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Things that make you think of Thorpe Park


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Does anyone else have these random things in life that just make you think of Thorpe Park?


For me, it's these things every time!


Dr Pepper

I've never been a big fizzy drinks fan, but ever since they used to give out free Dr Pepper at Sun Scream, the taste of it always takes me back to Thorpe Park around 2009ish era!


Dolly Parton

Every time I hear Dolly Parton I am taken back to Loggers Leap's queue!


Water fountains

There's a particular smell that seems to come from water fountains in shopping malls - maybe they use the same type of cleaner/chlorine, but the smell always reminds me of Tidal Wave!


Arcade machine music

This sound is Thorpe Park to me:


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1 hour ago, Marley said:

Is the smell of cannabis a regular occurrence at Thorpe Park? 

I have smelt it quite a lot a Thorpe park - worst time being recent fright nights where it absolutely reeked of it outside the dodgems.  Another time on the bus when there was only a handful of us and someone had some strong stuff on them.


Had a young lad come up to me asking for a cigarette paper which I didn’t have but I offered him a cig and he said he needed paper to roll a joint!

It’s the only park I’ve been to where you can smell it frequently 

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