shame if all these ride types can not reopen anytime in the foreseeable but only time will tell. 

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