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The World Cup...of Fright Nights


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Corrr, someone's a keen bean.. ;)


Updated bracket, for sake of completeness:



And so the semi-finals:

24. The Freezer vs 4. The Curse

31. Big Top (2016-2017) vs 19. The Asylum


Votes will be open until Saturday 2nd May at 5pm


And my votes:

The Freezer (choosing between two mediocre mazes in the semi-final is not what I expected from this...)

The Big Top

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Annnnnd here we go, with The Freezer and The Asylum winning:



So we have the 3rd-place match:

4. The Curse vs 31. The Big Top (2016-2017)


And we have the final:

24. The Freezer vs 19. The Asylum


Place you votes by Monday 4th May, 8pm, when the winner will be crowned! Will there be an upset? Who knows...


My votes:

3rd place: The Big Top

Winner: The Freezer

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3rd place: Big Top


Well no brainer really. The Big Top was in a whole other league to The Curse.


Champion: The Freezer


Freezer and Asylum was near enough the exact same maze experience so this one boils down to the slight differences.


I much preffered the spectacle of Freezers iconic entrance being out the front with you witnessing people entering it and with all the smoke puffing out when the doors opened. I also preffered having the exit on the stage infront of those queuing. It was highly intimidating watching people running right out the exit in floods of tears minutes before going in for yourself.


Inside, maybe it's just me but Freezer seemed to have even more disorientating strobes than Asylum would later use. Which helped the actors to generate scares even more. It also had way more smoke in there and it also felt the actors was even more menacing than when it became Asylum. Things like the amount of blood on the walls and having the hanging body bags as opposed to Asylums hanging cloth also edge this one to The Freezer. Plus, I guess the name "The Freezer" isn't really offensive to the PC brigade either. Please bring this beauty back Thorpe!!

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3rd place: The Big Top (I didn't realise anyone actually liked the curse, I just remember coming out of it feeling very 'meh')

1st place: Got to be the The Asylum. I never got to do The Freezer (I think I was 12 in its last year...) so I can't really comment although from videos it does seem like a strong maze.

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10 minutes ago, Glitch said:

Why is it 'the world cup' of Fright nights, are other attractions from other nations allowed to enter? So many questions and no answers. Will Thorpe park have the winner by default. 

It's like the World Series in baseball. Just a name to make it sound more important than it actually is ;) 

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And the voting is done (since I've been told it would be "morally questionable" to restart....)! It was a close-run final, but was the winner ever in any doubt?


1st: The Asylum

2nd: The Freezer

3rd: The Big Top (2016-2017 edition)


And here's the completed tournament bracket...


Nice little bracket with some surprises along the way!


Thanks to everyone who took part. Maybe we can do more nonsense games that aren't that infamous-ride-game in the future...

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On 5/5/2020 at 7:59 AM, JoshC. said:

Thanks to everyone who took part. Maybe we can do more nonsense games that aren't that infamous-ride-game in the future...

We are in the final planning stage for launching multiple exciting "ride games", one for every park that exists in the United Kingdom. Hoping to launch on TPM in the coming days!

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Damn... Ive been so busy and inactive on this thread so disappointed I missed the maze vote. As ive been all over old fright nights years recently.

For me Asylum is easily hands down the best. Never did Freezer but it was only slightly different from what I heard

Experiment 10 was alot better than Big top for me.


However all the rest of the votes I'd say were bang on. Awesome little game shame I missed it

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