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Tidal Wave


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To be honest since 2004 Amity Cove has gone to crap. I can remember in 2003 sitting in Amity with everything working. It's not just about the big things which made Amity memorable it was things like the working entrance sign, the flashing traffic lights, the police barrier fences, the queueline theming in a complete state. Since 2004 things have started to stop working, the radio was badly re-edited old paint is just repainted in colour so all the effort that went in 8 years ago is just wiped out. And we're never get it back either! :mellow:

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I saw some pictures of tidal wave which were taken about a week ago, there was no water running down the hill into the pool? ;) (obviously there was water in the pool!) which I thought was a bit weird, anyone know why it was like that?????


I also noticed this?for some wierd reason it only runs occasionally?but I remember, the last time I went on it I had a white t-shirt on, big mistake, the water was so dirty, it turned my t-shirt brown, and this was only at the end of last season!not nice at all!
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